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Throughout the year, the hair is put to the test: heat, cold, hairdryer, straightening, coloring, shampoo that is a little too stripping, ... These various factors end up damaging the hair fiber. We then end up with dry and dull hair, difficult to comb. Several solutions are available to us to remedy this: cut your lengths, wear repetitive masks, limit the use of heating devices or even use oil baths. We now offer you a zoom on organic and natural oils to take care of your hair! The oils can be used as a bath, as a care oil on damp or dry hair, with no-rinse sub. Nourishing your hair with vegetable oils provides them with essential fatty acids which will hydrate them in depth. Castor oil, jojoba, argan oil or even banana oil, there are several!

Why would you use an organic hair oil?

A mass market oil, not certified organic, will not have the same characteristics as an organic oil. Apart from the difference in the quality of the raw materials, the active ingredients, and therefore moisturizers, will most of the time be found at the end of the INCI list. This means that they will be present in small amounts in the final product. The ingredients at the top of this list are often sulfates, parabens or mineral oils. None of this provides hydration! Also know that these are the same ingredients that can weaken your scalp and your hair. Far too aggressive, they will tend to irritate you and dry out your skin and hair.

Kadalys care oils are formulated with 100% natural ingredients. Each oil strengthens and softens the hair. These are real restorative treatments. You can find yellow banana and green banana oil (at the heart of the Organic-active Banana Complexes patented by Kadalys) sunflower oil, olive oil, jojoba oil or even 'lawyer !

No more mixing different oils to create your own hair care, we have made the choice to make your life easier! All the nutritious ingredients are present in one and the same product. Convenient to take on vacation to take care of your hair in summer, or simply by choosing minimalism in your bathroom. Plus, our organic hair care oils have smells to die for! Guaranteed fun.

Which oil for dry and damaged hair?

Our two oils cover the needs of all hair types. For normal hair with dry hair, we recommend radiance precious oil with yellow banana. Also perfect for dull hair, this restorative oil will strengthen and bring shine to your split hair.

For oily hair and fine hair, we advise you to try our nutritious precious oil with green banana.

Our oils can be used any time of the day or night as an oil bath or hair serum. If you are doing an oil bath, you can add castor oil to it for hair growth! Also, don't hesitate to put oil on your scalp if you're prone to dandruff. Castor is very useful in reducing them.

How do I apply the oil to my hair?

Nothing complicated to apply an oil on your hair! If you want to use an oil bath, take one of the two Kadalys oils. You can add argan oil to it for even more hydration. Leave this oil bath for 30 minutes to 1 hour before washing your hair. If you have a little time, don't hesitate to massage your scalp for a few minutes, nothing better to stimulate hair growth! Note that for optimal hydration, it is advisable to leave the oils on for several hours. You can very well apply them in the evening before going to bed, for example, or at the beginning of the afternoon.

One of the other possible functions of oils is the use as a serum. Using an oil serum moisturizes your hair in the morning for the day or after using a heating device. It is a leave-in treatment. You just have to scoop some oil and apply it to your lengths, it's very easy! We already told you about it in our tips for maintaining your hair this summer.

Kadalys Organic Hair Oil whithout rinsing

Kadalys vegetable oils are formulated with ingredients from organic farming. They have been designed to bring shine and suppleness to your hair, whether you use them in an oil bath or as a serum! Their heavenly smell will give you a feeling of travel as soon as the product is opened and will accompany you throughout the day.

For each oil, we have extracted the best from the fruit in order to offer you quality organic vegetable oils. Your hair will come out sublime! Also note that for even more commitment, our oils are vegan and certified by various committed labels recognized for their quality.

To bring shine and vitality to your hair, we recommend our precious organic yellow banana radiance oil. Ideal for gray winter days as well as for beach trips! In fact, the annatto oil present in this precious oil protects the skin and hair from UV rays. You can apply it before going for a swim or before your tanning session. Buriti oil stimulates and prepares your skin for sun exposure and also helps to prolong its hasty complexion. The precious radiance oil also contains musk rose oil (or hip seed oil) and you are not unaware of the miracles that this last one does on the hair.

Our nutritious precious oil with green banana also repairs hair damaged by the sun, our heating devices, to be applied before and after exposure to heat! We formulated it with green tea, which gives hair tone, and avocado vegetable oil, which hydrates and nourishes.

All you have to do is choose the Kadalys oil that best suits your needs based on its properties. In any case, we promise you a pleasure of use and beautiful hair!