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Article: Our tips for removing acne pimples naturally

Nos conseils pour enlever les boutons d’acné naturellement

Our tips for removing acne pimples naturally

When you have acne, you often try to do everything to get rid of it. Rightly you will tell us! We try lots of creams, purifying gels or masks so that the small buttons do not develop. But sometimes, by doing too much, we can make our skin even more sensitive. Especially if the treatments used are full of chemicals and irritants… The best? Patiently wait for our skin and body to do the job. We can help them by taking natural food supplements to boost them and by using organic and natural cosmetics. We take you on a tour of our advice to regain beautiful skin naturally!

How do I know if I have acne?

There are different types of buttons! If you get a little pimple every now and then, during times of stress or menstruation, for example, nothing to worry about. You may also experience a few breakouts after drinking a little more alcohol than usual. Ditto after a period of a little fatty and unbalanced meals! However, remember that all organisms are different. Some people will never get any pimples, no matter what their lifestyle (sleep, food, drink), while others will have them more often! Nothing to worry about here.

On the other hand, when new pimples appear every day and your face becomes covered with them, you may be considered to have acne! For some, acne can also appear on the back, on the neckline or on the arms.

Acne causes inflammation of the skin, which can be very painful.

What are the causes of acne?

Acne is by definition hormonal. That’s why we’re often affected in adolescence. For women, it can also occur during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or during their period.

The hormonal imbalances that occur during these periods lead to an overproduction of sebum. Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands. They form a small fatty film on the surface of the skin. This film allows the skin to be protected and hydrated naturally. Unfortunately, it happens that due to hormonal imbalances, the sebum is produced in too much quantity! This leads to an accumulation of fat on the skin and therefore, pimples.

acne pimple

It is possible to be prone to hormonal acne outside of the “normal” period of hormonal imbalances. Some adults, men or women, have their first acne pimple appear after their teenage years! This is adult acne and it is getting more and more common. If your acne persists into adulthood, do not hesitate to consult a specialist for hormonal tests. Hormonal acne (adult or adolescent) is rarely resolved with cream, it is a deeper problem!

Acne can also be caused by lifestyle changes. Change of diet, unstable sleep rhythm, too little water intake, ... Your liver can no longer function properly because it is under too much strain. Your skin then takes over to eliminate toxins and that's where the pimples appear! No need to deprive yourself of sugar or cheese, you have to learn to eat everything in moderation.

Can we get rid of acne pimples the same way for a teenager and an adult?

It all depends on your type of acne! If your acne is hormonal, the best way to get rid of it is to start treatment with the help of a specialist. The different possible treatments should be discussed with your doctor. He will guide you towards more or less soft molecules depending on what you want! Ditto if you are prone to severe acne (very inflamed pimples, microcysts, very large pores, etc.).

For acne caused by diet (food and drink), you can try cutting a few foods off your plate and see what happens. Refined sugars, cold meats, alcohol, sugary drinks and even cheese are foods that can promote pimples in some people! Your body may also be trying to send you a message, for example an allergy or an intolerance. If you cannot find the problem on your own, do not hesitate to consult a naturopath or a dietitian.

If you get little pimples every now and then, nothing's wrong. The skin sometimes needs to be cleaned and it eliminates the disturbing elements through pimples.

Either way, a good routine is essential. Do a good cleansing of the skin and why not clay masks from time to time. Use a cream adapted to your skin type and remember to remove your makeup well every day!

Our natural remedies for removing acne pimples

Are you fed up with ineffective methods? We give you our natural ideas to limit the appearance of pimples, make them go away and avoid acne scars!

Watch your lifestyle: we can't say it enough! Our skin reflects our inner state. If you get acne on a regular basis (aside from hormonal issues) something is wrong with your day to day. Lack of sleep, food that is too rich or too poor, .. Your skin is sending you signals, listen to it!
Build a beauty routine with organic and natural cosmetics! Choosing natural face and body treatments allows you to enjoy the best of nature. This also guarantees that you will say bye bye to endocrine disruptors, parabens, silicones, etc. These are all ingredients that can cause skin reactions on all skin types. A good beauty routine revolves around a few essential products
a makeup remover, you can choose an oil if you want.
a face cleanser adapted to your skin type. Just because you have acne doesn't mean you have oily skin! All skin types can see pimples appear. Choose a gentle cleanser for the skin, preferably soap-free as it is less aggressive, such as Kadalys Cleansing Gel
a floral water or a tonic with exfoliating and unifying active ingredients, such as the Clarifying Lotion, which corresponds to your skin type, to smooth the textured skin texture, reduce dilated pores and brighten the complexion
a balancing and nourishing serum oil to regulate combination to oily skin like Precious Nutritive Oil
a moisturizer with a light, non-greasy texture, very important for keeping the skin comfortable, preventing the overproduction of sebum, pimples and limiting acne scars. Hydramuse Soothing Radiance Jelly is suitable for acne-prone skin
a purifying treatment based on soft purifying clays such as the Musaclean Purifying Mask. You can add a few drops of Tea Tree or Lavender essential oil to boost its purifying effect
Perform steam baths, to open your pores and allow the skin to cleanse itself properly!
Perform scrubs or masks based on fruit acids to remove all types of scars like our Organic Exfoliating Peel! They will help you refine the skin texture and promote cell renewal. Perfect for healthy, scar-free skin after a breakout! Be careful not to insist too much with the scrubs, you risk weakening your skin and stimulating your sebaceous glands.
organic exfoliating peel
If you prefer clay-based masks, be sure to keep your mask moist until rinsing. The purifying and calming action of our organic Purifying Mask with kaolin and yellow clay (two soft, non-stripping clays) unclogs pores, gently purifies and soothes all skin types.

The best way to get rid of your pimples naturally is also to leave them alone and give your skin time to deal with them on its own. To help her, you can try all of our little natural tips!

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