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Article: Which after-sun gel should I use to care for my skin?

Quelle gelée après-soleil utiliser pour soigner sa peau ?

Which after-sun gel should I use to care for my skin?

Are you planning your next vacation in the sun and wondering which after-sun gel to use to care for your skin? We answer your question in the article below! First of all, you should know that skin care is very important throughout the year and especially in summer. In addition to a product to apply after tanning, it is therefore essential to think of adding in your vanity a sun protection, but also a makeup remover and a cleanser for the face and body! The protection is essential to avoid the inconveniences linked to the effect of the sun on the skin of the face (such as sunburns or the acceleration of the cutaneous ageing), the cleansing care is essential to eliminate the perspiration, the sea salt and the residues of cream, and the after-sun care allows to rehydrate the skin, to soothe it and to prolong the tanning. In this new article, you will discover how to moisturize your skin in summer and which gel to use to enjoy a repairing and tan-prolonging treatment!

Why should you choose jelly over other products to care for your skin after a tan


As you know, the "sun" section of supermarkets fills up at an incredible rate as soon as the sun comes out! In this section, you will find sun care products to protect your skin from UV rays, but also tan-extending products, pearlescent creams and moisturizing oils. What you don't find much of, however, are after-sun gels, and that's a shame, because the gel is the ideal product to use to care for the skin in summer! First of all, the gel texture is perfect for summer. Refreshing, it penetrates quickly without leaving a sticky or greasy finish on the skin. A plus when you want to get dressed quickly to go out and enjoy the summer evenings! In addition to that, the jelly adapts to the needs of all the types of skins since it hydrates as well as a moisturizing cream, while remaining light. On oily skin, it moisturizes just right without clogging the pores and on dry skin it provides a feeling of maximum hydration! Jelly is also recommended for skin care after a day of tanning, as it often contains soothing and highly moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe vera or vegetable glycerin.

Kadalys Banana & Aloe Vera After Sun Pearly Jelly

New in our Hydramuse range, our After-Sun Shimmer Jelly Lotion is the product to have with you this summer ! Vegan, composed of 99,5% of natural ingredients, scored "excellent" on Yuka and adapted to all skin types, this gel takes care of you after a day spent sunbathing. In its composition, you will find aloe vera, yellow banana bio-active, but also rose hip oil and subtle pieces of golden pearls! Aloe vera was chosen for its effective action on the skin to soothe a sunburn, as well as for the hydration and freshness it brings. The bio-active yellow banana, developed by us, has regenerating, repairing and unifying virtues. It limits the brown spots caused by the sun, while offering a lifting care to the skin of the body! Rosehip oil was chosen for its nourishing, softening and revitalizing properties. Well-known for its anti-aging properties, it also fights against brown spots and skin aging. Finally, the little golden touches are brought by mica, a mineral with metallic golden reflections for a glow-up effect!

Reasons to choose Kadalys Banana & Aloe Vera Pearly After Sun Gel

Our after-sun gel is a sublimating care, but also a care that protects sensitive, oily, normal and dry skin from dehydration, very common in summer!

For its natural fragrance

To make its use even more sensory, we have developed a delicate perfume especially for the jelly! This fragrance blends exotic scents that will quickly transport you to the islands and prolong your vacation. Tiaré, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Magnolia and Orange blossom blend together to compose summery and sunny notes.

For its pearlescence

As mentioned above, Kadalys' Pearly After-Sun Gel contains mica. Mica is a mineral with a flaky and crumbly structure and satin and golden reflections that sublimate the skin. It is often found in makeup products such as powders, nail polish or eyeshadow! Beyond beautifying the skin, these small pearly notes are perfect because they will bring out your luminous tan. Their little extra? They reflect the sun, so you can have a radiant, tanned complexion, even at the beginning of summer. Your skin will be as glistening as a naiad's!

How to use Kadalys Banana & Aloe Vera After Sun Pearly Jelly

Our pearly jelly will accompany you throughout the summer! As soon as you are exposed to the sun for the first time, you can apply it in the evening to soothe a sunburn, moisturize your skin and fight the drying effects of the sun on the skin. The ideal before applying it, is of course to have gone under the shower beforehand to eliminate dead skin, residues of sun creams, perspiration and impurities from the skin. To promote its action, you can also opt for a gentle scrub in the shower! Scrubbing in summer is a must since it evens out the complexion, refines the skin texture (often thickened by the sun) and prepares the skin to receive a moisturizer.


Get ready for a beautiful summer with our pearly jelly and its light, refreshing texture! Moisturizing, soothing, anti-aging and unifying, it sublimates the skin while strengthening its protective film to prevent dehydration. So, ready to fall for the product of the summer?

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