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Article: 5 received ideas about the banana, we tell you everything!

5 idées reçues sur la banane, on vous dit tout ! - KADALYS

5 received ideas about the banana, we tell you everything!

Ah, received ideas... We can say that no matter what the subject is, they have a hard skin! Sometimes true, sometimes false, they are often passed on from generation to generation without knowing why. It's true, who said that adding oil to boiling water to cook pasta would help it not to stick? In short, received ideas are either believed or not! So, today we wanted to take a look at the many preconceived ideas about bananas. We reveal you the true of the false and give you some ideas to use the flesh and the skin of banana!

Received idea number one 1: bananas are not digestible!

Just as the banana is not a fruit that makes you fat, it is not a fruit that is not digestible either! It is often believed that the banana is indigestible because it tends to fill the belly in case of small hunger. A feeling of bloating can therefore appear after eating one. Rest assured, this is not the reason why it is not digestible. It is even considered to be as easily digestible as zucchini! The banana is the ideal fruit for good health: its high fiber content allows the absorption of calcium and rebalances the intestinal flora. One banana a day as part of a varied and balanced diet and you're in great health!

Received idea number 2: The banana is the fruit of athlete!

With its low calorie content (on average 89 calories for 100 g of banana), the green or yellow banana is an excellent fruit for the most athletic among us. Whether for breakfast before a sports session or for a healthy snack after a good workout, it gives you or restores the energy you need! Before the effort it is advised to eat a green banana while after the effort, a ripe banana is welcome. Rich in natural sugars and low in fat, remember to slip a banana into your gym bag to fill up on good nutrients.

Received idea number 3: Banana peels are useless!

This is another good idea, since banana peels can be used for a thousand and one things. If the banana is a key ingredient in your diet, think of keeping the peels to shine your shoes for example! You can also use them to make fertilizer, to relieve skin irritations, to whiten your teeth, to treat your pimples or to put in your smoothies.

Received idea number 4: Bananas are not a beauty ingredient!

The banana is one of the foods used in the kitchen and the bathroom! In beauty, the banana can be used to make antioxidant face masks. Its composition is rich in vitamins A, B and E which makes it ideal to fight against skin aging and the appearance of the first wrinkles. The banana can also be used in purifying, exfoliating and revitalizing masks, it is highly recommended for dull and acne-prone skin. Bananas can also be used in hair care products! For example, you can cut a few slices of banana and put them in your shampoo or make an oil treatment with banana peels. Moisturizing, soothing and nourishing, it will also strengthen your hair!

Received idea number 5: Bananas are very sweet!

Well, no! Bananas are not sweeter than other fruits. On the other hand, some varieties have a higher carbohydrate content than others, such as red bananas. In fact, red bananas are considered a superfood! It is rich in potassium, vitamins, especially vitamin C, and beta-carotene. It can be eaten sweet, do not be surprised when it is ripe its flesh has a pink color, and salty! Last irrefutable proof that the banana is not a sweet fruit: it is recommended as a snack for diabetics! Its glycemic index is between 35 and 70 (for cooked plantains). To debunk a final misconception about bananas: no, they are not sweeter when they are very ripe! The taste seems sweeter (because the starch gives way to simple sugars like fructose and glucose) but the glycemic index remains the same whether the banana is green or spotted!

The banana: a fruit good for your health and your skin!

The banana is really the ideal fruit to add to your diet and your beauty routine. Its composition, rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and potassium, makes it a great asset. Whether you need a little boost during the day or a moisturizing face and hair treatment, always have a banana on hand! To find out more about its many benefits, read our articles on the benefits of bananas right here!

And to enjoy the taste of banana without getting bored, we leave you with our banana recipe ideas. Enjoy and don't forget to keep the peels to use them!

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