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Article: How to reduce expression lines?

Comment atténuer les rides d’expression ?

How to reduce expression lines?

Have you ever noticed those fine marks that appear on your face when you express your emotions? These lines, known as expression lines, are a record of our joys, sorrows and life experiences. They are an integral part of our face, and although we live with them on a daily basis, we do not really know them (origins, factors, etc.). Let's explore together the world of expression lines from their nature to good practices to reduce them.


  1. What are expression lines?
  2. Why and how do they appear?
  3. How to effectively reduce expression lines?

I) What is an expression wrinkle?

Expression lines, also called dynamic wrinkles, are folds on the skin that form as a result of repeated movements of our facial muscles. They are mainly observed on delicate areas of the face where the skin tends to be thinner: around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead. This is where our facial expressions are most intense. Each type of expression line has its own story to tell on our face.

The different types of expression lines:

1. The Lion's Line : Located between the eyebrows, this vertical wrinkle is often associated with concentration or anger. It is the muscular movement when we frown that causes this. It can vary in depth and visibility depending on the usual facial expressions of each individual.

2. Crow's Feet : Very well known, these are often the first wrinkles that we notice with age. These small wrinkles are located at the corners of the eyes, they are often the sign of joyful moments with sincere smiles. They are formed when the orbicularis oculi muscles contract during these bursts of laughter.

3. Forehead Wrinkles : These horizontal lines on the forehead can be the result of various expressions, such as raised eyebrows or surprise. They are particularly visible when the skin loses its elasticity with age.

How to reduce expression lines?

4. Bitterness Folds : Less known, they are found around the corners of the mouth and sometimes extend to the chin, which gives a drooping appearance. They develop with smiles, laughter and especially pouting.

II) Why and how do they appear?

To understand why expression lines appear, it is essential to look at the mechanisms of skin aging. Over time, our skin loses elasticity and firmness due to a decrease in collagen production. Added to this are the repeated movements of our facial muscles which work our skin on a daily basis. As the years pass, the skin has difficulty regaining its initial suppleness after these movements and this damage accumulates, leading to a weakening of the skin's structure and the formation of permanent wrinkles.

Factors contributing to the appearance of expression lines:

1. Muscle contraction : As we have explained, the main cause of the appearance of these wrinkles is the repeated movements of the facial muscles which contract and relax. This is the frown or raising of the eyebrows, the smile or even the pout. Because facial muscles are closely connected to the skin, they put pressure on the skin that can ultimately cause damage to collagen and elastin, the fibers responsible for the skin's firmness and elasticity. Over time, these folds become permanent and visible, forming expression lines.

2. Skin aging : With age, the production of collagen and elastin decreases, which leads to a loss of firmness of the skin because it is no longer able to recover its elasticity after being folded, which contributes to also to the formation of wrinkles.

3. External factors : There are many: stress, pollution, lack of sleep, an unbalanced diet, lack of hydration and excessive exposure to the sun. They also accelerate the process of formation of expression lines. Indeed, by increasing the production of free radicals, responsible for skin aging, they create an imbalance; there are no longer enough antioxidants to fight. Thus, the skin is weakened and is no longer strong enough to combat the appearance of expression lines.

Expression lines can begin to appear as early as age 25, when the natural production of collagen and elastin begins to decline. However, their appearance varies from one person to another depending on the factors mentioned above: lifestyle habits, exposure to environmental factors as well as skin type.

III) How to effectively reduce expression lines?

Now that we have a better understanding of why these wrinkles form, let's see how we can effectively reduce them.
Although the more we express our emotions and the more pronounced the repeated movements, the more expression lines tend to become more pronounced, we must not hold back from laughing or frowning so as not to be wrinkled. Don't worry. Here, it is a question of helping your skin to be better equipped to prevent the formation of wrinkles.
As we have seen that the formation of these wrinkles begins at the age of 25, and as we know well that prevention is better than cure, it is a question of putting in place preventive measures from the start of adulthood, around 20 or 25 years old.

To do this, you have to act from the inside and the outside, with a holistic approach to reduce expression lines.

1. Lifestyle habits : To have beautiful skin, it must be healthy and that starts from the inside. For this, it is advisable to drink at least 1.5L of water per day to properly hydrate your body and skin. In terms of diet, you need to boost your body's antioxidants from your plate in order to combat the effects of free radicals. You can find them in fruits and vegetables such as berries or spinach but also nuts and even dark chocolate. Although your days and evenings are busy, you should not neglect your sleep which has a direct impact on your physical and mental state. Tired skin is more vulnerable to external aggressions, so we advise you to favor nights of between 7 and 8 hours of sleep as much as possible.

2. Adapted skincare routine : For incredible effectiveness, we advise you to combine good habits for your interior with a complete skincare routine.
Start with double cleansing : remove makeup and cleanse your skin every evening to remove impurities accumulated throughout the day and thus reduce the effects of environmental factors such as pollution. For this, we advise you to use our Gentle Micellar Gel and our Cleansing Gel which removes makeup, cleanses and purifies your skin.

Once a week, give your skin a new look by removing dead cells to promote cell regeneration. To do this, use our Exfoliating Peel : you can opt for its enzymatic action which eliminates dead cells without attacking the skin thanks to fruit acids, or carry out a mechanical exfoliation with Jojoba micro-beads or even combine the two for an action complete. Your skin is thus ready to receive treatment.

Regarding your cream, Kadalys has thought of everyone and has therefore developed two technical anti-aging ranges. On the one hand, our Musalis range, which is aimed at people between 25 and 40 years old. The Smoothing Night Cream has a smoothing action on the first wrinkles and fine lines by promoting skin relaxation. While Musalis Day Cream hydrates your skin for 8 hours and has an energizing and above all protective effect by boosting the skin's natural defenses to help your skin fight external aggressions all day long.

How to reduce expression lines?

From the age of 40, we recommend our Musalift range. Its Lifting Night Cream nourishes your skin and above all firms it by acting against the loss of firmness and elasticity. It increases collagen synthesis, which visibly reduces wrinkles.
Then, the Musalift Day Cream, it also hydrates your skin all day long and has an immediate tightening effect.

3. Facial Massage and Relaxation : The treatments you apply are important, but what also matters is how you apply them. In fact, integrating facial massage into your daily routine helps maintain a certain tone of the skin. Not only does it promote relaxation and well-being, but it also stimulates blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage, which can help reduce the appearance of expression lines and tight skin.

How to reduce expression lines?

You can practice massage after applying your cream to increase its effects tenfold or with our Pink Oil Glow Booster Serum which, thanks to its oily texture, allows you to perform a massage without pulling your skin and providing it with the benefits of our Bio-active Pink Banana: unifying and illuminating. To find out all the best massage practices, find our complete guide right here.

4. Sun Protection : Finally, one of the most aggravating external factors for skin aging is the sun. It is therefore important to protect your face every day and all year round against damage caused by UVA and UVB rays. To do this, apply an SPF 50 sunscreen every day before your day cream, even when the weather is cloudy.

Although expression lines are part of the natural aging process, they can be reduced through a preventative and holistic approach. By caring for our skin both from the inside and out, we can preserve its youth and vitality, while embracing the stories it tells through our facial expressions. So, take care of your skin and smile!

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