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Article: Dull complexion: definition & tips to give it radiance

Teint terne : définition & conseils pour lui donner de l’éclat

Dull complexion: definition & tips to give it radiance

A dull complexion is a gray, transparent and poorly rested complexion. This is the kind of complexion that earns us the fateful question: "You look tired today, don't you? “! We have all heard this question at least once in our life, and often not to our greatest pleasure. A dull complexion is not a specialty of the countries of the Northern Hemisphere, the sun is not the only factor to take into account. We can have a dull complexion for different reasons: poor lifestyle, lack of sleep and sun,… Fortunately, we can remedy this with a few natural tips available to everyone! We give you our advice to have a radiant complexion!

What is a dull complexion?

A dull complexion is tired, grayish skin that lacks radiance and does not reflect light! A dull complexion isn't just for one skin type - everyone can experience it at one time or another. Depending on our skin color, dull skin can also be “olive” in color as in dark skin, for example.

Having a dull complexion also means making others think that you are all sick or tired. Except… no, not necessarily!

Keep in mind that a dull complexion most of the time only lasts a few days. It is not really a type of skin unlike dry or oily skin for example.

What makes skin dull, tired?

Several things can come into play when you have dull skin:

our lifestyle: lack of hydration (water), lack of sleep, lack of sport, unbalanced diet. And yes, beauty isn't just applying creams to your face! You also have to take care of your health and therefore have a healthy lifestyle.

outdoor and indoor pollution. By outdoor pollution, we mean the pollution of large cities! As for indoor pollution, it is simply those who smoke in their interior, without ever ventilating the rooms. No one is unaware that cigarettes have a good look ...

our beauty routine. A good beauty routine is a routine with products adapted to your skin type! You also have to be diligent: every night, you remove your makeup and clean your face to remove dead cells and impurities.

poor blood circulation. Blood circulates poorly in the veins and vessels, so your cell renewal is slowed down. The consequence of all this? The skin is pale, dull and tired.

the stress !

How to stop having a dull complexion?

There are several natural solutions to brighten up your complexion a little, whether it's long term or for a day!

If you wake up one morning with a dull complexion, don't panic! Cleanse your face as usual and apply your usual care. Staying hydrated is always a good idea. Once your treatments and creams are applied, take five or ten minutes to massage your face with your fingertips or with a special massage tool such as a roll-on or a stone gua sha. The massage allows the skin to wake up gently as well as activate blood circulation and cell renewal! If the blood is circulating properly, it will color your skin and bring your pale complexion back to life.

roll on facial massage

Then, we do not hesitate to make up with a foundation or a powder if we want to! A little touch of highlighter can also be a good idea to reflect the sun on your face.

If a dull complexion is your daily routine when fall arrives: we've got you covered!

Perhaps consider taking a course of vitamin C. This will brighten and homogenize your complexion and help cell renewal. The little extra? Vitamin C is also an interesting antioxidant that will boost your collagen production. Result: luminous and lifted skin!

In the longer term, try to change your lifestyle. Are you getting enough sleep? Is your sleep of good quality? Good sleep is essential for healthy skin, our organs need to rest to function properly.

In any case, remember that outer beauty also comes through inner beauty! For more ideas, check out our tips for a beautiful complexion.

Kadalys' organic beauty routine to regain glowing skin

We have thought of an ideal skincare routine to illuminate the complexion! This routine contains 5 organic and natural products:

an organic clarifying lotion: perfect for perfecting your make-up removal and cleaning the last impurities from the skin. The lemon water in our lotion is rich in vitamin C, trace elements and mineral salts: your complexion is brightened and even.

the organic lifting day cream contains hyaluronic acid which will deeply hydrate the skin, plump it up as well as PCA magnesium to stimulate thes cells and allow them to regain an optimal energy level for a luminous complexion.
our precious radiance organic yellow banana oil is made to bring shine to hair and dull skin! Pomegranate, Macadamia and Roucou oils are rich in antioxidants and stimulate the skin, they restore color, radiance and comfort to tired skin.
precious radiance oil
our organic exfoliating peel cleanses the skin deeply and rid it of the most stubborn impurities. This peel should be done once or twice a week for skin that lacks radiance

In addition to our tips and our organic and natural healthy-looking skin care products, consider going out to enjoy the rays of the sun! Nothing better than a little sun to bring your complexion back to life, especially after the long winter months. For even more safety and beautiful skin, remember to protect yourself with sunscreen!

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