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Article: Soothe redness after shaving, after shave care for sensitive skin

Apaiser les rougeurs après rasage, soins après-rasage peau sensible -  Kadalys

Soothe redness after shaving, after shave care for sensitive skin

How to soothe after-shave redness ?

The ultimate men's morning routine, shaving is hard on your skin, especially sensitive skin. Whether you belong to the team of close shavers or those who maintain their hair on an occasional basis, razor burn is not without consequences and can undoubtedly work to your disadvantage.

Redness, irritation, itching... Your skin sends out signals that should alert you. It's time to sort out your ritual, however minimalist it may be, starting by banishing harmful and alcohol-based products in favor of cleaner aftershave products that respect sensitive skin and delicate epidermis.

What are these essential aftershave products? What are these essential care products? We reveal you our cosmetic routine "in the hair" to finish with the cutaneous discomfort related to the shaving.

Help, I have sensitive skin!

Let's face it, shaving can sometimes cause epidermal reactions, both literally and figuratively. If your skin reacts, you're probably a victim of razor burn syndrome!

There's no need to remind you that the skin is extremely fragile. Made up of several layers, the top layer, which acts as a protective barrier against external aggressions (climate, pollution, etc.), is continually renewed.

Thus, shaving weakens this skin balance by exposing the lower cells located under the upper layer. The result? Your skin is visibly more sensitive and prone to irritation and imperfections.

What are the signs of stressed skin?

While no one is immune to the negative effects of shaving, some skin types are more sensitive than others. It is therefore essential to adapt your aftershave care routine to your skin type. But what are the symptoms of aggressed skin?

⁃ Combination, oily and acne-prone skin will tend to develop pimples. The daily action of shaving creates repeated aggression that can lead to inflammation. Never mind, there are solutions to prevent your skin from budding (internal link: beard care: how to avoid after-shave pimples) starting with preparing your skin and equipment in the right way. Before you start shaving, make sure your razor blades are in good condition. Then, shave in the direction of the hair, carefully avoiding going over the same area several times. Finally, remember to rinse your face with clear water to soothe the skin.

Dry skin is susceptible to after-shave redness in the form of patches. These can be accompanied by itching and make it worse. It's time to moisturize your skin to reduce the damage! But first, a few preparation tips are in order. To open up the pores and make it easier to remove hair with a razor, it is recommended to run hot water over the area. This will make the hair more supple. Shave in the morning after your shower when the blood vessels are less reactive.

Why adopt aftershave care?

Since shaving is often a mandatory step for men before going to work, it's time to take care of your skin after waxing. The time for letting your skin go is over, and it's time for a beauty routine specially designed for men, especially those who assiduously maintain their hair with organic cosmetics and after-shave products.

No matter how often you shave, it is important to use a product that will not only soothe your skin but also moisturize your hair. We already rely on natural products or grandma's tricks. What are these care products and ingredients to adopt urgently to no longer neglect your beard? Focus on the stars of men's cosmetics!

Our tips for calming after-shave redness

Plant oils to nourish and soothe shaving-related irritation

Already widely acclaimed for their moisturizing power, vegetable oils can also be the best allies of closely trimmed beards and emerging pilosities. In addition to intensely nourishing and boosting the skin's moisture level, they instantly soothe irritation. It is the ideal remedy to fight against the razor of fire often at the origin of the redness after shaving.

Applied before or after shaving, they form a protective barrier that helps prevent unsightly redness. If there is a plethora of vegetable oils, what about those to be preferred in after-shave care to soothe irritation and eliminate redness?

- Grape seed oil: a true all-round oleaginous oil, it nourishes deeply while regulating sebum production.
- Sweet almond oil: whether used as a pre-shave or after-shave treatment, this oil is an excellent alternative to shaving cream! As a bonus, it intensely nourishes and soothes irritated and sensitive skin.
- Avocado oil: a moisturizing oil par excellence, it nourishes and regenerates the skin to give it back all its vitality.
- Castor oil: rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it is particularly recommended for strengthening the hair and keeping it healthy
- Jojoba oil: ultra-nourishing and repairing, it soothes, promotes the healing of small skin lesions and relieves the skin after each shave.
Among our flagship products, precious oils are ideal for after-shave care! Ultra moisturizing, they nourish the skin in depth while soothing it. Young and mixed skins should opt for the Nutritive oil with Green Banana which exults in its regulating power to avoid the effect of shine while dry and mature skins will be able to bet on the Radiance oil with yellow banana thanks to its high content in lipids.

Our secret? A cocktail of vegetable oils, bio-actives and antioxidants developed by our laboratories to offer you the best in moisturizing and anti-aging after-shave care! To test them, click here

Baking soda to soothe razor burn

Our kitchen cupboards are full of treasures for our skin. Among the food products that can perfectly serve as after-shave care to definitely replace the care sold in supermarkets often rich in alcohol likely to aggravate the rash, baking soda is a natural trick to relieve razor burn.

Known to be anti-inflammatory, it immediately stops the burning and stinging caused by irritation. The foolproof method? Dilute baking soda in warm water. Soak your mixture on a cotton ball before applying it to the inflamed areas before rinsing with clear water.

Cucumber to relieve irritated areas

Known for its moisturizing and thirst-quenching properties, cucumber not only relieves razor burn but also naturally moisturizes the skin to prevent redness. Massage the waxed areas with slices and admire the results. Your skin is visibly clearer and soothed.

Cider vinegar to reduce skin irritations

Organic cider vinegar is a very effective natural aftershave to relieve skin irritations. Dilute it in equal parts with water and apply this lotion on the sensitive areas. No more burning sensation after shaving!

Discover our care grams for sensitive skin, anti-redness.

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