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Article: What is layering in cosmetics?

Qu’est-ce que le layering en cosmétique ?

What is layering in cosmetics?

Immerse yourself in the delicate art of layering, a Japanese method combining tradition and purity, which has crossed the seas to reach Western routines. In this article, you will explore this ritual starting from the basics of layering, its benefits, up to the essential products to succeed. You will know everything.


  1. The definition and foundations of layering
  2. The 6 key stages of layering
  3. Your essentials to follow the ritual

I) The definition and foundations of layering

Ah, layering! If you are a fan of natural cosmetics then you have probably already heard of it. But what is it exactly? Coming from an ancestral Japanese ritual, this technique, also nicknamed Millefeuille because of its multiple layers, is the secret to smoother, plumper and luminous skin.

The principle ? Methodically layer treatments to purify the skin, deeply nourish it and strengthen it to face external aggressions. Every skin type finds something to suit it in this ritual which can be infinitely personalized. You can also practice layering in the morning or evening depending on your preferences.

By practicing layering, you apply active ingredients contained in products in an optimized way. Layering is the haute couture of skin care, a true cosmetic choreography where each movement has its importance.

II) The 6 key stages of layering

To succeed with this method, there are 6 steps to follow scrupulously:

  1. The Makeup Remover: Here, the goal is to dissolve impurities and makeup, even the most stubborn.
  1. The Cleanser: After the makeup remover, switch to a gentle soap-free cleanser to cleanse without stripping the skin, thus preserving its hydrolipidic film.
  1. The Lotion: This completes the cleaning and eliminates traces of limescale from the tap water used. This is the transition stage, the lotion prepares the skin to receive the following treatments.
  1. The Serum: Concentrated in active ingredients, the serum targets specific problems such as fine lines, lack of firmness or pigment spots.
  1. The eye contour: This delicate area deserves its own treatment, often richer, to hydrate without irritating and thus avoid fine lines from dehydration.
  1. Moisturizing Cream: Depending on whether it is applied in the morning or evening, you can apply a day or night cream. This seals in hydration and regenerates your skin.

To finish your routine in style, apply a lip balm to fill up on nutrition.

III) Your essentials to follow the ritual

Now that you know all the secrets of layering, it's time to put it into practice, here are the essentials to have in your bathroom.

We recommend that you use natural and organic cosmetics, because the objective is to respect the skin's balance and promote cell renewal without damaging the skin.

For makeup removal, nothing better than our Organic Pure Melt Cleansing Gel-in-Oil which removes all makeup without pulling the skin thanks to its gel texture which transforms into oil then into milk on contact with water.

Use our Cleansing Gel for the 2nd step, its soap-free formula respects the pH of your skin to gently cleanse.

Regarding the lotion, use our Organic Clarifying Lotion with fruit acids which softens and smoothes the skin's texture in a single gesture. Use in the evening or in the morning with sun protection.

Then apply the Pink Oil Organic Glow Booster Serum, enriched with powerful antioxidant active ingredients, it reduces the appearance of pigment spots and reduces the depth of wrinkles. It’s a guaranteed healthy glow.

To prevent your eye area from betraying your fatigue, apply our Thirst-Quenching Eye Mask which revives your eyes in the blink of an eye.

Finally, if you do your layering in the morning, apply sun protection then our Anti-Blue Light Shield Cream to protect your skin from screens and external aggressions all day long. For the evening, we recommend our Musalis Night Cream if you are between 22 and 40 years old or Musalift if you are over 40 years old. It will work wonders while you sleep thanks to its anti-aging active ingredients.

To perfect your ritual, use our Banana Lip Balm which intensely nourishes and leaves an irresistible banana scent.

You know everything about layering, all you have to do is put together your beauty kit and adopt this new routine.

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