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Article: How to reduce wrinkles under the eyes ?

Comment atténuer les rides sous les yeux ?

How to reduce wrinkles under the eyes ?

They say that the eyes are the reflection of the soul. Not so sure... We are forced to admit that the shiny bags, the dark circles and the little wrinkles that nestle under our eyes, as early as age 25, are not the image of our inner glow. Let's face it, fatigue, stress and skin aging are rarely compatible with doe eyes. Ouch, it stings !

Remember that the eye contour is an extremely sensitive area, 4 times thinner than the rest of the face. As you can see, not everyone has revolver eyes. A routine to care for and enhance your eyes is essential if you want to prevent or effectively eliminate wrinkles and signs of fatigue.

On the program of this detox cure for the eyes: no surgery but natural tricks made in Kadalys and grandma's remedies that will smooth your skin and give it back all its radiance.

How to eliminate wrinkles under the eyes? How to erase dark circles and bags? We give you the perfect recipe for your eyes!



  1. Why and how do wrinkles appear under the eyes ?
  2. Why do we have bags and dark circles under the eyes ?
  3. Types of wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes
  4. Which natural anti-wrinkle treatments to adopt to reduce wrinkles under the eyes ?
  5. Why adopt an eye contour treatment ?
  6. The anti-wrinkle eye mask to enhance your look ?
  7. Self-massage of the eyes: the good anti-wrinkle gestures
  8. Self-massage to relax the eyes and remove bags under the eyes

Why and how do wrinkles appear under the eyes?

The passing of time, the accumulation of fatigue... All our little daily worries are linked in our look and more specifically under the eyes . It is well known that the process of skin aging is a very natural phenomenon, but the wrinkles that nestle in the periphery of the eye, the dark circles that deepen the look and the bags who invite themselves without being invited to do so, darken the picture both literally and figuratively! Hello complexes!

Neglecting the eye contour area and neglecting an appropriate routine means risking a change in texture or even color and encouraging the loss of elasticity.


Why do we have bags and dark circles under the eyes?

The dark circles ... Those marks around the eyes that make us realize that a little rest would not be a luxury. To all the overworked girl bosses, the overworked moms, the washed-up students, it's time to act to prevent dark circles and regain the radiance of a radiant look.

If fatigue seems the most plausible reason to explain the appearance of dark circles , There are actually many other factors that come into play. Stress, pollution, smoking, poor lifestyle ... favor the proliferation of these marks under the eyes and this, from the age of 25 years.

Dark circles, which are bluish or even black for the darkest skin tones, are simply the result of poor blood circulation. A distinction can be made between vascular dark circles caused by stagnation of blood and lymphatic fluid and pigmented dark circles, which are due to a poor distribution of melanin, particularly in people with darker or, conversely, very pale complexions.

In addition to the dark circles, fate has a hand. Some people definitely have the "evil eye" and are afflicted with unsightly bags under the eyes. Whatever the trigger for these bags under the eyes, the phenomenon of swelling is generally due to poor blood circulation or a disorder of lymphatic tissue. It's a gift!


Types of wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes

Wrinkles are only reserved for mature skin. FALSE! Even young women at the dawn of their 30s can have a taste of skin aging. This results in fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes.

If cellular aging is the main culprit, there are other aggravating factors that favor the appearance of crow's feet and the first wrinkles. Diet, sun exposure, oxidative stress and an unsuitable skin care routine can undoubtedly have a negative effect on the eye contour area. Prevention is better than cure!

Gently pampering your eyes on a daily basis will help prevent wrinkles under the eyes, or prevent them from getting worse. But what can be done about wrinkles that have already taken root in or around the eye area? There are several wrinkles that can appear around the eyes:

  • The famous crow's feet wrinkles that appear at the corner of the eye Wrinkles on the top of the eye related to a sagging of the upper eyelid or to a hollowing around the eyeball
  • Wrinkles under the eyes that are grafted onto the dark circles and bags.

Which natural anti-wrinkle treatments to adopt to reduce wrinkles under the eyes?

To preserve the youthfulness of their eyes, some women are ready to spend their PEL before going to a beauty salon. What if the elixir of youth was not contained in a syringe but in organic skin care products concentrated in natural active ingredients?

At the risk of surprising you, the best anti-wrinkle recipe could be found in banana plantations. And that's why Kadalys cultivates this know-how in the rules of the art to sublimate your eyes naturally!

Why adopt an eye contour treatment?

To have a revolver eye and a look that kills, we take care of our eye contour. This ultra-sensitive and fragile area requires special attention to reveal its full potential.

Depending on your skin tone, your eyes can more or less highlight the signs of fatigue. Since the skin is thinner on this part of the face, it is more easily weakened by rubbing, lash beating, external aggressions, screen lights... your eyes do not betray you, they only reflect a life lived at 100 km/h. To prevent dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, the use of an eye contour treatment is essential.

From the age of 25, we opt for an eye contour care before applying our day cream. On a perfectly cleansed face to maximize its effects, apply your care to the lower bone part that forms the eye contour. Repeat the operation under the eyebrows.

The massage releases its power to stimulate microcirculation and decongest the eye contour area. Apply light pressure with your index finger and then release it by moving along the bone line. To get the most out of your treatment, apply it with a jade roller.


The anti-wrinkle eye mask to enhance your look ?

To perfect the beauty of the eyes, Kadalys keeps on innovating in order to create (or rather to put in a jar!) a thirst-quenching eye mask that has the double advantage of moisturizing this ultra-sensitive area but also of regenerating the skin in order to fade the signs of fatigue and erase wrinkles and fine lines.

Thanks to a complex of green banana bio-actives, red algae and glycerin, this prodigious treatment decongests the eye contour area in depth. Its ultra-fresh gel texture awakens the eyes in an instant. Real doe eyes!


Self-massage of the eyes: the good anti-wrinkle gestures

In Asia, in the paradise of well-being and Zen attitude, self-massage of the face has been practiced for thousands of years. Imitated by the whole world, this beauty recipe is now coming to Europe for the greatest pleasure of natural beauty lovers.

What if massage could enhance the skin? To reduce tension, smooth the skin and reduce signs of fatigue, self-massage may well surprise you!


Self-massage to relax the eyes and remove bags under the eyes

Tensions accumulate and tense the muscles of the face relentlessly. To untie this knotted bag under the skin, there are a few simple gestures to perform on key areas to reduce dark circles by decongesting the eye contour area. If beauty rhymes with relaxation, I'll buy it! Self-massage has the dual benefit of relaxing while releasing its power in favor of visibly sublimated skin. On the face :

  • It allows you to reduce stress by giving yourself a moment to yourself and only to yourself, please!
  • It stimulates blood circulation to oxygenate the skin
  • It reduces the appearance of puffiness and diminishes the dark circles
  • It provides radiance for a brighter complexion
  • It smoothes the skin and slows down the process of cellular aging on mature skin (an excellent reflex to integrate into his beauty routine)

Make small circles with light pressure from your fingertips. To multiply the effects of the message, you can bring a jade roll to add a little freshness to your ritual. The trick is done!

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