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Article: Kadalys, an organic and vegan French cosmetics brand

Kadalys, une marque de cosmétique française bio et vegan

Kadalys, an organic and vegan French cosmetics brand

Founded in 2012 after two years of research around banana active ingredients, Kadalys is a French brand that offers 100% organic, vegan cosmetic products made in France.

After being grown and harvested in Martinique and Guadeloupe, yellow, green and pink bananas are imported to France to be sold. However, a large part of them will not be offered for sale, because they are deemed unsaleable. To limit this food waste, we recover them and thanks to eco-extraction processes, we obtain our famous “Musactif”!

Our brand of organic and natural cosmetics offers a wide range of beauty products : makeup remover, facial cleanser, moisturizer, eye contour, etc. Everything you need to develop a daily routine that respects the skin , animals and of the environment !


  1. Natural organic cosmetics manufactured 100% made in France
  2. A pioneering brand of clean beauty and vegan cosmetics in France created by Shirley Billot
  3. The advantages of Kadalys cosmetic products
  4. Quality natural beauty products combined with the effectiveness of banana active ingredients

Natural organic cosmetics manufactured 100% made in France

By creating the first products of the Kadalys brand in 2012, the founder, Shirley Billot, aimed to offer innovative, eco-responsible and cosmopolitan beauty.

The least we can say is that it was a success! Kadalys is an eco-responsible cosmetic brand part of modern beauty that takes into account the needs of the skin, but also the environmental issues that we have been facing for several years.

Respect for People, respect for Animals and respect for the Planet are all parameters that are taken into account during the manufacturing of our natural and organic cosmetics. Thus, all our face and body treatments are composed of ingredients of natural origin, ingredients from organic farming and our yellow, green and pink banana bio-actives .

Not tested on animals and without ingredients of animal origin (we are a vegan cosmetics brand ), our organic skincare products are made in France using green chemistry processes, a chemistry that does not use gourmet processing methods. in energy and chemical components.

Yellow bananas

A pioneering brand of clean beauty and vegan cosmetics in France created by Shirley Billot

At Kadalys, we believe in green beauty and clean beauty. Why use chemical and/or synthetic ingredients when we know all the powers of nature? Indeed, by taking the time to study the properties of ingredients available in nature, we can easily realize that nothing beats organic avocado oil to intensely nourish the skin or an aloe vera leaf to soothe a sunburn, and that’s not Shirley Billot, creator of our organic and vegan cosmetics brand, who would say the opposite!

Rich in her knowledge of Creole pharmacopoeia and keen to link beauty and cosmetic innovation, Shirley develops natural cosmetic formulas based on bananas which treat all skin types.

In our French organic cosmetics , you will not find controversial ingredients such as silicones, parabens, mineral oils or even sulfates. To go further in clean beauty, we take into account the environmental impact of our cosmetics, from their manufacturing to their end of life.

Thus, our certified organic cosmetics are packaged in 100% recyclable ecological packaging! Ethical packaging for ethical cosmetics. Finally, our products are also vegan products since they are not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Shirley Billot

The advantages of Kadalys cosmetic products

With our organic and vegan cosmetics brand , you benefit from French care, formulated with natural and organic ingredients. In other words, you benefit from treatments that most accurately meet your needs since they are more compatible with the structure of your skin.

Indeed, natural beauty products penetrate the epidermis better, which gives them the power to be more effective than classic beauty products! In addition to that, by using our Kadalys products, you are participating in an eco-responsible approach since you are supporting a clean beauty and upcycling brand .

Reduction of waste from the food industry, upcycled bananas, eco-designed packaging, manufacturing according to the principles of green chemistry, organic and vegan products, everything in our care is designed to limit our environmental impact, without forgetting the pleasure of use, of course!

Quality natural beauty products combined with the effectiveness of banana active ingredients

In each of our Kadalys treatments, you can find our banana bio-actives! Rich in vitamins from various groups, fatty acids and minerals, bananas are a natural beauty ingredient par excellence.

Our makeup removers, cleansers and lotions

In our range of cleansers and lotions , find:

  • A micellar jelly enriched with pink banana.
  • A cleansing gel enriched with lemon water and green banana bio-active.
  • A melting make-up remover oil with yellow banana bio-active.
  • A clarifying lotion and a superfatted soap with green banana bio-active.

Our exfoliants and masks

Our range of masks and exfoliants is intended for all skin types. Enriched with green banana bio-active to treat the problems of combination and oily skin prone to acne, or with pink banana bio-active to even out the complexion and boost the radiance of the skin or with yellow banana bio-active to its lifting and anti-aging power, our masks and exfoliants gently take care of your skin!

Our serums and creams

Our serums and creams are moisturizing products for the face and body. Sensitive skin, dehydrated skin, mature skin, normal skin... All skin types are taken into account, which allows everyone to find their ideal cream.

Our care oils

In our range of care oils , two oils:

  • A precious oil with yellow banana that boosts the radiance of the skin and that of dull hair.
  • A nourishing green banana oil that nourishes, softens and balances the skin while restoring suppleness to the hair.
Two real multi-use essentials!

Our other products and accessories

We also offer targeted treatments for hands, eyes, body and lips. A delicious shower gel, a pearly jelly that reveals your tan in summer, a nourishing milk for winter, a refreshing mask for the eye area or even a lip balm that also serves as treatment for dry areas of the body... Our Kadalys organic treatments have not finished surprising you!

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