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Article: How to prepare your legs for summer?

Comment préparer ses jambes pour l’été ?

How to prepare your legs for summer?

If spring has been desired, summer is finally here, and with it the desire to bring out her skirts, shorts, and other dresses. But for that, it is still necessary to restore its legs in order to show yourself in your best light. Exfoliation, waxing, oil-based treatment: here are the three key steps for dreamy legs all summer long.

1. Exfoliate to soften and unify your legs

The essential step in quickly regaining beautiful legs is exfoliation. This eliminates dead cells, stimulates cell renewal, and prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs. Once a week, a leg scrub will therefore smooth the texture of your skin, which will be much softer to the touch and reflect light better.

To do this, you can buy yourself a specific product, such as a formula that combines micro-grains for mechanical exfoliation with fruit acids for chemical exfoliation, in order to obtain legs that are twice as soft.

Otherwise, you can easily make an express homemade scrub recipe. You just need to mix powdered sugar with your usual shower gel. Count one tablespoon of sugar for two tablespoons of the washing formula, to use immediately so that the grains do not have time to dissolve. It's up to you to massage in gentle circular movements: it is better to be regular rather than attacking your skin with too much pressure.

2. Waxing for smoother, longer legs

In addition to a weekly leg scrub, you can add hair removal to your routine. If you have left your hairs fallow all winter, perhaps you can resume removing them with a salon treatment in order to get off to a good start. It will then be easier for you to maintain your leg waxing at home every 2 to 4 weeks depending on your growth rate with strips of cold wax or an electric epilator, for example. In addition, we do not recommend shaving because of the risk of cuts, unpleasant regrowth, and the regularity of the necessary maintenance. To prevent ingrown hairs while protecting your skin, it is better to scrub the day before waxing rather than the same day.

3. A care oil for satin-finished and sublimated legs

Whether after exfoliation, waxing, but also on a daily basis, hydrating your legs well helps make them softer and more beautiful. To enhance them even more, you can also opt for a dry oil: this will nourish and soften your skin, but also leave a slight satin appearance that blurs imperfections.

Kadalys Organic Precious Nutritive Oil is perfect as a daily care because it combines green banana oil with other vegetable oils of green tea, avocado and jojoba rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 for a skin resplendent with health. Quickly absorbed, it allows you to get dressed immediately after application without fear of staining your clothes. You can therefore use it as a treatment after a shower on the whole body, especially after waxing or exfoliation to rehydrate and nourish your skin as well as possible.

Those who would like to shine even more can turn to Sublime Precious Oil. In addition to an ultra-nutritious cocktail of precious oils, this treatment also contains subtle golden pearls with copper highlights to illuminate the skin. In a single gesture, you will therefore nourish, satin and illuminate your legs to enhance them as much as possible. Finally, who says summer, also says sun, or even beach holidays. In this case, know that exfoliation does not affect your tan in any way, on the contrary: it will make your tan more lasting since it will have settled on the healthiest possible skin. And to prolong and enhance your tan, you can count on Kadalys Precious Oil Radiance BIO. It is ideal as a post-sun exposure treatment because it strengthens the skin's natural defenses thanks to yellow banana extracts with regenerating properties. The soothing and repairing oils of pomegranate and macadamia are also invited to soothe and repair the skin. Roucou and buriti are also used to prolong the tan of your golden legs.

As you will have understood, it is up to you to have beautiful legs this summer thanks to these three essential steps: the exfoliation to stimulate skin renewal, hair removal to soften it, and oil to hydrate, nourish and sublimate it!

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