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The skin around the eyes tends to be thinner and therefore more fragile than the rest of the face. It is an area that is very solicited during the day (screens, reading, sun, ...) and is unfortunately poorer in collagen and elastin. This is why the first wrinkles often appear around the eyes! Dark circles and puffiness are also frequent hazards of this area because the blood circulation is poor. To avoid having the eye contour area marked by fine lines, dark circles or puffiness, you can put a targeted routine in place. As always, think hydration, protection and massage! The application of an eye contour care product should be a moment of relaxation and well-being morning and night. As for massage, it activates blood circulation and smoothes the skin!

Why would you use an eye contour?

An eye care product will reduce the appearance of puffiness, moisturize this area where the skin is more fragile and firm the eye area. To take care of this part of your face, choose creams designed for this purpose. Their composition is designed to moisturize your eye area without overloading it. The creams have a non-greasy finish and do not contain ingredients that could irritate your eyes (now you understand the phrase "avoid the eye contour area"!). In the morning, your eye contour cream relaxes the eyes and eliminates morning bags. In the evening, add a massage for a deeper care to moisturize the skin and stimulate blood microcirculation.

What is the best eye contour cream?

Your eye cream should have a light texture that penetrates quickly without leaving an greasy finish. Choose products that do not contain ingredients that irritate the delicate eye area, such as essential oils, perfumes or fruit acids. An eye contour care product is a soothing, moisturizing product that specifically meets your needs. It is up to you to identify them! You should also know that some eye contours can be purchased with applicators that allow you to massage the skin and apply the product simultaneously. If you don't feel like it, no problem, your fingers will be perfect massage tools!

How to naturally rejuvenate the eye contour?

As with all skin problems, there are natural solutions to solve them! As far as the eye contour area is concerned, there is no lack of ideas. To delay the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines, you can apply specific creams (from age 25), massage your skin every day, drink a lot of water, eat well and above all: get a good night's sleep! It's often when you wake up and see the bags under your eyes that you regret having stayed up late the night before... As for other natural tips, you can try :

  • The small cold spoons on the eyes to wake up the glance!
  • Cucumber slices, and yes, this is not only effective in the movies! The decongesting properties of cucumber will erase your dark circles and moisturize your skin.
  • or a black or green tea bag to awaken the eyes, moisturize and soothe the eye contour

To rejuvenate the eye contour area in a more "classic" way, we advise you to choose organic care products that contain smoothing active ingredients and to massage yourself regularly. If you use a jade roller or a gua sha, place it in the refrigerator for a very pleasant cooling effect.

When and how to include the eye contour in your beauty routine?

The eye cream is applied to clean, dry skin before other treatments. Take a small amount of cream and apply it with circular movements to massage the area. Finish by gently tapping your dark circles to activate blood circulation and you're done! You can then apply your day cream or your organic night cream!

Having an eye care product and applying it daily, morning and night, is essential in a beauty routine! Remember to choose a natural, moisturizing, light-textured, non-greasy product.

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