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Article: How to use buriti oil?

Comment utiliser l'huile de buriti ?

How to use buriti oil?

Buriti vegetable oil comes straight from Brazil, where the Buriti tree grows. The Buriti tree is a type of palm tree, several meters high, which produces brown to red fruits.

These Buriti fruits themselves contain an orange-colored pulp from which the oil is obtained!

Relatively little known in the cosmetics sector, this buriti oil is very rich in pro-vitamin A (beta-carotene). As a result, it has many cosmetic benefits that benefit the skin , but also the hair .

Both used to prepare the skin for exposure to the sun and to prolong the tanned complexion after returning from vacation, buriti oil is also present in anti-aging care oils since it has the ability to quickly renew the cells! His little extra? It is non-comedogenic which makes it usable by all skin types.

The characteristics of buriti oil

Oily and fluid in texture, buriti oil has a color that varies from orange to reddish brown. Very concentrated in fatty acids (omega 6, omega 9 and palmitic acid), it has a significant nourishing action on the skin!

In its natural composition, we also find a good quantity of provitamin A, also called beta-carotene, a vitamin essential for cell health.

Furthermore, buiriti oil is a non-comedogenic oil, not very sensitive to oxidation. There is therefore no risk of having small pimples that appear on the skin following the application of this oil.

To use quality buriti oil, we recommend that you choose pure and organic oil to avoid all types of chemicals or unwanted additions.

The benefits of buriti oil on the face and body

Thanks to its composition naturally rich in beta-carotene and essential fatty acids, buriti oil has numerous benefits for the skin of the face and body, but also for the hair. Here are the benefits of buriti oil :

  • On the skin of the face , it provides an immediate healthy glow and a tanned complexion. It also offers antioxidant properties and fights against the signs of skin aging!
  • On the skin of the body, it has a protective action (it prevents sun damage while promoting tanning), calming, soothing, emollient, nourishing and softening.
  • On the hair, it brings shine and vigor. Used before exposure to the sun, it protects them and keeps the coloring intact!

How to use buriti oil?

Buriti oil can be used pure on the skin and hair or mixed with other vegetable oils!

On the skin

To start, know that buriti oil is suitable for all skin textures (normal, combination, oily or dry)! When used on the skin, it hydrates the epidermis throughout the year and can be used in summer, in addition to sun protection, to promote tanning.

Moreover, buriti oil can also help soothe skin damaged by sunburn!

It can also be added to your day cream to give you a healthy glow, promote beautiful skin and fight against fine lines and wrinkles.

On the hair

Buriti oil is ideal for reviving dull, lackluster hair! To do this, simply apply it in an oil bath to your hair before taking a shower.

This vegetable oil can also be used to deeply moisturize the hair fiber and to protect hair from the harmful effects of the sun.

Find buriti oil in our natural and organic skin and hair care products !

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