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How to take care of your hair this summer?

During the summer, hair can be strained by the sun, sand, seawater or chlorine in swimming pools, which weakens it. Fortunately, you can protect and repair them thanks in particular to hair oils.

1 - Anticipate the holidays with a reinforced routine

Even before you go on vacation, you can anticipate the damage by working extra hard on your hair routine. Shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and oil baths will allow you to leave with the least damaged hair possible. In addition, you can start a course of dietary supplements to strengthen the hair fiber from the inside, the month before your departure. Rich in amino acids, trace elements and selenium, brewer's yeast is perfect for strengthening hair but also nails for summer.

If you already have very damaged hair, even before you leave, it is in your interest to cut your ends to prevent the forks from coming up and therefore having to cut too much at the start of the school year.

2 - Protect your scalp with a hat

Like the rest of the skin, the scalp is attacked by the sun, which dries it out. In high doses, UV unbalances the pH to the point of causing dandruff. Hair can quickly suffocate, thin out, and fall out more easily. To combat this phenomenon, consider wearing a hat in case of prolonged exposure.

Kept in the shade, your hair cuticles will also be protected. These scales on the surface of the hair tend to stand up and open under the effect of the sun and heat, and therefore let in more UV. The hair becomes dehydrated and becomes brittle.

3- Nourish your hair before and after swimming with a care oil

If seaside necessarily rhymes with sunscreen, we think less often of protecting our hair from the harmful effects of the sun. The latter can make them rough, dull, and brittle, especially if they are colored or highlighted. To avoid coming back from vacation with straw on your head, you can bet on organic vegetable oils. These will nourish the hair fiber, and coat it to protect against humidity.

The Precious Radiance Oil with Bioactive Yellow Banana has a natural UV filter from macadamia oil. It also contains annatto oil and buriti oil which protect hair color and prevent dehydration of the hair. The Bio-active yellow banana, rich in omega 3-6 and phytosterols, provides protection, repair and shine to the most damaged hair.

Even before exposing yourself to the sun, the sea or the swimming pool, you can apply oil to your ends to nourish and coat the hair fiber, which will then absorb much less chlorinated or salted water.

After swimming, rinse your hair as quickly as possible with clean water to get rid of any salt or chlorine. If you have normal or fine hair, you can then apply Organic Precious Nutritive Oil to the ends as a pre-shampoo treatment.

If you have dry and / or thick hair, you can apply Radiance Precious Oil after shampooing. In both cases, the oil will help nourish and repair the fiber, and thus prevent the appearance of split ends. In addition, their sweet citrus scent envelops you in a fresh and bewitching scent that smells like summer.

To enhance your hair on the beach or in the evening, Kadalys treatment oils are also available in a subtly glittery version. The Precious Sublime Oil contains subtle golden pearls with copper highlights for even more radiant naïve hair!

4 - Preserve its coloring

If you have colored hair, it's best to talk to your colorist before you go. He can then anticipate the effects of the sun by slightly adapting your coloring. Once on vacation, a repigmenting treatment with natural ingredients will be your best ally. In addition to preventing your color from fading or bleeding, it will give it a welcome boost until your next hairstylist appointment.

If you are naturally blonde, you may have found that your hair can turn red or green. Against this, a repigmenting treatment is also a solution.

As an added bonus, you can also add an effervescent aspirin tablet, the juice of half a lemon, or apple cider vinegar to your rinse water to best preserve your color.

5 - Protect your hair

If you can avoid shampooing your hair every day (although rinsing with clean water is essential when dipping in chlorine or salt), it will keep it healthy. Also, remember to brush them more regularly to gradually remove any residue that may lodge there. Wait until they are dry before brushing so as not to break them. Choose to go Dry in the open air rather than with a hairdryer to save your hair as much as possible. Your hair deserves a vacation too!

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