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Article: Why should you keep a beauty routine for 1 month before judging its effectiveness?

Combien de temps faut-il essayer une routine de soin ?

Why should you keep a beauty routine for 1 month before judging its effectiveness?

Beauty addict or not, we all have our habits and our beauty ritual to apply in the morning and evening. We also sometimes try and add new products to our routine. Very often we wait for an immediate effect to decide whether the benefits and action of this product are real or not. However, it is proven that it takes at least 1 month to verify and attest to the effectiveness of a product. But then why? Well, that's exactly what we're going to talk about today. So, sit back and get ready to dive into the fascinating world of beauty routines.


  1. Why adopt a regular beauty routine?
  2. Understanding the skin cycle and its importance in the effectiveness of a routine
  3. Our advice for your next beauty routine

I) Why adopt a regular beauty routine?

To begin with, what is a beauty routine? This involves the coordination of precise actions and treatments adapted to your skin type, whether dry, oily or combination, which you apply every day. Adopting a daily and regular beauty routine morning and evening is, in fact, essential to see results quickly and in the long term.

You should not take it as a chore but rather as an opportunity to take time for yourself to treat yourself to a beauty break. It's a time to relax and pamper yourself.

But why do we insist on the daily aspect of this routine? Because it is regularity that creates efficiency. Your skin needs time and constant attention to appear at its best. The right actions and the right products, applied regularly, can transform your skin. They can bring visible results quickly, but it's in the long term that you'll see the real magic happen.

Each skin type has its own needs and must adapt its facial routine to meet them. Dry skin needs intense and regular hydration to remain supple and radiant. Oily skin, on the other hand, must benefit from treatments to purify and regulate excess sebum in order to maintain a matte and healthy appearance. As for combination skin, they require specific care that targets their skin needs: hydration for dry areas and mattifying products for the T zone.

In this daily beauty ritual, each product therefore has its importance and its role to play.

Maintain a regular beauty routine

II) Understand the skin cycle and its importance in the effectiveness of a routine

Now, let's dive a little deeper into the science of skin. Did you know that your skin renews itself approximately every 28 days? This cell regeneration cycle is crucial to understanding why we need to give our beauty routine at least a month to judge its effectiveness.

Maintain your beauty routine for 1 month

During this cycle, new cells are formed and old ones are eliminated, the skin regenerates and fully integrates the care benefits of your daily beauty ritual. You therefore need this amount of time to observe the effects of a new routine on your skin!

If you change your beauty routine too quickly, your skin simply doesn't have time to adjust and show the true benefits of the products. It's like when you plant a seed, you don't expect it to flower the next day. Well, just like growing a plant requires time, attention and constant care, your skin needs a regular routine to truly flourish and show visible results.

III) Our advice for your next beauty routine

Are you convinced and for your daily moment of relaxation you now want to try a new routine for next month? Find our complete guide to building your beauty ritual with natural and effective Kadalys treatments.

Evening routine: 

At the end of the day, our skin has accumulated impurities and stress; an evening routine helps to cleanse it deeply, letting it breathe and prepare for the nightly cell renewal process.

The first step is makeup removal, apply our Gentle Micellar Gel to eliminate makeup and pollution. Continue the double cleanse with our Cleansing Gel which captures all impurities for clean, purified skin. To perfect cleansing and prepare the skin to receive treatment, use our Organic Clarifying Lotion which promotes the elimination of dead skin cells, softens and smoothes the skin's texture.

It's time to move on to the treatment stage, start with our Organic Pink Oil Glow Booster Serum, enriched with anti-stain and anti-oxidant active ingredients, it evens out the complexion and gives you a healthy glow. Then apply your night cream, adapt according to your needs and the maturity of your skin. We recommend our Organic Smoothing Night Cream if you are between 22 and 40 years old, to smooth the first signs of aging by promoting cell regeneration. Above 40 years old, apply our Organic Lifting Night Cream to firm and reduce wrinkles in your skin. Complete this hydration bowl with our Thirst-Quenching Eye Mask which hydrates your eye area and awakens your eyes.

Morning routine: 

A morning beauty routine prepares your skin to face the external aggressions of the day, such as pollution, screens and temperature variations.

Start with our Cleansing Gel formulated without soap to eliminate impurities accumulated overnight without damaging your skin. Then, apply a protective moisturizer, we recommend our Anti-Blue Light Shield Cream which strengthens the skin's protective barrier and acts as a natural shield against damage caused by blue light from screens. You can also maximize the effects of your anti-aging routine by applying Musalift or Musalis Organic Day Cream according to your needs.
As a final touch, use our Banana Lip Balm to nourish your lips and enhance them all day long.

This two-step approach ensures your skin gets everything it needs to regenerate overnight and protect itself during the day. Now that you know everything, we'll let you enjoy your new routine and give us your opinion by next month.

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