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Article: Banana Party: a successful Easter!

Banana Party : une Pâques réussie ! - KADALYS

Banana Party: a successful Easter!

Skip Easter due to confinement? Unthinkable! So many of us cherish deep within us the memory of the good chocolates and cakes that only our mothers and grandmothers had the secret, to remember the excitement of a treasure hunt, to still feel this curiosity that animated us, child, at a time when the bells came to intrude stealthily in our homes. The time has come to fall back into childhood and forget about our daily life in confinement for a cheerful and chocolatey Easter!

This year, Easter may be confined, but above all it is full of joy and conviviality.

Traditionally, eggs are in the spotlight. But we all need a healthy dose of vitamins more than ever after these long weeks of confinement. And colors too. This is why at Kadalys, we are betting that the banana can bring your parties back to life and invite you to bet on yellow for a luminous confined Easter.

Popular sayings are always filled with wisdom. Behind the expression "to have the banana" hide a thousand years of history between men and this virtuous fruit. At Kadalys, we are well aware of the powers of this exotic fruit, which is why we know that it can be an opportunity for a moment of sharing all together, reunited with your children, to have a banana for Easter! What if you made your own bananas yourself to wake up your interior? The holiday season is often conducive to creativity. Everyone, young and old, likes to decorate, paint, tinker, invent. It is a special time to strengthen family ties or even share quality time with your children. To have fun with your children or fall back into childhood, we offer you a little DIY that is as easy as pie: banana origami, a playful folding that can be done in no time at all!

Kadalys Banana PartyCreate your own pattern or download it here to print. You just have to follow the instructions. Scissors, a little glue, a good mood and voila! One last idea: why not replace your traditional Easter tree with a homemade banana tree? A homemade Easter tree is the solution when you are confined! In addition, you can slide small chocolate eggs on your paper bananas hanging from your tree!

2. An apartment treasure hunt is possible!

Easter wouldn't be Easter without its ritual of treasure hunting. By the way, do you know the origin of this famous egg hunt in our gardens? It is the bells which, on their return from Rome, shed it here and there and rain chocolate eggs to the delight of gourmets! However, not everyone is lucky enough to have an outdoor space or experience the confinement in a house with a garden. If you are confined to an apartment, the treasure hunt inside can be just as exciting because there are many hiding ideas: in the laundry basket, in a drawer, in the washing machine, in a pot, behind books from the library or in a flowerpot. Don't forget to drop a few clues here and there. It's up to you to redouble your ingenuity and complete this list!

3. Your moment of well-being

Easter is an opportunity to take a break and recharge your batteries. The holidays are great times to get together with family but also with yourself. Now is the time to take care of yourself and your skin for a deep regeneration. And this time, you have no more excuses: you have plenty of time to let a mask put on your tired features. The Musaclean Organic Creamy Purifying Mask is a treatment of choice to rebalance the skin and say goodbye to your cloudy complexion. This detox treatment is ideal for erasing the effects of too much chocolate at Easter!

And to keep skin bright and well hydrated, follow our 100% natural homemade banana mask recipe:

Ingredients :

1 banana

1 lemon

Radiance Precious Oil for dry to normal skin OR

Precious Nutritive Oil for oily and / or blemish-prone skin

Honey OR coffee grounds for vegans

In a bowl, mash 1/2 a banana with 2 tablespoons of Kadalys oil chosen according to your skin type, add a few drops of lemon and a teaspoon of honey or grounds.

Our dry oils are composed of a complex of vegetable oils, 100% of whose ingredients are of natural origin and largely from organic farming: 53% for Precious Oil Radiance and 29% for Precious Oil Nutritious!

4. Our zero waste gesture

We are convinced: reducing our waste and learning to recover it by finding a second use for it is the key to a more sustainable world. Banana peels, for example: are you sure you should throw them away? What if we told you that it is possible to make a cake? Yes, you read that correctly, this is the recipe that Natacha shares on the blog of the famous Julie Andrieu: a cake with banana peels! The recipe is so simple that even children can get their hands dirty: you need an oven, banana peels, butter, eggs, milk, flour, sugar, baking powder and possibly a little chocolate or whatever you have in your cupboards to wake up this cake!

And because even confined we can get away from it all, we suggest our culinary trip to the West Indies: the Easter banana tart

And There you go ! You have all the tips for a successful Easter!

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