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Article: Our tips to say goodbye to your acne scars!

Nos conseils pour dire adieu à vos cicatrices d’acné ! - KADALYS

Our tips to say goodbye to your acne scars!

Acne scars, and not for the faint of heart! Acne scars can be more or less difficult to erase. Several elements can alter their appearance: depth of the pimple, severe or spontaneous acne, regular or occasional exposure to the sun or even lifestyle. To say goodbye to your acne scars, you can go straight to the hard way, with laser sessions or peels at a dermatologist's, but you can also turn to natural remedies. Today we give you our advice to say bye bye to your scars!

How are acne scars created?

Rest assured, almost 80% of the French population has acne! Acne can appear in adolescence but also in adulthood or in younger children who experience early puberty. It can be due to hormonal imbalance, excessive sebum production, unbalanced diet, external and internal pollution or stress. Having acne is one thing, but keeping scars for several weeks or even months is another!

Acne scars are not systematic. They only appear when the superficial and deep layers of the skin are damaged. In other words, a blackhead will not leave a scar (if it is not pierced and no inflammation of the skin occurs). On the other hand, when the pimple settles deep under the skin, it is more likely to damage the deep and superficial layers of the epidermis. The production of collagen is then impacted, scars appear and take longer to heal. Let's not forget that scratching and removing acne scabs does not help the healing process.

Are there different shapes and types of acne scars?

Well, yes, not all acne scars are the same! You should know that depending on the nature of your pimples, you can even have different acne scars on your face. We notice:

  • red acne scars, rarely permanent, they are the result of skin inflammation
  • Hollow scars, often on the forehead, chin and cheeks, they vary in size and depth
  • pigmented scars, red, pink, brown and sometimes black, they cause a hyperpigmentation of the skin, the darker the skin, the darker the scar
  • raised scars, they are thick and form a growth on the skin
  • white scars, or hypo-pigmented scars, are lighter than the color of the skin because they have destroyed the melanin, and therefore the pigmentation of the skin.

Pimples that are thick and deep under the skin, such as micro-cysts, are more likely to create deep, white scars. On the other hand, red pimples will create pigmented scars. Most often brown or red spots.

How long does it take for an acne scar to disappear?

Not all skin types will react the same way to the disappearance of a pimple. For the healing process, several parameters come into play: skin quality, age, type of pimple, care taken and skin tone. We already know that people who are not yet 25 years old have a good cell renewal. The skin will recover more quickly, whether the scars are brown spots or deeper lesions. On the other hand, after the age of 25/30, cell renewal begins to slow down, so healing will be slower.

There is no fixed average time to see your skin return to its normal appearance. It can take several years, especially in the case of severe acne when pimples reappear as soon as the previous pimple has disappeared. But it can also take a few days for the lightest pimples.

People with severe acne are advised to wait at least one year without a pimple outbreak before starting a treatment with a dermatologist.

How to remove pimple marks quickly on the face?

To remove your acne marks quickly, all you need to do is put in place the right beauty routine! Choose a moisturizer with natural and nourishing ingredients. You can also use an oil or cream that has a more targeted action. For special healing plant oils, we recommend :

  • vegetable oil of musk rose, regenerating, repairing and softening
  • calophylla vegetable oil, repairing and soothing
  • sea buckthorn vegetable oil, soothing, regenerating and softening
  • Helichrysum vegetable oil, anti-inflammatory and healing
  • hazelnut vegetable oil, repairing, protecting and softening

You can also find serums that mix healing active ingredients or creams with remedial ingredients such as tomato (rich in vitamins, exfoliating and healing properties).

The best way to erase those acne scars is to not have acne! To do this, eat a balanced diet, follow a good skin care routine (makeup remover, cleanser, mask, moisturizer, scrub, etc.) and drink plenty of water to help your organs get rid of toxins. If you suffer from hormonal acne or acne that is too severe, don't hesitate to make an appointment with a dermatologist to talk about it and find appropriate solutions.

What beauty routine should I adopt to naturally remove acne marks and scars?

The best way to get rid of acne scars is to take charge of the problem from the start. Once your pimple is gone, you can start taking action. Implement a simple but effective beauty routine:

  • remove your makeup every day with an oil or gel.
  • Even if you don't wear makeup, this step is essential because it allows you to pre-clean your skin and remove all the impurities accumulated during the day.
  • cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser adapted to your skin type
  • apply a hydrosol to your face to eliminate traces of limescale that water can leave behind (hydrosols of immortelle, lavender or rosemary are recommended for acne sufferers)
  • apply your moisturizer and a targeted treatment for scars.

Once or twice a week you can also perform a fruit acid mask or a homemade mask to deep cleanse your skin and stimulate cell renewal. For a quick and healing homemade mask, mix a teaspoon of honey with a tablespoon of aloe vera. Apply this mask for 30 minutes to a clean, dry face and rinse with clear water. To accentuate the healing effect, you can also add a few drops of lavender or patchouli essential oil.

To optimize cell renewal and promote collagen production, consider massaging your face for at least 5 minutes every day. For this exercise, you can use a gua-sha, a jade roller or your hands! Massage is a great ally for acne-prone skin because it promotes the circulation of lymph, which is responsible for managing the body's waste products. It also helps scars fade more quickly and reduces inflammation!

Finally, remember to wear a cream with a high SPF as soon as you go out in the sun. Unprotected skin can become permanently scarred and you may have a hard time getting rid of your acne marks.

Remember that scars can take several weeks to fade. Don't overdo your skin by trying multiple treatments, as you may create additional inflammation and lengthen the healing process. The best way to get rid of your acne scars? Take it easy while pampering your skin with our tips!

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