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Article: 3 tips for taking care of your hair this summer

3 conseils pour prendre soin de vos cheveux cet été - KADALYS

3 tips for taking care of your hair this summer

Summer, the hair is weakened by the sun, the pool, sand and seawater. Nourishing, protective and efficient, capillary oils repair damaged fibers with an effect throughout the day.

Remember to protect your hair from the sun

Like the skin, the hair fear the sun. They become rough and lose their brilliance. To protect them, vegetable oils are the essential remedy. Barrier effect against moisture, protector of keratin, they support the capillary fiber in depth. The precious yellow banana radiance oil from Kadalys is equipped with a natural UV filter from macadamia oil. It also contains Roucou oil and Buriti oil that protect the coloring and prevent hair dehydration. Not to mention our flagship ingredient The yellow banana rich in omega 3-6 and in phytosterols ideal to protect and repair the hair.

Kadalys Banana Oils accompanies you all the summer for more brilliance and vitality!

Summer, nourish your hair

To eliminate salt and sand from hair, start by applying a little vegetable oil on the spikes on dry hair before making your shampoo. The oil applied before shampoo will protect the fiber from the hair. If you have dry or thick hair, we recommend that you apply one of our KADALYS precious oils to the banana also at the end of the shampoo on wet hair to feed and smooth the spikes.

Indispensable summer, it acts as a nourishing and repaired care. Those whose virtues are most effective are vegetable oils rich in fatty acids and omega. The precious oil radiance based on Macadamia and Granada is a renowned dry oil for its nutrient and moisturizing properties.

For normal and dry hair, apply on dry spikes. They will find their brilliance. For fine hair prefer a nutritional oil to apply before a shampoo, on a wet hair.

In the evening, sublime your hair with our precious oils

After a day spent in the sun and before going to bed, apply an oil on the tips allows you to repair and coat them with a pleasant perfume. Nutritional precious oil with green banana is intensely nourishing, a mixture of five oils with moisturizing and softening virtues. His scent hesperid is fresh and haunting. When waking up, your hair will be soft, bright and hydrated in depth.

For your evening, it exists in steady version, your hair will shine thanks to the golden pearls and cops it contains.

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