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Article: The best oil for a dry skin

La meilleure huile pour une peau sèche

The best oil for a dry skin

Not sure if you have dry skin? To give you an idea, dry skin is a fairly common skin type that can be recognized by different signs:

  • it is rough in some places
  • it pulls
  • it is often uncomfortable
  • She hasdehydration wrinkles.
  • it is often dull

If you have all these symptoms, you probably have dry skin! Fortunately, although skin type is more permanent than skin condition, it is possible to make dry skin more comfortable. All you have to do is give it the care it needs! In general, skin is dry because it lacks oil. This lack of fatty substance impacts its protective film, which can promote the evaporation of its hydration. Dry skin therefore needs a moisturizing treatment such as a vegetable oil or a suitable day cream!
What is dry skin? Which beauty routine and which oils to use for dry skin? We answer all your questions just below!


What is dry skin?

Dry skin is a type of skin that is characterized by a lack of sebum. In fact, the sebaceous glands present on the surface of the skin (on the epidermis) tend to produce less sebum, which results in a thin oily film. This lack of oil causes an imbalance in the skin's hydrolipidic film, which makes the skin more susceptible to external aggressions such as wind, heat or pollution. If your skin feels tight after each cleansing, if you feel uncomfortable, if it itches at times, if you have dry patches and a dull complexion, it is surely because you have dry skin!
Beware, these characteristics can also be similar to skin dehydration, but it is not the same thing! Skin dehydration is a skin condition that affects dry skin, but also combination skin or oily skin. Unlike dry skin, skin dehydration is just a passing fancy. In fact, your skin simply lacks water, either because you don't drink enough or because your cream doesn't provide enough. To alleviate this problem, simply swap your cosmetics for skin care products that provide more hydration to the skin and drink enough during the day!

What routine to adopt for dry skin?

As you know, a beauty routine cannot be the same for all skin types! Indeed, we do not take care of an oily skin as we take care of a dry skin. Oily skin, for example, needs care that will regulate its sebum production, because it produces too much. On the other hand, dry skin needs care products that will provide it with oil, because it does not produce enough!
The beauty routine for dry skin must therefore be very gentle, because it is also sensitive skin and protect it from dehydration and dryness. For the face, opt for a gentle daily cleansing with a cleansing oil and a cleansing milk. Then, when the skin is clean, it is ready to receive a moisturizer. Serum, oil, cream, butter, we'll see later what care to use for dry skin! Finally, once a week, you can also do a gentle scrub. Remember to choose a scrub with fine grains and not to be too abrupt in your gestures. The scrub removes dead skin, stimulates blood circulation, promotes oxygenation of the skin and prepares it to receive skin care products!
As far as the body is concerned, you should also turn to gentle organic washing products, if possible without irritating foaming agents such as sulfates. Also avoid very hot showers, which will weaken your hydrolipidic film, as well as synthetic clothes that will tend to make you itch. As for moisturizing your body, you can opt for a vegetable oil, a creamy butter or a moisturizing milk. The important thing is still to provide the skin with a good amount of fat so that it is nourished and hydrated!

The different oils suitable for dry skin

We now enter the heart of the matter because we will talk about vegetable oils adapted to dry skin. Hazelnut oil, rose hip oil, sweet almond oil or even borage oil, which skin care oils to choose to nourish dry skin?

Borage Oil

Borage oil is a moisturizing, softening and nourishing oil with anti-wrinkle properties! It is perfect for moisturizing and nourishing dry skin.

Prickly pear seed oil

Prickly pear seed oil is an anti-oxidant, softening, moisturizing and nourishing oil for dry and sensitive skin! It This oil allows the skin to regain comfort and regenerates the hydrolipidic film.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is perfect for dry skin since it is naturally rich in unsaturated fatty acids. This composition allows it to deeply nourish the skin and soften it. To you comfort!

Shea butter

Maybe you prefer thicker, creamier textures? If so, why not opt for a plant-based butter? Shea butter, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, provides nutrition, hydration and soothing to the skin. It is ideal as a moisturizer for dry skin!


Cocoa Butter

Healing, regenerating, moisturizing and nourishing, cocoa butter can totally replace your moisturizer or body lotion if you have dry skin. With the latter, you will regain the lost elasticity!

You now have all the information you need to take care of your dry skin with plant oils! These can be used on the face (with the exception of coconut oil which is comedogenic) and on the body.

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