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Article: Les Imparfaits: A solution against waste

Les Imparfaits : Une solution contre le gaspillage

Les Imparfaits: A solution against waste

In the glamorous world of the cosmetics industry, there is also a less enchanted aspect: waste. While we are all looking for the perfect cream, it is sometimes difficult to realize the environmental impact of our products in our bathroom. This is why it is essential to implement certain actions to reduce this impact: this is the case with our The Imparfects products. Discover this initiative, its benefits for the environment and you too can take part in the fight against waste.


  1. Waste from the cosmetics industry
  2. How can we remedy this waste?
  3. Our solution against waste : "The Imperfects"

I) Waste from the cosmetics industry

When we think of waste, we very often associate it with consumer waste. Indeed, we have all already had to get rid of a product even though it was not finished. It is very common for cosmetic products to be thrown away because they are almost finished or because we are tired of using them and want to try a new treatment. A survey conducted by Garnier revealed that more than 50% of beauty products purchased are never finished.

Imperfect: the solution to waste

However, the impact of cosmetics on the environment is not limited to consumers, a source of loss occurs well before it is put on sale on the market because it begins with waste by manufacturers right from the production line.

Indeed, behind the scenes of cosmetic factories, another type of waste is generated: that of defective products. When a product does not meet quality standards, it is often destroyed and thrown away. This practice, little discussed, nevertheless represents a significant part of the industry's waste. It is difficult to precisely quantify this waste, as companies are uncooperative in disclosing this information. However, it is undeniable that every discarded product contributes to the accumulation of waste. The report from Avery Dennison, a company specializing in the creation and manufacturing of a wide variety of functional and labeling materials, nevertheless announces that more than 10% of beauty products are wasted in retail chains supply and 4% of stocks are thrown away due to degradation or deterioration of the merchandise. This is therefore a common phenomenon and, above all, one which has serious consequences.

II) How to remedy this waste?

Faced with this observation, the cosmetics industry, as well as consumers, must act: this is not inevitable, solutions exist and initiatives are emerging.

The first lever for action is consumer awareness, like what we are currently doing through this article. It is about informing without moralizing in order to raise awareness which is essential for change. By realizing the impact of our beauty choices, we can opt for more sustainable products and adopt a “less is more” approach. It is time to rethink our relationship with beauty to influence the industry by demanding more transparency and commitment.

Secondly, this involves integrating the 3R strategy: Reduction, Reuse and Recycling, including concrete actions such as reducing packaging. Companies are increasingly turning to eco-responsible, recyclable or refillable packaging. The objective is to reduce the quantity of waste generated and to promote a circular economy through packaging made from recycled and 100% recyclable materials, for example. This significantly reduces the impact of waste from the cosmetics industry.

In addition, this strategy can be based on upcycling, which is taking up more and more space within the sector. This may involve recovering food destined to be thrown away in order to create products from these ingredients. Companies can also rely on reuse by transforming unused or almost finished beauty products into new products to increase their life cycle and therefore reduce their impact.

This can also involve reusing boxes received by suppliers to make new shipments to consumers, although sometimes less aesthetically pleasing and much more ecological. All actions count. The watchword is therefore to reuse and reuse.

Up cycling bananas

III) Our solution against waste: "The Imperfects"

At Kadalys, we are committed to fighting against this waste in order to limit our environmental footprint as much as possible.
This is the very essence of our brand which is based on the up-cycling of so-called “ugly” and “single” bananas which are excluded from distribution circuits and destined to end up in the trash. We recover them to offer them a new function and manufacture our super bio-actives. If you want to know even more about this process and its benefits for the planet, do not hesitate to read our article right here.

Concerning our packaging, we tend to make efforts with each development of a new product thanks to packaging made from material with a high percentage of recycled material and 100% recyclable.

But our actions do not stop there. We are keen to implement improvements throughout the supply chain to minimize waste because every detail counts and there are no small steps. Our goal is to get things done. When we realized the quantity of products thrown away due to packaging defects but which in no way affect the quality of the product, we looked for an alternative. This is where our Imperfect category comes into play.

Les Imperfaits: solution against waste

Indeed, rather than destroying these products and contributing to the environmental impact of cosmetics by throwing away completely usable products, we have decided to recover them and offer them to you at lower prices. For example, it could be an offbeat decor or damaged packaging, but don't panic, the formula remains unchanged and the results on your skin will be the same! These are products that are imperfect on the outside but perfect on the inside, and as you know you should not judge a book by its cover.

The Imperfects is therefore the opportunity to offer you a unique product in your bathroom at a low price. You will no longer have any reason to feel guilty because it is an opportunity to have fun while doing good for your wallet and the planet.

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