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Article: Why use a natural pearly jelly after the sun?

Pourquoi utiliser une gelée nacrée naturelle après le soleil ?

Why use a natural pearly jelly after the sun?

Summer is coming and with it the sun, tanning sessions and heat! If you are a regular reader of the blog, you know that to protect your skin from the sun and its harmful effects, there is nothing better than a good organic sunscreen, with a high protection factor to counter the UV rays. Indeed, although the sun is ideal for synthesizing vitamin D, boosting our creativity and our good mood, it also has small sides that we could do without! Among them, sunburns, its action on free radicals which leads to an acceleration of skin aging or the fact that it dries the skin... In addition to the application of a sun care product, at Kadalys, we also recommend the use of an after-sun product! A moisturizing lotion, a dry oil, a moisturizing milk, or a soothing gel, it's up to you depending on your skin type and its needs.

Pearly after-sun gel, which composition ?

We will not lie, the after sun products are quite numerous on the market! However, there are few refreshing jelly or pearly products with a natural composition. What would you say if we at Kadalys decided to develop this refreshing and pearly product for you this summer? A new addition to our Hydramuse line, the Pearly After-Sun Gelée is made of 99.5% natural ingredients and has an "excellent" score on the Yuka application! Its composition is free of ingredients derived from animals and the final product is not tested on them. In its composition, we find soothing, refreshing, repairing and moisturizing components! Dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin... All skin types can benefit from this natural after-sun care. Among the ingredients, you will find :

  • Our yellow banana bio-active, a regenerating and repairing ingredient developed by us
  • aloe vera leaf extract, a soothing and moisturizing ingredient that relieves sunburn and maintains skin hydration
  • Muscat rose oil, a plant oil that promotes skin healing, reduces pigmentation spots, revitalizes, nourishes and softens

The rest of the product is made up of water, vegetable glycerin (moisturizer), mica (mineral that makes the skin sparkle), preservatives authorized in organic, but also a delicious natural perfume. This perfume will transport you every day on a paradisiacal island thanks to its scents of Tiaré, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Magnolia and Orange blossom. Use every day after a day in the sun and as often as needed!


Dress the skin with subtle shimmering pearls for a glow-up effect

What could be better than a product that makes your skin sparkle in summer? In our Kadalys After Sun Shimmer Jelly Lotion, you will find subtle pieces of shimmering pearls! These pearls are obtained from mica, a mineral with a flaky, crumbly structure and metallic shimmer. It is often found in makeup (powder, polish, eyeshadow), to bring the shimmering side, which is why we chose it for our after sun jelly. Once the jelly is applied on the skin of the body, the mica it contains leaves it a pearly and satiny aspect, as well as brilliant reflections. Enough to shine all night long! While this product is a perfect after-sun treatment for summer, it can also be used year-round as a body cream! However, do note that the jelly is primarily moisturizing but not nourishing, which means it may be a little short on skin needs in winter, for example. But, if what you're looking for is a product that leaves your skin tone glowing, this one is perfect! To apply it, no matter what time of year, make sure you apply it to clean, dry skin and work it in with circular motions. Your skin will be glowing!

Soothe and relieve your skin with aloe vera

Still not sure which jelly to choose for this summer? What if we told you that Kadalys Pearly Jelly is not just a beauty enhancer, but a complete skin care product? In addition to being based on rose hip oil (repairing, anti-pigmentation, nourishing and revitalizing) and banana bio-active (an active ingredient with three patents: anti-aging, depigmenting and soothing), our jelly also contains aloe vera! This natural extract, rich in vitamins A, B and C, minerals and amino acids, is known for its regenerating, moisturizing, softening and protective properties. Moreover, aloe vera is also an ingredient that regulates the skin's pH and tightens pores, so it is recommended for dry skin, but also for oily skin. Whether it's to boost the skin's hydration, protect it from dryness and damage caused by UV rays, soothe an irritation, an itch or a sunburn, aloe vera is the skin's ally in summer! That's why we selected it to complete the composition of our pearly jelly.

Discover our Hydramuse range

After Sun Pearly Jelly joins our Hydramuse line. Already composed of several products, a comforting moisturizing cream, a soothing glow jelly, a thirst-quenching eye mask and a nourishing body lotion, this range is dedicated to long-lasting skin hydration! To ensure this long-lasting hydration and quench dehydrated skin, we have selected custom ingredients:

  • vegetable butters, such as mango and shea butter, which help rehydrate and protect the skin and treat dryness
  • Vegetable oils, such as rose hip, sunflower, avocado, or even jojoba, each of which provides the skin with multiple virtues
  • natural moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera and the red algae complex, which boost the skin's hydration, strengthen its natural defenses and protect it from dehydration
  • our yellow and green banana bio-actives, which in turn purify, balance and soothe the skin

In addition to moisturizing the skin, our Hydramuse products restore comfort, suppleness and strengthen its skin barrier. These organic and natural skin care products are to be used throughout the year to pamper your skin and take care of yourself. 

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