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Article: Transitioning to summer care: How to prepare your skin for the summer season?

Transition vers les soins d'été : Comment préparer votre peau pour la saison estivale ?

Transitioning to summer care: How to prepare your skin for the summer season?

Summer has never been closer and it is therefore crucial to rethink your skincare routine for this new season. Sun, heat and humidity can have a significant impact on your skin, making it necessary to adapt your beauty products. Learn the best practices for preparing your skin for summer and common mistakes to avoid. Thanks to our tips, you will know the products suitable for each skin type and the essential actions for perfectly healthy skin.


  1. Preparing your skin for summer: cleansing, exfoliating and purifying
  2. Why should you adapt your skincare routine for summer?
  3. What products should I use for an effective summer routine?

Preparing your skin for summer: cleansing, exfoliating and purifying

After the months of winter and early spring, often marked by cold and dryness, the skin can find itself dull, dehydrated and accumulate impurities. This first preparation step is crucial to revitalize the skin, promote better absorption of skincare products and guarantee a natural glow under the summer sun.

The condition of the skin after winter and spring

During the winter and spring months, the skin is exposed to difficult conditions : cold, strong winds and temperature shock between the exterior and the interior heating which weaken the skin and reduce its natural hydration. This can lead to a series of defensive reactions from the skin. Contrary to what one might think, the skin does not necessarily become thicker in winter, however it reacts by producing an additional layer of dead cells on its surface to protect itself against external aggressions. This buildup of dead cells can make the skin appear rougher and less elastic.

Additionally, reducing humidity in the air and using heating also decreases the skin's hydration rate. For its part, the lack of sunlight makes the skin paler and less radiant. This lack of exposure to natural light can also reduce the production of vitamin D, essential for skin health.

Finally, the harsh conditions of winter tend to cause the skin to react by becoming withdrawn, which can lead to an accumulation of sebum in the pores enlarged by the hot indoor temperatures. This combination of dry skin and oil can lead to irritation, redness and breakouts, making the skin less able to regenerate and repair itself effectively.

The transition to summer care

Results ? Before the change of season your skin is drier, more sensitive and your complexion is dull.

Get a makeover before summer

To remedy this unflattering appearance of the skin, three steps are essential: effective cleansing, exfoliation and a purifying mask.

On the one hand, cleansing removes traces of pollution and excess sebum to leave your skin feeling clean.

On the other hand, exfoliation helps get rid of dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin. This frees your skin to allow it to breathe better and absorb treatments while stimulating skin regeneration. For your face, opt for our Exfoliating Peel, whose Bio-active Green Banana and Fruit Acids (AHA) combination stimulates cell renewal and restores the skin's elasticity and radiance. It helps the skin to get rid of dead cells and blackheads while evening out the complexion. Its enzymatic exfoliating peeling action can be combined with Jojoba Beads which do not attack the skin and do not cause micro-scratches. It’s a guaranteed “blow-up” effect.

For your body, we have thought of everything by combining step 1 and 2 in a single product: our Exfoliating Shower Gel. Its dual action intensely cleanses and exfoliates the skin to eliminate dead cells in a single gesture.

To complete your facial preparation, apply our Purifying Creamy Mask after your exfoliation. The combination of Yellow and White Clay gently absorbs and eliminates the last impurities and toxins. Pores are unclogged and sebum production is regulated. As a bonus, this mask restores radiance to dull skin. What more ?

The benefits of preparing your skin for summer

Properly cleansing, exfoliating and purifying your skin as it transitions from spring to summer has several benefits. This helps remove the no longer needed protective layer, revealing fresher skin. The texture and clarity of the skin are therefore improved. This is ready to absorb and fully benefit from moisturizing and protectors for the warmer months to come.

Well-prepared skin is better able to defend itself against external aggressions such as the sun and pollution, while maximizing the effects of treatments applied subsequently. It's a reset of the skin, purifying it of impurities and excess accumulated during the winter, thus paving the way for better health and a more beautiful appearance throughout the summer.
Finally, it contributes to a more uniform and lasting tan, because exfoliated skin tans better and more evenly.

Why should you adapt your skincare routine for summer ?

Now your skin is ready to receive care adapted to the summer season. Indeed, summer brings its share of challenges for the skin. High temperatures, humidity, and increased exposure to the sun impact the health and appearance of our skin.

What are the effects of summer on the skin ?

Summer exposes skin to a series of unique challenges. The combination of high heat, increased humidity and intense UV radiation have notable effects. Firstly, prolonged exposure to the sun causes an increase in melanin production, which leads to a tan but also the risk of developing age spots or suffering sunburn. UV can also degrade collagen and elastin, the proteins that keep skin firm and elastic, leading to an acceleration of the skin's aging process.

Why should you adapt your skincare routine for summer?

Additionally, heat increases sebum production, leading to oilier skin and potentially more pimples or breakouts. Humidity, on the other hand, can disrupt the skin's natural barrier, making it more susceptible to irritation and infection. Finally, excessive sweating during the summer can clog pores, so impurities build up and conditions such as acne are exacerbated. This is why it is crucial to adapt skin care for summer in order to counter these effects and maintain healthy, radiant skin.

How does the skin react to seasonal changes ?

The transition to summer can therefore be particularly difficult for the skin. It must adapt to different environmental conditions, moving from cooler, drier temperatures to warm, humid temperatures. This adaptation can cause temporary imbalances, such as dryness or increased sensitivity.

This is why even before “treating” your skin, it is important to protect it. As you probably already know, sun protection is essential to prevent UV damage. Indeed, the risks for the skin are numerous, sunburn is an immediate effect but exposure without protection can also lead to redness, pain and peeling of the skin. Likewise, the sun is one of the causes of premature aging of the skin, manifested by the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots and a loss of elasticity. Sunscreens are therefore essential for this season.

What products should I use for an effective summer routine ?

What are the basics of a summer skincare routine ?

Summer requires special attention to your skincare routine to maintain healthy, glowing skin. Here are the simple but essential steps to follow for an effective summer routine.

  • Cleaning : Use our Cleansing Gel daily, morning and evening to eliminate accumulated impurities, sweat, dirt and excess sebum without harming your skin thanks to its gentle surfactant. It gently cleanses the skin while preserving its natural hydration . Products with harsh ingredients like alcohol can dry out and irritate the skin, especially when it's already exposed to sun and heat. So opt for gentle and soothing products.
  • Hydration : Even in summer, hydration remains crucial. Our Radiance Soothing Gel intensely hydrates for 24 hours without weighing down the skin thanks to its light and refreshing gel-cream texture which penetrates quickly. Thirsty skin is soothed by restarting the skin's hydration mechanisms. Skin hydration also involves internal hydration. Drinking plenty of water and eating water-rich fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, watermelons, and oranges can also contribute to healthier skin.
  • Sun Protection : Sun protection is essential as we explained previously. So use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and we advise you to start with an SPF 50 for the first rays of sun. Apply the cream generously every two hours, especially after swimming or sweating. In addition to sun protection, it is recommended to wear light, covering clothing, as well as a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face and neck.
What products should I use for an effective summer routine?


How to choose products suitable for your skin type in summer?

The selection of products should be based on your skin type to avoid skin problems during the summer.

  • Dry skin : Choose moisturizers that contain “emollient” and “humectant” ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, shea butter and glycerin to retain moisture in the skin. Avoid formulas containing alcohol which can further dry out the skin. To seal in the hydration of your skin and prevent dryness, you can apply our Precious Radiance Oil to the face and body. Its complex of vegetable oils soothes and deeply repairs weakened skin, making it ideal after exposure to the sun.
  • Oily skin : Contrary to popular belief, oily skin needs hydration. However, you need to choose the right moisturizer with light textures that penetrate quickly, like our Radiance Soothing Gel. Thanks to our Bio-active Green Banana and its purifying properties, this moisturizing cream rebalances and strengthens the hydrolipid barrier without weighing down the skin. Just like dry skin, to seal in hydration you can this time use Precious Nutritive Oil which is ideal for nourishing and protecting the skin without clogging pores thanks to its ultra-dry texture. Our Green Banana Bio-active purifies and regulates sebum production while Green Tea Oil provides the skin with the nutrition it needs.
  • Combination skin : it is crucial to find a balance between hydration and controlling excess sebum on oily areas. Use balancing moisturizers and gentle cleansers that can treat both dry and oily areas without causing irritation. You can also opt for different products depending on the areas of the face for maximum personalization of your care routine.

Now you know everything and it's up to you to prepare your skin for this season. Stock up on the right products for your new routine and all you have to do is enjoy summer with radiant skin!

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