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Article: How to take care of your skin after the sun?

Comment prendre soin de sa peau après le soleil  ? - KADALYS

How to take care of your skin after the sun?

That's it, it's back to school! The holidays are already a distant memory ... We can't wait to plan our next getaway. The only vestige of the holidays: a well-tanned skin that we would like to keep and all without imperfections, of course.

It is possible that we can still enjoy the rays of the sun with the Indian summer, but it is out of the question to display a pale complexion. You've gone in the sun, and it should show at first glance.

Here are our 6 tips to prolong your golden tan:

1 - prevent peeling skin

To make the tan last, you must avoid flaking. The skin flakes when it is lacking water or when it has been burned by a sunburn. The best answer to peeling skin, then, is hydration! To avoid crocodile skin and lose your tan faster than expected, use and overdo aloe vera gel. It’s a great after-sun. Indeed, this pretty cactus contains 99% water, many vitamins and is very rich in minerals and amino acids. Directly extracted from the plant, aloe vera gel will rehydrate thirsty skin and relieve burns. It activates cell regeneration and has a strong healing power. Exactly the Soothing Radiance Jelly contains! A real shot of hydration also thanks to the bio-active of Green Banana and hyaluronic acid, it will protect the skin from UV damage.

We cannot recommend too much that you hydrate from the inside out by drinking more than usual and consuming foods rich in water such as cucumber, watermelon, star fruit or by preparing yourself delicious salads.

2 - Use an organic scrub

Do you know the secret to keeping your golden tan for longer? It's about the scrub. And no, this beauty gesture does not erase the tan, far from it! A well-exfoliated skin allows you to maintain your tan for longer.

Kadalys scrub

It is a must-have ritual for removing dead cells and rejuvenating skin by smoothing out irregularities in the skin and reducing scars through cell regeneration. The grain scrub is suitable for all skin types, it requires a more or less intense massage depending on the areas of the body two to three times a week. The results of this "mechanical" exfoliation can be seen as soon as you rinse. The grains of the organic scrub can be of mineral or vegetable origin. You can simply use cane sugar and enrich it by adding Radiance Precious Oil to the Bioactive Yellow Banana. If you have access to a coffee machine, collect the residue that remains in the filter or at the bottom of the coffee maker, this is the coffee grounds. It turns out to be an excellent “anti-waste” exfoliation. You can mix it with your shower gel. Coffee grounds are a concentrate of antioxidants and minerals. The caffeine it contains activates the blood microcirculation and has a lipolytic action, that is, it destroys fat cells. Get toned, cellulite-free skin!

3 - Practice lymphatic brushing

Another technique for "glowy" skin: lymphatic brushing. Dry brushing the skin is a wonderful technique for cleansing the skin, removing toxins, and stimulating the lymph. In fact, the skin is an organ of waste elimination or emunctory in the same way as the liver, intestines, kidneys and lungs. Just get a vegetable fiber brush and make circular movements on dry skin, towards your heart, towards the lymph nodes, which are the exits of your body. They are located behind the calves in the groin, armpits and in the neck. Practiced daily your skin will be more beautiful, incredibly soft. The toxins are better evacuated, and in fact stimulates the immune system. This technique improves acne. The icing on the cake, dry brushing is a formidable anti-cellulite, your skin will undeniably be firmer and smoother.

4 - Nourish the skin well

Once the skin is well brushed and / or exfoliated, it should be nourished with oils or butters rich in antioxidants. Organic Radiance Precious Oil is ideal after sun exposure to prolong your tan. It is composed of the Bio-active Yellow Banana with regenerating properties and pomegranate and Macadamia oils which are soothing and restorative. Roucou and Buriti oils are highly concentrated in carotenoids, which helps keep a tanned complexion longer.

5 - Boost your beauty capital

With the change of season approaching, back to school is the ideal time to start a course of dietary supplements. We have already mentioned the virtues of urucum in external use above, it can also be treated internally by consuming it in powder or capsules. A hundred times richer in beta a-carotene than carrot, it fights against free radicals responsible for skin aging. It is also a source of trace elements including zinc, magnesium, calcium, copper and selenium. Zinc is an anti-acne ally, magnesium helps fight fatigue, has anti-stress properties and contributes to the proper functioning of the female reproductive system. Urucum prolongs the tan and gives a "healthy glow" effect. Spirulina is also very rich in beta-carotenes and in addition to prolonging the tan, its richness in proteins stimulates the growth of nail hair and helps maintain beautiful skin.
6 - Avoid the "rebound effect" when you return from vacation
With the sun, the skin dries up and thickens and you often have flawless skin. Unfortunately, when the skin regains its initial texture, the sebaceous glands panic and the epidermis is expressed by producing even more sebum, we end up with more pimples than at the start of the holidays, it is "the" rebound effect ”. To avoid this, we recommend that you use products formulated with fruit acids, commonly known as AHAs. AHAs come from sugar cane, maple sap or even blueberries. These are enzymes that will dissolve the proteins of dead skin by separating them from the epidermis. They penetrate the skin deeply and act on the very structure of the epidermis. They have an anti-aging effect and a real action on imperfections such as pigment spots, acne scars and they revive dull skin. It is best to use them only in the evening, as AHAs can temporarily sensitize the skin. This is the gold standard for skin lacking radiance!

In the evening, after the facial cleansing ritual, you can apply the organic Exfoliating Peel. Formulated with lactic acid and fruit acids, it will gently exfoliate the skin and reveal glowy skin. On application, you may feel a warming sensation, but don't worry, this is normal, it means the product is working. You just need to decrease the dosage for the most sensitive skin types and allow the skin time to get used to the AHAs.

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