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Article: Why use natural products in your beauty routine?

Pourquoi utiliser des produits naturels dans sa routine beauté ? - KADALYS

Why use natural products in your beauty routine?

When it comes to taking care of your skin and hair , you have the choice between two categories of beauty products : conventional cosmetics and natural and/or organic cosmetics . We're not going to lie to you, these two categories of cosmetic products are very different from each other...

Indeed, conventional cosmetics favor ingredients from petrochemicals (mineral oils, silicones, parabens, synthetic polymers, etc.), while natural cosmetics favor ingredients of natural origin (vegetable oils, clays, vegetable butters, essential oils, vegetable glycerin, etc.).

This major difference is felt in the quality of the beauty product, but also in its effectiveness: natural products are more effective than others, for the simple reason that their ingredients are more compatible with the structure of the skin!

We'll explain all of this to you just below.

What is an organic cosmetic product?

An organic product is a beauty product composed essentially of ingredients of natural origin and ingredients grown according to the principles of organic farming.

For a cosmetic to be certified “organic”, it must comply with a strict charter set out by a label. Generally speaking, organic cosmetics contain at least 95% ingredients of natural origin and between 10 and 20% of its composition must be organic.

An organic product for the face , an organic product for the hair and an organic product for the body must also come from eco-design . That is to say, it must have been manufactured according to the principles of green chemistry, a chemistry that uses environmentally friendly methods of creation and transformation.

Of course, the instructions to follow to be certified organic depend from one label to another. This is also why it is interesting to take an interest in the different organic labels and their charter before buying organic cosmetics.

Why favor natural products in your beauty routine?

It is interesting to use natural treatments for your beauty routine , because these products are targeted treatments whose components have a better affinity with the skin! In fact, the composition of the skin on our face and our body is very similar to that of plants.

Consequently, when we apply a natural and organic treatment to our skin, the latter recognizes it quickly and assimilates it more easily. This is also why natural cosmetic products are more effective!

Beyond that, choosing natural products also allows you to avoid toxic ingredients and use more nutritious and more ecological treatments.

Less toxic products

Having to meet strict charters, natural products are treatments free of toxic compounds such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, perfumes and chemical dyes, endocrine disruptors, chemical sunscreens, petrochemical ingredients, sulfates, etc. .
Result: cleansers and other beauty products are gentler on the skin, but also on your health!

More nutritious products

Being composed of natural and organic ingredients, these treatments better meet the skin's needs and act more quickly and effectively. The purifying ingredients are really purifying, the nourishing ingredients really are and the scents are 100% natural!
Finally, natural products are a bit of the secret to a tailor-made and sensory beauty routine.

Ecological products

Natural products are also more environmentally friendly treatments since they do not require the use of chemical fertilizers or polluting processing methods and their packaging is eco-designed!

Do you want a natural beauty routine? Trust Kadalys!

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