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Article: How to take care of your beard?

Comment prendre soin de sa barbe ?

How to take care of your beard?

The beard has become a real style asset for many men. Whether it's long and bushy or short and well-trimmed, a well-groomed beard will allow you to reveal your personality . However, taking care of your beard requires a little effort and a suitable routine. In this article, we present the essential steps for a daily beard care routine and we will reveal THE product not to be missed.


  1. The perfect routine to adopt
  2. Why use beard oil?
  3. Focus on our ORGANIC Precious Nutritive Oil

The perfect routine to adopt

A regular routine is the key to keeping your beard healthy and flawless. This will help you avoid itching or your hair becoming dull and dry. In addition, it is important to understand that, despite a fairly similar composition between beard hair and hair, their pH remains different. Here are some steps to follow to take care of your beard on a daily basis:

  • Deep clean

Start by cleaning your beard with a shampoo specially designed for beards or a beard soap rather than your classic hair shampoo which could strip your hair. These products are designed to protect your beard from external aggressions such as perspiration, dust and bacteria. They also soften the hair and make it shiny. After wetting your beard with lukewarm water, lather the soap and gently massage your beard. Then rinse thoroughly.

  • Exfoliate

Once or twice a week, you can also perform a light exfoliation on the entire face, paying particular attention to the beard. This is usually a fairly dry area, so it's not uncommon to find dead skin cells there. In order to eliminate these particles, we advise you to use our ORGANIC Exfoliating Peel , enriched in particular with fruit acids (AHA) and jojoba micro-beads , which will provide a dual enzymatic and mechanical action. Fine particles caused by pollution are then eliminated, blood circulation is activated and cell renewal is stimulated. Thanks to this exfoliating action, you will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs since it will eliminate dead cells on the surface of the skin. This limits the risk of pimples and hair growing under your skin. Simply apply it evenly to your cleansed and dry face, leave it on for 10 minutes if you have the opportunity, then massage it in circular motions with your fingertips. If you have acne-prone skin, you can also simply apply the Exfoliating Peel as a mask, without massaging, to purify the acne spots already present without attacking them. That's it, your skin is breathing and ready to receive moisturizing treatment .

  • Hydrate and nourish

After cleaning, it is essential to moisturize and nourish your beard, either with an oil or a balm. Rich in fatty acids , this type of product will deeply nourish the hair and the underlying skin, thus preventing itching and dandruff. Indeed, on a daily basis, we quickly tend to forget this small part of the skin that we rarely see. However, well hidden beneath the hairs, the skin also deserves to be hydrated and renewed!

  • Detangle and brush

A very important step after taking good care of your beard is to detangle it as well as brush it, either with a beard comb or with a beard brush . In order not to damage or break your hairs, we recommend that you favor natural materials such as wood. Start by gently detangling your beard starting from the root of the hair and then gently work your way down to the lengths. In addition to obtaining a smoother and more polished finish, this step allows you to remove the rest of the impurities that could have resisted the action of the peel .

  • Trim your beard

This last step is not insignificant since it will allow you to obtain a perfect result! Take a pair of scissors or a comb trimmer and trim your beard for a more structured look.

Why and how to use beard oil?

Oil is an essential part of any beard care routine. Remember that external factors such as cold, heat or even the friction of everyday clothing can damage your hair and therefore weaken it. Here are some reasons why you should incorporate an oil into your daily routine:

  • For optimal hydration : a well-chosen oil beforehand helps to hydrate the hair and the underlying skin, thus avoiding dryness and irritation .
  • For softer hairs : Regular use of beard oil makes hairs softer, smoother and easier to comb.
  • For deep nourishment and a revitalized beard : the natural oils used in beard care products deeply nourish the hairs, strengthening them and improving their overall appearance.
  • For a disciplined and styled beard : Beard oil makes styling easier and helps discipline unruly hairs, allowing you to achieve the shape and style you want.
  • For better protection : the oil forms a protective barrier against external aggressions such as temperature changes that you may face, thus preserving the health of your beard. So convinced? If so, let us tell you how to use it easily: Once you have washed and dried your hair, pour a few drops of oil into the palm of your hand. Start by gently massaging the skin hidden under your beard, this will provide optimal hydration . This step prevents the appearance of dandruff in your beard and takes care of your skin. Then, smooth your hair with your fingers, distributing excess oil.

Focus on our ORGANIC Precious Nutritive Oil

Among our flagship products, our oils are ideal for aftershave and beard care. And yes, our oils are not only used on the body and hair but also on your hair! Ultra hydrating , they deeply nourish the skin while soothing it. We particularly recommend our Organic Precious Nutritive Oil , ideal for normal to combination skin, which boasts its regulating power to avoid the effect of shine. This ultra-dry oil with a fine texture and enriched with fortifying and restorative oils soothes and regenerates your irritated skin on a daily basis. Avocado oil deeply nourishes the skin while green tea oil helps regenerate damaged or dry skin. After use, your skin regains softness and balance.

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