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Article: How to avoid small pimples after shaving your bikini line?

Comment éviter les petits boutons après le rasage du maillot ?

How to avoid small pimples after shaving your bikini line?

Regardless of the type of hair removal you perform on your bikini area (razor, epilator, wax, depilatory cream or even laser), post-hair removal skin is often irritated, sensitive and damaged. This is explained by the simple fact that certain hair removal instruments, especially razors and epilators, tend to dry out the skin .

In addition, hair removal remains an attack on the skin since you literally tear the hairs out at their roots!

To avoid red spots and small post-shaving or post-hair removal pimples , you should implement a beauty routine that will soothe the skin and hydrate it.

Please note that to avoid after-shave inconveniences, you can also implement a few simple actions before hair removal! Follow the leader.

Adopt a good shaving routine

What is a good shaving routine ? Simply a routine made up of good care and good gestures !

The idea is to take care of your skin on a daily basis. That means cleaning it, of course, but also hydrating it! Hydrated skin is in fact skin that is less sensitive and better able to withstand attacks, such as hair removal.

Then, once or twice a week, depending on your skin type, you should exfoliate. Scrubs are perfect for deeply cleansing the skin, but also for preparing it for hair removal by refining the skin's texture! This is also why we recommend exfoliating the area to be waxed the day before so that the hairs pierce the skin more easily.

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Perform the correct actions when shaving your bikini line

On the big day, before shaving or waxing your bikini line, remember to clean your skin. Indeed, the bikini area being a humid and warm area, it is conducive to the development of bacteria. However, when there is a cut or hair pulled out, the skin is exposed and bacteria can penetrate it. It is at these times that we observe inflammation or the formation of small pimples!

To continue in this direction, make sure to always shave or wax your bikini line with clean instruments in good condition. The razor covered in rust or full of hairs, we forget!

If you are a razor fan, consider using a product that will make it easier to pass the blade. A mousse, a gel, an oil… it doesn’t matter! If you use a depilatory cream or wax, prefer organic and natural cosmetic products whose ingredients are less aggressive for the skin.

Finally, during your bikini waxing session, use gentle movements! There's no point in wanting to go too quickly at the risk of going over the same place several times, cutting yourself and damaging your skin more than necessary.

Choosing the right after-shave bikini line care products

Once you've finished shaving, it's time to apply after-shave treatment to your bikini line . A cream, a lotion, a vegetable oil or even a butter, the idea is to use a treatment that will both hydrate and soothe the skin.

For after-shave bikini line care, you can definitely go for our beauty products for sensitive skin and redness . These organic, 100% natural and vegan products are perfect for taking care of your skin after hair removal! To use without moderation !

In the days following hair removal, avoid using scrubs or products containing alcohol. Stick to a hydrating and soothing daily routine with our Kadalys treatments.

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