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Article: What are the effects of pollution on the skin?

Quels sont les effets de la pollution sur la peau ?

What are the effects of pollution on the skin?

Ah, pollution! This word often conjures up images of gray clouds above cities, but did you know that pollution also affects something much closer to you? Yes, it's about your skin. This invisible but omnipresent enemy has harmful effects on the epidermis. Discover the damage caused by pollution, their origins and above all how to limit or even prevent them using natural care. Are you ready to arm your skin to protect and repair it?


  1. Understanding the sources of pollution
  2. The visible consequences of pollution on the skin
  3. How to protect and repair your skin from this damage?

I) Understanding the sources of pollution

Pollution, in addition to being an environmental problem, is also a major threat to the skin. Polluting agents wage a constant offensive against our epidermis by interacting with our body in subtle but significant ways. There is a wide range of polluting agents, such as fine particles, gas, and various chemical substances originating from outdoor and indoor pollution.

Fine particles

Often referred to as PM2.5 or PM10, they are among the most harmful aggressors for the skin. Indeed, the term "PM" means "particulate matter" in English, or "matière parculaire" in French, and the numbers that follow (10 and 2.5) refer to the tiny size of these particles (in micrometers, µm). Finer than a human hair, they can penetrate deep into the pores of the skin. Their origin is mainly linked to road traffic, but they are also emitted by industrial activities, the combustion of biomass or natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions.

Sources of pollution

Gases and Chemical Substances

Gas pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and ozone (O3), come largely from the combustion of fossil fuels by vehicles, power plants, and various processes. industrial.

Indoor Pollution

Indoor pollution, often overlooked, can be just as harmful to our skin as outdoor pollution. Daily activities such as cooking, heating, and even chemical fumes from new furniture or cleaning products can build up pollutants in indoor air. Tobacco, with its smoke laden with toxins, represents a significant source of indoor pollution.

II) The visible consequences of pollution on the skin

The signs of pollution on our skin are as numerous and varied as the sources of pollution.

Polluting agents generate free radicals, responsible for oxidative stress and skin aging. This process also damages the barrier function of our skin, leading to sensitivity and dehydration. But that's not all ! The inconveniences are numerous: the skin appears tired and dull, as if veiled by the pollution of your daily urban life. You may notice the appearance of imperfections such as blackheads, acne, hyperpigmentation, and brown spots.

The effects of pollution on the skin

These symptoms are the direct result of exposure to fine particles and other polluting agents that accumulate on our skin, clogging pores and hindering its ability to regenerate and defend itself against external aggressions.

Fine particles not only cause irritation and inflammation but also contribute to the degradation of the skin barrier. Once embedded in the skin, they can facilitate the entry of other toxins and worsen the harmful effects of pollution, such as acne, premature aging, and oxidative damage caused by free radicals. The interaction of gases and chemicals with the skin can cause skin problems, ranging from dry skin and irritation to more serious problems such as eczema. These gases can also impact the production of sebum, thus promoting the appearance of acne.

Concerning indoor pollution, it is known that tobacco and its smoke loaded with toxins directly affect the health of our skin, contributing to its drying out, the appearance of wrinkles, and a general deterioration in its appearance. The components of cigarettes, particularly volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can also increase skin sensitivity and accelerate the skin aging process.

But that's not all. The stress caused by a polluted environment can also worsen these symptoms, making fighting pollution both a physical and emotional affair. That said, all is not lost. With a better understanding of the challenges our skin faces, you can take action to limit and counteract these effects.

III) How to protect and repair your skin from this damage?

The answer lies in a beauty routine oriented towards both protection and repair of the skin, favoring natural treatments rich in antioxidants.

These active ingredients act like modern-day superheroes by neutralizing free radicals generated by polluting agents. This is the case for all our Kadalys treatments, thanks to our Green, Yellow and Pink Banana Bio-actives contained in our products, which are active ingredients based on bananas, known for their strong antioxidant power. For example, our exclusive Pink Banana Bio-active has an anti-oxidant power 4500 times greater than Argan Oil**.

Here is your new evening routine to adopt as quickly as possible to combat the effects of pollution:

Start with a double cleanse to remove all impurities and particles accumulated during the day. To do this, opt for our Gentle Micellar Gel for effective and delicate make-up removal. Continue with our Cleansing Gel which cleanses and purifies the skin of these impurities and toxins. The Lemon Water present in this last treatment helps restore radiance to dull complexions from the start of your routine.

Concerning care, to counter premature aging of the skin due to free radicals, apply our Musalis Night Cream. It nourishes your skin, weakened and dried out by pollution, while having a smoothing action on fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks to it, the skin texture is refined and the pores are tightened. You can add a few drops of our Pink Oil Glow Booster Serum to your cream to increase its antioxidant power and brighten your complexion in a single step.

Finally, we advise you to practice multi-masking to meet the specific needs of your skin depending on the pollution to which it is exposed. Indeed, if your skin is polluted by gas, it is likely to produce excess sebum while fine particles cause irritation. And if you are exposed to several polluting agents, your skin has different needs depending on the area. So, 1 to 2 times a week, apply our “Banana Detox” Pore Clearing Mask to the oily parts of your face such as the T zone. Then apply the “Sweet Banana” Soothing Mask to sensitive areas, prone to redness and where you feel tightness. And finally, apply the “Banana Shake” Healthy Glow Mask to dull areas lacking radiance for a guaranteed healthy glow effect.

Example of multi-masking
Regarding the morning , to prepare your skin to face pollution, apply our Anti-Blue Light Shield Cream to your face, neck and décolleté. It acts as a natural shield to protect the skin against damage caused by screens. It hydrates the skin while strengthening its protective barrier without suffocating the epidermis. So your skin is ready to face everyday external aggressions such as pollution.

In our quest for healthy, glowing skin, it is clear that pollution represents a formidable adversary. But with good practices and a suitable care routine, we can minimize its devastating effects.

Pollution had better watch out!

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