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Every day, the skin of our face is subjected to various aggressions such as the sun, the cold, make-up and pollution. If no beauty routine is put in place, these external aggressions can end up influencing the skin's condition. Why do you think this is so? Simply because by dint of being attacked and not taken care of, the skin's protective barrier, also called the hydrolipidic film, loses its effectiveness and becomes permeable. In fact, it is this film on the skin's surface that ensures its good health! If it is altered, the skin is exposed to external aggressions and is more prone to problems such as dry skin, small pimples or a dull complexion. Since these external aggressions are not only formidable for one type of skin, but for all types of skin, it is very important to take care of it every day! For that, what better than organic cleansers and makeup removers?

Why adopt a routine to properly cleanse your skin

A good beauty routine, composed of a make-up removal and cleansing step, is essential to have a healthy skin! Indeed, removing make-up and cleansing the skin of the face every day is essential to rid it of impurities and excess sebum accumulated during the day, but also to eliminate all traces of make-up and pollution. The make-up removal step, with a micellar water, an oil or a cleansing milk, allows to dissolve the residues of make-up, pollution and excess of sebum. As for the cleansing step, with a cleansing foam, a soap or a cleansing gel, they allow to definitively rid the skin of dirt and impurities and to find a soft skin at the end of the day! Of course, for this beauty routine to be effective, it must be composed of products adapted to the type of skin and be done every day.

What organic product to use for an effective face routine?

Using organic cleansing products for your skin care routine is the best choice you can make for your skin! Cleansing oil, tonic lotion, foam or cleansing milk, which products should you choose for your face routine?

Melting oil to remove the most stubborn makeup

Our Melting Makeup Remover Oil is a makeup remover, but also a skin care product! Suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin and sensitive eyes, our melting makeup remover oil removes the most stubborn makeup (even waterproof) and leaves the skin nourished and moisturized thanks to avocado and rose hip oils and Kadalys yellow banana bio-active. This oil-textured treatment then transforms into a milky emulsion that gently cleanses the skin and leaves it more luminous than ever!

The organic cleansing gel or mask

The Face Cleansing Gel is a product formulated without soap, which respects the pH of all skin types. Its melting texture effectively cleanses the epidermis and restores its radiance, without dehydrating or attacking it! Once or twice a week, you can opt for the Purifying Mask, a cleansing, sebum-regulating and balancing skin care product. Intended for normal to dry skin, it can also be used on combination to oily skin.

The toner for a clean, crisp effect

Why not finish your cleansing routine with a lotion? Our Clarifying Toner is the perfect way to complete your cleansing routine. Thanks to the lemon water it contains, it purifies, cleanses and brightens the skin, resulting in a luminous and even complexion all year round! Suitable for all skin types, our clarifying toner is easy to incorporate into any beauty routine, morning and night.