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Article: Our advice for applying an anti-wrinkle cream

Nos conseils pour appliquer une crème anti-rides - KADALYS

Our advice for applying an anti-wrinkle cream

Over time, the skin can become marked with small fine lines. If no action is taken, fine lines eventually turn into prominent wrinkles. A wrinkle is the result of a lack of hydration and slower cell turnover. From the age of 25, skin aging is already underway! The first appearance of wrinkles is around the eyes, forehead and around the lips. To reduce them, you can do several things, such as massaging your face to stimulate collagen production or applying anti-wrinkle treatments. Today we explain how and when to apply an anti-wrinkle cream!

When to put on anti-wrinkle?

Before applying an anti wrinkle cream, you can apply care to treat the first wrinkles! First wrinkle treatments can be applied as soon as small signs of skin fatigue appear. In general, we recommend that you apply anti-aging care around the age of 25, half the time to help the skin maintain its tone and elasticity! Our first wrinkle treatments are designed to deeply hydrate the skin, protect it and provide it with a smoothing action. They are made for all skin types and 99.9% of the ingredients are from natural origin! Our green banana bio-actives present in the three products of the smoothing routine are rich in omega 9. The hydrolipidic film of the skin is nourished with good fatty acids which allows it to be impenetrable.

How to prepare your skin before applying your anti-wrinkle cream?

Whether in the morning or in the evening, your skin must be cleansed before receiving care! In the morning when you get up, you can apply our organic clarifying lotion to wake up your skin. Then, apply an eye contour treatment to moisturize this sensitive area, which is often dry and very prone to expression lines! To stimulate blood circulation, you can gently pat your eye area with your fingertips. In the evening, remove your makeup and cleanse your skin with an organic facial cleanser. Once a week you can also do our Kadalys organic exfoliating peel, to refine the skin texture, unify it and activate cell renewal. Then we resume as in the morning: clarifying lotion and eye contour!

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Should you apply your anti-aging cream in the morning or in the evening?

From 25 to 30 years old, you can apply your anti-aging skincare every other time. The idea is to help the skin stay well hydrated and toned. After your thirties, the treatments can be applied morning and evening. Our anti wrinkle creams are made to have complementary actions! The lifting day cream firms the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and has an energizing and protective action. In the evening, we offer you a very nourishing treatment. Indeed, it is during the night that the skin absorbs the skincare best, it's the moment to apply skincare with targeted actions! Our organic lifting night cream restores elasticity to the skin, nourishes it deeply and stimulates cell renewal and regeneration! Apply the serum in addition to the creams, morning and evening, with a massage for plumped and smoothed skin.

How to apply your anti-wrinkle cream on the face and neck?

To apply your anti-wrinkle cream correctly, follow these steps:

Prepare your skin in the morning with our organic clarifying lotion, perfect for waking it up and unifying the complexion. Apply your eye area by tapping gently to activate blood circulation and refresh the eyes.

Take a dose of our lifting serum, heat it in your hands and apply it to your face. You can then massage your face with movements going from the inside to the outside.

Apply your Kadalys Lifting Day Cream, always massaging your skin from the inside out! Remember to apply the cream to your neck, the skin there is very thin and also prone to wrinkles. To apply the cream to the neck, movements are carried out from the center to the sides and from the top to the bottom. You are ready for the day!

In the evening, we remove make-up properly and clean our face to remove all the impurities of the day. Then we resume the morning routine: lotion then eye contour, then serum and finally Kadalys lifting night cream. You can again massage your face and neck to relax your skin and help the treatments to penetrate well.

Get a good night's sleep and smooth skin!

For more information, read our tips for reducing wrinkles!

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