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Article: How to recognize moisturizing active ingredients in natural cosmetic products?

Comment reconnaître les actifs hydratants dans ses produits cosmétiques naturels ?

How to recognize moisturizing active ingredients in natural cosmetic products?

We can never say it enough, the secret to flawless skin is essentially based on hydration . Whether you have oily, dry, mature or young skin, this is a crucial step if you want to have supple, plump, luminous skin that does not fear the effects of time. To achieve your goals, you need to arm yourself with a little elbow grease, or rather a few vegetable oils rich in nutritional active ingredients. Neglecting this aspect in our routine and ignoring the application of moisturizer can be costly to our skin. Without being an expert in cosmetology, a little refresher course is necessary to learn how to decipher the agents essential to the balance of our skin and maintain that natural glow that we all dream of! What are these unstoppable ingredients for finding perfectly hydrated skin? Kadalys offers you its knowledge to feed the curiosity of beauty addicts and, in the process, their skin!


  1. Why moisturize your skin?
  2. What is a moisturizer?
  3. What are the different types of moisturizing active ingredients?

Why moisturize your skin?

No but hello, you're a serial beauty but you don't moisturize your skin? This is a bit of a caricature, but many people omit, or even neglect, this fundamental step in their beauty routine. A failed act that must be rectified if you do not want to see your skin wither like a withered flower. Far from being superfluous, it is undoubtedly the number 1 beautiful skin reflex on the cosmetic to-do list. Moisturizing your skin daily allows you to generally slow down the skin aging process and, de facto, the appearance of the first wrinkles that await us on the horizon, to maintain a healthy glow and a radiant complexion of vitality but also this velvety touch that we secretly envy when young skin is over forty.

The more the years pass, the more the need to moisturize your skin becomes felt. Let's explain! Skin hydration is based on a well-established natural phenomenon. However, this machine loses its vigor over time at the risk of gradually rusting. Result ? The natural hydration level of the epidermis evaporates like skin to give pride of place to imperfections and the first signs of aging . Hence the importance of compensating for its deficiencies by injecting it with the essential lipids and minerals that our skin needs. Enter the star of beauty routines, I called the day cream .

What is a moisturizer?

We spare no effort to hydrate our skin. You still need to have a little luck, if not knowledgeable on the subject, to get your hands on the perfect treatment , capable of nourishing the skin and boosting its hydration level. Damn ! Behind the term moisturizing cream , there is a non-exhaustive list of ingredients that should put you on the track. By definition, a moisturizer must be able to provide water to the skin cells. Whether it is in the form of cream, gel or oil, it is in its composition that everything depends. Inside your favorite treatment? A cocktail of active ingredients , vitamins and mineral salts which act in synergy in the deep layers of the epidermis to protect you from external aggressions which interfere with our desire to display perfect skin. The star of skin care acts as a protective shield to limit water loss and restore skin balance .

As you will have understood, it is not enough to rely on the texture and even less on the tempting promise mentioned on the jar of cream, but rather on the moisturizing agents contained in your future treatment. Our mantra to pamper your skin and instantly quench the skin: favor a cuddly treatment likely to promote the formation of the hydrolipidic film to limit water loss and give it a breath of oxygen. But which moisturizing active ingredients should we be on the lookout for? Zoom in on these outstanding ingredients!

What are the different types of moisturizing active ingredients?

To hydrate your skin, you don't need too much! And this is why it is essential to take an expert look at the labels of your cream jars before going to checkout. Not everyone wants moisturizing care. To claim yourself as such and hope to integrate our special hydration beauty ritual, a few rules of use are necessary, starting with knowing how to recognize essential moisturizing and emollient agents.

Focus on humectants

In the family of moisturizing agents essential for the health of your skin, I would like humectants ! But in concrete terms, what is hidden behind this somewhat technical term? These are small molecules that have the ability to penetrate into skin cells . They have the double advantage of acting like magnets to attract water and retain it thanks to their hygroscopic properties which have inexhaustible reserves. To summarize, they are real sponges that help supply your epidermis with water.

Among the humectants that must be kept in mind and to which we give special mention: polyols . Used in cosmetics, they prevent the evaporation of water contained in a product. On the skin, they also work little miracles by acting directly in the skin tissue. Among its best elements, glycerin takes first place on the podium of the best moisturizing agents . Its key asset? It releases its moisturizing effects over a record duration. But the power of the queen mother of moisturizers doesn't stop! It combines good points by compensating for deficiencies in the skin's natural lipids and ensures:

  • Smooth the skin thanks to its surfactant properties to maintain a constant level of hydration
  • Restore and stimulate natural defenses to better protect against external attacks
  • Promote skin elasticity
  • Regulate desquamation to limit the formation of small dandruff on the surface
  • Softens the skin to give it a velvety touch
  • Protect the skin against external aggressions such as cold, wind, pollution and UV rays
  • Repair the epidermis by improving lipid synthesis

Another moisturizing agent in the viewfinder, AHAs , I call fruit acids. It is undoubtedly a great ally for literally getting a new look. Equipped with a “peeling” effect which gives them a positive action in favor of cell renewal , these moisturizing agents are increasingly in demand by natural cosmetic brands. These powerful active ingredients combine skills to enhance your skin. Particularly recommended for mature skin , they smooth the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, even out the complexion and erase pigment spots. Alternately anti-aging and hydrating , I buy it!

Finally, pyrrolidone-carboxylic acids deserve special attention. These glutamic amino acids present in many proteins help maintain the skin's natural hydration level. And the least we can say is that they have nothing to envy of polyols . Indeed, experts agree that these active ingredients are more hydrating than its cousins. Non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic, they are beneficial for the overall health of your skin. Among its ranks, magnesium is essential for cell renewal . It is therefore ideal for dull skin that needs a boost and mature skin lacking elasticity . On the hydration side, this humectant agent significantly strengthens the hydrolipidic film to protect the epidermis from external aggressions . As a bonus, this natural anti-fatigue achieves excellent results in slowing down the skin aging process.

Focus on film-forming agents

Have you ever heard of emollients ? These moisturizing agents are inseparable from humectants to reinforce the hydration of the epidermis. Since the skin is practically waterproof, these active ingredients are essential for lastingly hydrating the skin tissue. To do this, they imitate the natural functions of the skin by reducing transient water loss. Unlike humectants , these hydrating agents work their magic on the surface and do not penetrate directly into the epidermis. A sort of shock duo which acts in synergy to effectively fight against water evaporation. Note that it is necessary to distinguish hydrophobic film formers (fattier) consisting essentially of mineral oils , natural waxes or silicones from hydrophilic film formers which ensure that water molecules are trapped on the surface.

Among the hydrophobic film formers , squalene is worth knowing. This lipid molecule helps protect the skin and keep it hydrated. On the skin, it increases the power of the sebaceous glands in contact with the fats and acids responsible for the production of sebum. Ultimately, squalene helps keep the skin barrier hydrated. Attention very dry, dehydrated and mature skin, stay on the lookout for this super-agent which reduces skin dryness like skin!

Within this category, confusion persists. Many people wrongly confuse squalene with squalane. However, there is a significant nuance. This variation of squalene is actually a plant-based alternative derived from plants such as olive, rice bran and wheat germ. Although on paper it has the same advantages as its twin sister, it has a longer shelf life. Highly recommended for sensitive and normal skin , it acts like sebum to prevent moisture loss, restore suppleness, neutralize UV ​​damage and protect against lipid peroxidation that can damage pores.

Last ingredient in this detox skin menu not to be neglected: hydrophilic film-formers , better known in the form of hyaluronic acid or collagen , two anti-aging active ingredients essential for maintaining the skin's hydration level and preserving its youthfulness. Star of anti-aging cosmetics, hyaluronic acid is essential for hydrating , plumping the skin and regaining a more youthful appearance.

Although it is the most powerful moisturizing molecule, it is still the subject of preconceived ideas, often associated with the excesses of cosmetic surgery. However, there are indeed ways to consume hyaluronic acid that could not be more natural and just as effective to fight against sagging skin and reduce the formation of wrinkles, starting by adopting creams and treatments that give it a place choice in their formulation. As for collagen : it hydrates the skin, smoothes fine lines and improves the quality of the epidermis.

In what types of cosmetic products can we find them?

Day creams, masks, serums... Kadalys beauty products are stocked with moisturizing agents to offer the best moisturizing care to its consumers. Focus on two of them:

- Organic lifting day cream : inside this ultra-moisturizing cream? A concentrate of active ingredients such as the Bio-active Yellow Banana, argan oil or the famous magnesium PCA . Both lifting and protective, this organic treatment with a velvety texture offers optimal hydration and helps your skin fight the visible signs of aging. Day after day, your skin is hydrated and full of vitality!

- Soothing Radiance Jelly : the secret of this light-textured cream? A cocktail of essential active ingredients and moisturizing agents . The Bio-active Green Banana combines with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin. For dry skin, this is the perfect treatment to hydrate the skin for more than 24 hours, rebalance and strengthen the hydrolipidic barrier.

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