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Article: How to enjoy Black Friday in an eco-responsible way?

Comment profiter du Black Friday de manière éco-responsable ?

How to enjoy Black Friday in an eco-responsible way?

The famous Black Friday, coming from the United States, is a long-awaited day to get good deals. Very often criticized for its impact on the environment, this event can also be in line with ecological awareness. Discover our advice for combining shopping, pleasure and eco-responsibility!


  1. The impact of Black Friday
  2. Tip #1: Ask yourself the right questions to avoid impulsive purchases
  3. Tip #2: Turn to brands that respect sustainable development

I) The impact of Black Friday

Black Friday is shoppers' favorite day of the year... but at what cost to our planet? Indeed, this day has a colossal ecological cost due to overproduction for the occasion, waste generated by these often superfluous purchases and excessive delivery flow. Black Friday is one of the representations of overconsumption. However, this is not inevitable because it is possible to make shopping as green as it is smart.

Consumers therefore have the power to make change through positive choices. Follow our guide to indulge yourself while preserving our beautiful planet.

II) Tip #1: ask yourself the right questions to avoid impulsive purchases

Anticipation is the key to not succumbing to tempting promotions. The month before Black Friday, we recommend that you make a list of products that you want to buy. Then, a few days before Black Friday, go back to this list and ask yourself if you really need each item. For this, you can use the BISOU method. Ask yourself these 5 questions for each product.

Need (Besoin) : What need does this purchase meet?

Immediate : Can I wait a few days before deciding?

Similar : Do I already have an item that serves this purpose?

Origin : What is the origin of this product?

Useful : Will this object bring me essential comfort?

The idea is not to buy anything but to be sure that it meets a real need. When your list is finalized, keep it in mind during Black Friday so as not to give in to promotions and make unnecessary purchases.

III) Tip #2: Turn to brands that respect sustainable development

Black Friday can also be an opportunity to commit to ethical commerce by turning to local and committed businesses.

Look for sustainable brands that are committed to respecting the planet. This is the case for Kadalys!

From upcycling “ugly and single” bananas abandoned by the food industry to our recycled and recyclable packaging, we do everything we can to minimize our impact. As a result, our formulas and ingredients are mainly certified organic and of natural origin. They are obtained by eco-extraction according to the principles of green chemistry.

In addition, to encourage inclusive capitalism, 100% of Martinique's banana producers are shareholders of the company, so the profits generated are fairly redistributed and all stakeholders involved are recognized for their contribution.

To discover Kadalys products, here is our selection to allow you to treat yourself while doing good for the planet! 🌍💚

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