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The travel kit: practical and indispensable!

The travel kit will quickly become an essential for all your travels! Whether they are mini versions or product samples, the small formats allow you to leave for a few days without overloading your travel bag. Their composition and benefits are exactly the same as those of the products in sales format. The same goes for their use. The only difference may be the shelf life: once opened, the samples cannot be resealed, so they should be used more quickly in the days following their opening. On the other hand, the mini formats have a shelf life as long as the sales formats. They allow us to test products to see if we like them or not before buying the large size formats.

Where to find beauty products in small size?

You can find hygiene products in mini format on some of your favorite websites, like Kadalys! So, when you place an order, if you want to add samples to test products you've been eyeing for a while, you can select up to three samples when you add them to your cart. The mini beauty products are also available in physical stores, as part of a beauty box creation for example. You can also ask for samples at the checkout. In some stores, you can also find small ready-made kits with body care products, creams for a face routine or hair care products. There are also ready-made travel kits available for purchase for all skin and hair types.

The composition of the essential hygiene kits from Kadalys

Our hygiene kits offer you all our essentials in travel size so that you can use your favorite products all the time!

  • The Yellow Banana Discovery Kit, offers you a complete routine! An organic make-up remover oil, an organic purifying mask, a comforting organic face cream and a precious organic yellow banana oil to moisturize your skin and hair!
  • Our Hydramuse & Essentials Discovery Kit allows you to carry all the Kadalys basics! The soothing organic radiance jelly, the comforting organic cream, the melting organic make-up remover oil, the purifying organic mask and the exfoliating organic peeling!

All our travel sizes are as sensory as our retail sizes and perfect for a weekend or to discover the Kadalys skincare range!

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