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Article: How to moisturize your skin after the sun?

Comment hydrater sa peau après le soleil ? - KADALYS

How to moisturize your skin after the sun?

Summer days are coming and with them, long exposures to the sun! Whether it's at the beach, the pool or in your garden, you're going to take advantage of the warmth of the sun's rays to get a tanned complexion before the end of the summer and you're right. But be careful, the sun doesn't just increase melanin production and make your skin more matte! In fact, it also acts on the free radicals that cause oxidative stress in the skin, which in turn causes skin aging. Not to mention sunburns, which are real skin burns that can have long-term consequences. To limit the harmful effects of sun exposure and keep your skin healthy, it is therefore important to use sun protection during exposure, but also an after-sun care. In this new article, we explain how to moisturize your skin after the sun by guiding you through a natural beauty routine adaptable to all skin types.

Why an after-sun treatment


Each exposure to the sun is a real ordeal for the skin! And yes, let's not forget that tanning is primarily a defense mechanism of the skin surface. The more the skin is exposed to the sun, the more it thickens to better protect itself. Be careful, this does not mean that sun protection can be abandoned after one week of exposure! A sunburn can occur on matte skin even if it is thicker. To help your skin stay hydrated and healthy, you need to pamper it! To do this, we rely on high index sun creams, but also on a perfect after-sun routine. The first step to take after sun exposure is to rinse with water and a gentle cleanser to remove salt, sand, chlorine, perspiration and sun products. For the face, turn to organic makeup removers, cleansers and lotions formulated with naturally derived ingredients. Second step: use a moisturizer to hydrate, refresh and soothe potential burning sensations. Third and last step: start exfoliating 1 month after sun exposure to avoid acne rebound, dead skin build-up and peeling skin.

What are the benefits of after-sun care?

Skin care after the sun is essential for several reasons:

  • it eliminates impurities from the skin thanks to the rinse and shower gel step
  • it moisturizes the skin with creams or oils adapted to sun exposure
  • it protects the skin from dehydration
  • it soothes burning and tightness due to long exposure
  • it prolongs the tanning and sublimates the skin

To be effective and offer its many benefits to the skin, after-sun care must be chosen for the ingredients it contains. We obviously aim for organic after-sun care products that contain moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerin or aloe vera, and nourishing and repairing ingredients such as shea butter, vegetable oils and essential oils. The more natural ingredients you use in your after-sun care, the more vitamins it contains and the better your skin will feel!


What moisturizer to use

For the body, choose your after-sun moisturizer based on the expected finish. If you want luminous, satiny skin, go for skin care oils. On the other hand, if your skin tends to be dry, you may need an after-sun moisturizer for the body. In both cases, after-sun care helps the skin recover and prepare for another sun exposure! For the face, you can also choose your after-sun moisturizer based on the expected finish and textures you prefer! It's not uncommon in the summer to want something lighter to moisturize and sublimate the skin. In this case, dry finish skincare oils are perfect for moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

How to choose your moisturizing product

The moisturizing product used in summer should be chosen according to the type of skin and its needs. For an effective care, also favor organic and natural care. Made with ingredients from nature, these care products are more compatible with the skin structure and work wonders on all skin types! If your skin is oily, be satisfied with a moisturizing, mattifying and light care. On the other hand, if your skin is dry, continue to moisturize it well with rich care products (the sun tends to dry out the skin!). Finally, to boost your skin's hydration, why not try a moisturizing mask? With it, the skin is rehydrated in just a few minutes!

For a summer without sunburn and crocodile skin, remember to protect yourself with sunscreen and moisturize with sun care!

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