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Article: Our tips to naturally lighten your complexion

Nos conseils pour dégriser son teint naturellement - KADALYS

Our tips to naturally lighten your complexion

The dull complexion is probably the most dreaded complexion. A little gray, a little transparent, a little tired, not homogeneous, ... In short, not the best thing ever! The dull complexion is not only reserved for fair skins, every skin tone can be subject to it one day or another. Many factors come into play and with a little elbow grease, it can be fixed in the long term as well as the short term. Today we give you our tips and tricks to give your complexion a glow and get a beautiful skin, summer or winter!

Why do I have a dull complexion?

Several factors, alone or in combination, can cause a dull complexion:

  • a poor lifestyle: alcohol, tobacco, unbalanced diet, lack of water intake, little sleep, little outdoor activity, lack of sports, ...
  • an accumulation of dead cells on the epidermis due to a bad beauty routine: creams that do not correspond to your needs, skin hygiene not assiduous, ...
  • external pollution: exhaust pipes, companies that release substances into the air, etc.
  • indoor pollution: cigarettes smoked in a non-ventilated room, dust, ...
  • poor blood circulation which slows down cell renewal.

Luckily, dull skin is not a skin type, unlike dry or oily skin, but a skin condition, so it is temporary!

How to treat dull skin?

If you have occasional dull skin, try to identify the reasons. Fatigue? Stress? Lack of sunlight? A bit of an anarchic week in terms of diet? As seen above, the factors are vast and dull skin is not a fatality! On the other hand, if you have dull skin on a regular basis, you will have to make more drastic changes.

  • Remember to air out every day for at least 10 minutes.
  • If you smoke, smoke outside or at a window.
  • Clean your home regularly and why not, diffuse essential oil synergies to purify it!
  • Eat a balanced diet! A diet rich in starchy foods, proteins and vegetables will provide you with all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins your body and skin need to be in top shape.
  • Limit alcohol and cigarette consumption and drink plenty of water so that your organs can do their work properly. Happy bowels, glowing complexion!
  • Remember to have a good skin routine: clean your face morning and night and use cosmetics that correspond to your skin type.

If, despite your efforts, your complexion remains grayish, tired and dull, consider consulting a health professional. You may have deficiencies and a blood test could be useful to pinpoint the problem!

Our natural remedies to sober up your complexion

To say goodbye to a dull complexion, you can also create a customized beauty routine. In fact, any self-respecting beauty routine adapts to the seasons! In summer, fresh and light textures, in autumn, denser and more cocooning materials to prepare the skin for winter and in spring, lightness again. We recommend that you try our spring detox for a luminous complexion! Very useful, it allows us to cleanse our skin in depth thanks to dietary tips but also beauty.

You can also try your hand at making homemade masks and scrubs. A few ingredients from the kitchen are enough to refine your skin texture and give you a bright and fresh complexion! We give you an example of a mask to make once or twice a week to restore radiance almost instantly to your skin. Mix in a bowl :

  • 1 egg white
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

The egg white will brighten your complexion and tighten your pores, the honey will moisturize and cleanse your skin, the lemon juice helps to brighten and illuminate your complexion! This mask should be left on for at least 20 minutes for all the active ingredients to work together. Then rinse it off with clear water and moisturize your skin. It is suitable for all skin types!

What cosmetics should I use to get a luminous complexion?

The right reflexes to adopt a beautiful complexion are rather simple: a good moisturizing cream, rich in active ingredients, why not a serum to bring a more targeted care, a good cleaning in the evening and masks and scrubs from time to time. Don't forget to keep a constant in your overall lifestyle while indulging yourself! And if one day you wake up with dull skin and puffy eyes after a hectic evening, take the time to apply an eye contour treatment in the morning! Cotton pads soaked in decongestant cornflower water are also perfect for this type of situation. Then, apply a little healthy-looking makeup, which will save you the rest of the day.

Drink plenty of water and before going to bed, apply a vegetable oil rich in active ingredients that will make you look good the next day. Apricot kernel oil or carrot macerate, the choice is yours!

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