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Guide du layering coréen et tendance du "7 Skin Method"


Have you ever wondered how these Korean actresses and other celebrities manage to achieve that flawless porcelain complexion even after 40 years, also called "Glass Skin", devoid of all imperfections and almost unreal? Kadalys has investigated and reveals all their beauty secrets to you!

For several years now, the Korean layering technique, which consists of applying about ten treatments in a row daily, remains popular among Koreans who can spend up to an hour on average per day morning and evening in their bathroom (compared to 15 30 minutes for the French). More recently, the trend of the "7 skin method" which promises to achieve plumped and deeply hydrated skin has made a lot of ink color.

Zoom in on these two beauty routines from Asia, which are growing in popularity in the West.



OILY PHASE (evening) + AQUEOUS PHASE (morning and evening)

Thorough cleansing of the face is the most essential part of the Korean beauty routine that you should incorporate into your ritual if you haven't already! This is the most important step Korean women never neglect even when they are not wearing makeup. In fact, preserving the skin's youthfulness begins with a deep cleansing of the epidermis at the end of the day. Eliminating all traces of make-up as well as the impurities accumulated during the day (pollution particles, dust, excess sebum) allow better oxygenation and regeneration of cell tissue, this being the most active during sleep. On the contrary, neglecting this step can lead to premature aging of the skin, dryness of the skin and the appearance of fine lines. In short, even tired at 2am after a drunken evening, do not go to bed without removing your makeup first!

The skin is cleaned in two stages at night (double cleansing) and only one in the morning (simple cleansing):

In the evening: The double cleansing begins with the application of an oil-based makeup remover to the face. This first step gently dissolves sebum and the most stubborn eye and lip makeup, especially if you are using water repellants. The most popular oil-based cleansers come in solid form (such as balm or bar soap) or in liquid form such as Kadalys Melting Cleansing Oil.

Application: on dry face and neck, in gentle circular massages. Rinse with water at room temperature, the oil texture turns into milk. No oily residue persists.

To complete make-up removal, the use of a water-based cleansing gel / soap such as Kadalys Cleansing Gel helps remove any remaining residue. Choose a moisturizer that respects the natural pH and preserves the hydrolipidic film of the skin to avoid drying it out.

Application: on wet face and neck, in gentle circular massages.

In the morning: A simple cleansing with a water-based soap / gel is sufficient, the aim being to rid the skin of the slight impurities accumulated during the night (perspiration, sebum).

STEP 3. THE EXFOLIANT (evening, once or twice / week)

In the evening: The exfoliation phase makes it possible to unify the complexion and promote cell renewal by ridding the skin of dead cells via a mechanical (exfoliating beads) and / or enzymatic process (fruit acids or AHA) for example the Mask Kadalys Exfoliating Peel. If you choose an exfoliant with mechanical action, always prefer small beads so as not to attack the skin. After this step, your skin is clear and ready for first aid.

Application: on dry face and neck, avoiding the eye area, once a week on dry and sensitive skin and twice a week on oily skin.

For a mechanical exfoliant, gently massage your skin in circular motions then rinse.

For an enzymatic exfoliant with AHAs, leave on for 10 minutes then rinse.

STEP 4. THE TONER OR TONER LOTION (morning and evening)

In the West, toning lotions as we know them often have a high concentration of alcohol aimed at purifying and tightening the pores by an astringent action. Applied locally on imperfections, they promote the disappearance of small buttons. However, application to the entire face will result in drying the face by removing the protective hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis. In response, the sebaceous glands produce more sebum to balance the lack of hydration detected on the surface.

In Asia, lotions or toner have a texture that is sometimes fluid, sometimes gelled to gently envelop the skin and provide them with a moisturizing, softening and re-texturing effect. Their function main is to rebalance the pH of the skin in order to prepare it to receive the care provided thereafter which will be better absorbed. Some formulations are enriched with AHA for a gentle exfoliation and even skin tone, such as Kadalys Clarifying Lotion.

Application: on a cotton pad, on dry and clean skin, avoiding the eye area.

7 skin method:
At the moment, the trend that is all the rage in Korea during winter, where the thermometer can read down to -20 ° C, is that of the "7-skin method". It consists of applying a few drops of the lotion poured into the palm of your hands 7 times in a row and then patted on the face until absorbed. Intense hydration guaranteed!

STEP 5. THE ESSENCE (morning and evening)

This is a category of care that is little known in the West and yet seen as essential in Korea and Asia in general. The essences are highly hydrating, very fluid and comparable to water treatments. This is the light version of the serum. Easily absorbed by the skin due to their watery texture, the essences penetrate deep into the epidermis and open the pores to prepare the skin to receive the serums.

Application: Pour a few drops in the palm of your hands, then gently pat the face with the flat of the palm until absorbed.

STEP 6. THE SERUM OR THE BULB (morning and / or night)

Serums are targeted-action skincare products that are highly concentrated in active ingredients. They have one or more combined properties: moisturizing, anti-dark spots, anti-aging… For example, the Musalis Serum has an anti-aging and detoxifying action when the Musalift Serum is both anti-aging, anti-brown spots and smoothing.

The ampoule, on the other hand, is an even more concentrated and efficient version of the serum, but also more expensive.

Application: Apply a few drops to the face and neck, massage with your fingertips in upward movements.

STEP 7. THE FABRIC MASK (night, 2 to 7 times a week)

Extremely popular in Asia, single-use fabric masks are increasingly popular in the West. They come in a multitude of colors and playful printed patterns, original ingredients ranging from regenerating snail slime to gold particles for the radiance of the complexion and are available for all parts of the body (face, lips, feet..). Each mask is infused with the equivalent of a week's lotion or essence, acting as true hydration boosters. Koreans are happy to collect them and use them either as a replacement for the serum or afterwards, up to 7 times a week every evening.

Application: preferably at night. Leave on for 15-20 min. Remove the excess with a cotton ball or rinse.

STEP 8. THE MOISTURIZING CREAM (morning and / or evening) OR THE “SPLEEPING MASK” (night)

The ultimate essential step to seal all the nutrients and treating elements provided by the previous treatments! Depending on your skin type, choose a richer and more nourishing texture (dry skin) such as Hydramuse Moisturizing Cream or a light gel type (combination and oily skin) such as Hydramuse Moisturizing Jelly.
Two to three times a week in the evening, Koreans replace their night care with a "sleeping mask" (or "sleeping pack"): a restorative and ultra-nutritious night mask.

Application: Apply your moisturizer with the equivalent of a hazelnut on dry face and neck, massage with fingertips in upward movements.

Apply the Sleeping Mask in a thick layer on the dry face and neck, leave on overnight then rinse the next morning.

STEP 9. EYE CONTOUR (morning and evening)

Since the skin around the eyes is the thinnest in the human body, it requires more care and hydration from you because it is the first area prone to fine lines. For prevention from the age of 25, it is recommended to use an anti-aging treatment.

Application: Apply the equivalent of one drop per eye and pat with fingertips until absorbed.

STEP 10. SUN CREAM (morning)

Since the harmful effects of UV are the primary cause responsible for premature aging of cells, wearing high sun protection (minimum SPF 50 or more) is essential to preserve the youth and radiance of the skin. Well aware of this fact, it is customary for Korean women to never go out without sun protection, even in winter on a cloudy day.

And you, how do you pamper your skin and what do you think of this Korean beauty ritual? Are you already a fan or do you feel like you are going for it too?

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