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Article: Natural beauty: our tips and philosophy

La beauté naturelle : nos astuces et philosophie

Natural beauty: our tips and philosophy

The return to naturalness and simplicity has been gaining momentum for a few years now, and for good reason: natural beauty seems to satisfy all desires and all skin types!

But when you are new to natural cosmetics, how do you choose the right products or turn to the right organic cosmetic brands?

In this new article, discover our vision of natural beauty and learn how to spot natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics! Finally, find out our advice on how to set up a routine with natural skincare products.

What is a natural cosmetic product ?

A natural cosmetic product is a beauty product whose ingredients are mainly natural, i.e. from nature! To help you see things a little more clearly, we can compare the ingredients of conventional cosmetics with those of natural and organic cosmetics.

A conventional cosmetic, for example, will have as its aqueous phase water or glycerin of petrochemical origin (in other words, derived from petroleum and therefore from fossil fuels). On the other hand, the aqueous phase of a natural cosmetic will be water, vegetable glycerin or floral waters.

As far as active ingredients are concerned, classic cosmetics offer active ingredients derived from petrochemicals or from nature. In a natural cosmetic, the active ingredients are 100% of natural origin (plant extracts, vitamins, etc.).

As for the fatty phase, classic cosmetics will use fatty acids, mineral oils (petrochemicals, again!), silicones or vegetable oils. For natural cosmetics, the fatty phase will rather contain fatty acids, vegetable oils or vegetable butters.

As for emulsifiers, gelling agents and preservatives, conventional products are based on ingredients that are usually petrochemical or suspected of being endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and irritants (parabens, phenoxyethanol, sulfates, etc.) and sometimes natural. In a natural product, emulsifiers, gelling agents and preservatives are again of natural origin (oat extracts, wheat extracts, foaming agents derived from plants, short list of preservatives, etc.).

We could go on like this for hours, but in terms of composition, you have understood that natural products are mainly formulated with ingredients of natural origin, unlike conventional products.

But beware, the differences do not stop at the composition! In fact, natural beauty products are derived from green chemistry. Green chemistry is a chemistry that is more respectful of mankind, whose chemical manufacturing processes reduce or eliminate the use of dangerous substances.

Green chemistry, beyond respecting mankind by avoiding dubious components, is also more respectful of the environment, because it generates less greenhouse gases and therefore less pollution.

Finally, natural cosmetics brands are also concerned about the packaging they offer, as well as animal welfare. Most of the time, natural products are therefore packaged in eco-designed packaging (recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, compostable) or sold in bulk, for a zero waste version. In terms of respect for animals, natural products are generally vegan and cruelty free, that is to say without ingredients derived from animals and not tested on them!

A natural cosmetic product is therefore a product whose ingredients are mainly natural (at least 95% of the formula) and whose manufacturing methods are respectful of man and nature! Depending on the brand, some of these natural ingredients may also be certified organic, the packaging may be eco-designed and the final products vegan and/or cruelty free.

The reasons to use organic products

Organic cosmetics are, like natural cosmetics, respectful of the skin and hair, animals and the environment.

Orienting yourself towards organic and natural cosmetic brands allows you, first of all, to avoid a large panel of controversial ingredients. These include: silicones, sulfates, phthalates, chemical UV filters, synthetic perfumes and dyes, and mineral oils.

In addition to providing no beauty benefits to the skin, these ingredients are sometimes suspected of being endocrine disruptors and are proven to be pollutants, both at the time of their manufacture and at the time of their end of life.

Secondly, it also allows you to use effective products! Indeed, the active ingredients used are powerful natural ingredients that treat skin problems in depth.

Finally, organic cosmetics are pleasurable and sensorial: the textures, the smells and the use of the products are very pleasant.

Finally, organic and natural cosmetics are beauty products that have everything right: composition, manufacturing, packaging, virtues and effectiveness, respect for animals... In short, your beauty routine will never be as natural as with organic beauty products!

Good to know: a natural and organic product often has a label, ideal to recognize it! Look for the Cosmos, Ecocert, NaTrue, Nature & Progrès or Cosmébio labels.

Natural beauty: the philosophy of Kadalys, a brand of organic and natural cosmetics for 10 years!

We can affirm it: natural beauty with organic cosmetics, at Kadalys, we know it!

Launched in 2012 by Shirley Billot, our brand of organic and natural cosmetics is part of an ethical and uncompromising approach. From the use of upcycled bananas from Martinique and Guadeloupe, to our research in terms of beauty innovation, through the development of our cosmetic actives "Musactifs" and that of our range of organic cosmetics, we are committed to offering you the most natural beauty routines available, and this, since day one.

Kadalys is certified Cosmos Organic (emphasis on the organic side of the ingredients), Cosmos Natural (emphasis on the natural side of the ingredients) and One Voice (emphasis on the respect of animals).

Among our flagship ingredients, you can find our yellow, green and pink banana bio-actives, but also aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, red algae complex, avocado, argan, fruit acids, lemon water, white clay or even roucou oil.

Each of the ingredients selected during the formulation of our organic face products or our organic body products has its own role to play. Sometimes antioxidants, sometimes moisturizers, sometimes anti-pigmentation spots and sometimes anti-aging, our organic and natural cosmetics bring out your natural beauty!

Kadalys is also committed to mankind and the planet! By using forgotten bananas (not pretty enough to be sold), we valorize the agro-waste of the banana industry in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

These bananas, from small local producers and destined to be thrown away, are given a second chance thanks to our organic and natural cosmetics. This initiative allows us to reduce food waste and our environmental impact and supports local producers in their work!

Kadalys organic products are also cosmetics made with green chemistry: we use vegetable and renewable raw materials and we develop our products in the respect of the environment.

Finally, all Kadalys packaging is eco-designed and recyclable. Indeed, 100% of our boxes are printed with paper and cardboard from FSC certified forests.

Our range of natural and organic cosmetics perfectly illustrates our philosophy of beauty: natural, simple, effective, respectful of humans, animals and the planet!

Our tips for a successful beauty routine with organic products

Our tips and beauty secrets are as simple as our beauty philosophy! For us, everything is based on the use of products adapted to the skin of the face and the body, coupled with good gestures.

For combination to oily skin, we have developed organic anti-imperfections products. Composed of sebum-regulating, purifying, moisturizing and healing active ingredients, these products limit the formation of new pimples, soothe existing ones and facilitate cell renewal. Accompanied by gentle gestures to avoid rushing mixed to oily skin, they will revive the radiance of the complexion and matify it.

For mature skin, we have our Musalift creams, formulated with our yellow banana bio-active ingredient and hyaluronic acid. Used morning and night, these creams have a firming and nourishing action, an immediate tightening effect and an energizing action on the skin. The extra gesture? Apply them with anti-aging facial massages!

For skin prone to pigmentation spots, find masks, lotions, serums, peels and creams. The secret of these products? Our banana bio-actives and ingredients such as fruit acids or lemon water that lighten the complexion! The extra gesture made in Kadalys? Avoid exposure to the sun and always use sun protection factor 50!

Finally, for dry skin prone to dehydration, find our moisturizing and nourishing range based on natural products rich in vegetable butters, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and vegetable oils. The Kadalys tip for dry skin? Choose moisturizing, nourishing and protective skin care products and remember to drink plenty of water during the day!

At Kadalys, we are committed to offering you natural and organic beauty that respects people, nature and animals.

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