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The Banana Tree at the Heart of Cell Regeneration

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The skin of the face is put to a severe test every day. Between external aggressions (pollution, sun, cold, make-up), internal aggressions (poor diet, stress, low water intake) and beauty products not necessarily adapted to the skin type, it can have trouble keeping up! As a result, the skin barrier is affected, more permeable, and the skin can be more prone to various little problems such as a dull complexion, thick and rough skin, dry skin or excess sebum. To remedy this and regain a radiant skin and a soothed complexion, simply use skin care products that boost the skin's radiance and moisturise it deeply.

Which organic products to boost the radiance of your skin and your face?

In addition to setting up a good facial routine (daily make-up removal and skin cleansing), it is possible to add radiance-boosting skin care to your routine. Depending on the type of skin, the skin care products to use will not be exactly the same. For example, oily skin will prefer a fluid or mask rather than an oil, while dry skin will be filled with the texture of an oil! What is certain is that the ingredients chosen for radiance boosting products are very important. They must indeed meet the needs of dull skin, i.e. accelerate cell renewal, deeply moisturise the skin, refine the skin texture and even out the complexion (reduce pigmentation spots)! What better way to do this than with vegetable oils, essential oils and fruit extracts?

Our night mask for hydrated, luminous and plump skin

Healthy, glowing skin is above all hydrated skin! To keep the skin hydrated, it is of course necessary to moisturise it with a cream, but also to drink water, on average 1.5 L / day. To boost skin hydration, it is also recommended to opt for hydrating and regenerating night masks. Our Night Radiant Mask is the ideal product to boost hydration, radiance and even skin tone overnight. Made with bio-active red banana (antioxidant, healing, regenerating), ginger root extract (unifying and smoothing) and rice oil (radiance booster), this mask helps you get a new skin tone in just one night! When you wake up, your skin is decongested, moisturised, smoothed and more radiant than ever.

Our glow booster serum to revive your skin's natural glow

Looking for a product to use morning and night to boost your skin's radiance? Our Radiance Booster Serum is for you! Suitable for all skin types, and particularly for skin lacking radiance and prone to pigmentary irregularities, this serum moisturises, evens out the complexion and gives an instant healthy glow. What's more? It neutralises the harmful effects of free radicals and boosts the skin's defence mechanisms. Result: a revived, smoothed and healthy skin tone.

Natural products to restore radiance to different skin types

All products in our Musalight Kadalys range are suitable for all skin types. Their composition and natural ingredients adapt to different skin types and provide what they need. So whether your skin is normal, oily or dry, our mask and serum can be part of your skincare routine without worry! Your skin will be healthy and glowing!

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