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Article: Natural face scrub: our effective recipe

Gommage visage naturel : notre recette efficace

Natural face scrub: our effective recipe

How to prepare your natural scrub quickly?

The scrub has many advantages. First of all, it eliminates dead cells and refines the skin texture. It also offers better absorption of products (moisturizers, serum or mask) and promotes cell renewal. All skin types can use it, even sensitive skin! Several solutions are available to exfoliate your skin: clean it with a Konjac sponge, alone or with product, make a mechanical exfoliation (grain) or make a so-called “chemical” exfoliation (with acidic agents). They can also be prepared at home with a few ingredients available in the kitchen. A scrub can be done once or twice a week depending on the needs of the skin. You may need to try several before you find the right one for you!

Why make your face scrub?

Making your homemade scrub allows you to make a product in your image! You can find several scrub recipes on the internet and try different ones to vary the pleasures. For dry skin, excessively aggressive scrubs should be avoided. We recommend that you make gentle scrubs based on vegetable oil and fine sugar, for example. Moreover, you can make scrubs with almost anything in your kitchen! Need a scrub with moisturizing properties? We turn to oils and honey. To boost your beauty routine, stock up on vitamins and ensure good cell renewal, try fruits for a treatment with natural ingredients and a burst of antioxidants!

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Face scrub for different skin types

For each type of skin its exfoliation. If you have dry skin, or if you are in the sensitive skin and fragile skin categories, favor gentle exfoliation so as not to attack your skin. Use slow circular motions without pushing too hard. Oily skin with acne tendency and with an excess of sebum should not be perceived as “stripping” skin. They are also fragile skins. If you scrub too harshly, you can cause irritation and your skin may overreact. Red skin and pimples for you ... For normal to combination skin, we recommend exfoliating only the T zone (forehead, nose and chin). This is where your pores are the most clogged and where skin imperfections are the most common. Turn to grain scrubs. Mature skin, which needs a lot of vitamin, can try antioxidant scrubs made from fruit! Perfect for plumping the skin and preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Of course the scrub, whether purchased or homemade, should always be done on damp, clean skin.

The ingredients and materials needed for a homemade scrub

No need to invest in a lot of equipment! For the ingredients: lukewarm water, lemon juice, baking soda and sugar are the basis of several scrubs. Also remember to save your coffee grounds, it is an excellent exfoliant for the face or the body. You can also use vegetable oils, such as sweet almond, avocado, or jojoba oil. For fruit acids you can buy them on the internet or crush your fruit! Regarding the material: a bowl, measuring spoons (one tablespoon and one teaspoon is enough) and potentially a whisk.

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Instructions for use and preparation of the scrub for a natural facial peel

To prepare a natural homemade scrub you will need:

1 tablespoon of honey

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil of your choice.

Combine the ingredients in a clean bowl. Apply the preparation to your cleansed face, avoiding the eye area. To properly exfoliate your skin, make small circular movements with your fingertips. The mechanical action of the sugar grains associated with circular massages will dislodge impurities from your pores and eliminate dead skin. After a few minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water and apply your treatment. The penetration of moisturizing active ingredients will be facilitated thanks to the exfoliation!

Facial scrub for winter and summer

Depending on the season, our skin does not have the same needs and we do not want the same products! In winter, we want a moisturizing scrub and pampering treatments. Ditto for moisturizing masks! In summer, with the heat and perspiration, you want a purifying and fresh scrub! At Kadalys, we offer an organic exfoliating mask, pleasant summer and winter! This gentle face scrub has been designed to gently exfoliate the skin. It is ideal for all skin types. Apply it on damp and cleansed face, massage for a few moments and enjoy its floral scent. All you have to do is rinse and voila!

Homemade or bought, the scrub is an important treatment in a beauty routine! It allows to clean the skin in depth and a good absorption of the care.

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