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Article: What skin & hair care should I use after swimming?

Quel soin de peau & cheveux utiliser après la piscine ?

What skin & hair care should I use after swimming?

Every year, in summer, it's the same story: we tell ourselves that we will protect our skin and hair from the sun, the sea and the pool! Then, like every year, the good habits don't last very long and we end up finishing the summer with a snake skin and matted hair ... To help you, we thought we would share our tips to protect skin and hair from chlorine throughout the summer! These tips also apply to protecting your hair from the sun and sea water.

The effects of chlorine on the skin and hair

Very useful to limit the development of bacteria and germs in the pool, chlorine can also cause skin reactions and damage the hair... In a normally treated pool, chlorine should not be felt. On the other hand, if the pool is highly treated, as is often the case on campsites, the water can sting the nose and eyes and smell strongly of chlorine! If this is the case, several undesirable effects can be seen on the skin and hair.

From a skin perspective, chlorine can cause dry skin, irritation and tingling. You may also notice red patches on your skin, burning eyes and potential sores. On the most sensitive skin, you may also notice some kind of skin allergies (redness, patches, tingling, etc.)!

From a capillary point of view, it's not much better... Chlorine can irritate the scalp, turn colored and/or bleached hair green, lighten dark hair, deteriorate the hair's protective barrier and make it break! Not to mention that it tends to tangle hair and make it rough to the touch... In short, chlorine takes care of the pool but not really of the skin and hair!

Which cream to moisturize your skin after the pool?

To limit the undesirable effects of chlorine on the skin, it is strongly recommended to rinse your skin with a shower of clear water when leaving the pool. And yes, there is a reason why there are always showers near the pools! Then, if you don't go back to the pool right away, you can apply a moisturizer! The cream will reinforce the skin's hydrolipidic film, a protective film, soothe potential irritations and moisturize the skin. If you're more of an oily texture fan, we recommend our Radiance Oil! It is perfect for repairing the skin, nourishing it and preventing skin dryness (bye bye snake skin!). Rich in beta-carotene, it also promotes tanning (remember to put a sun cream underneath) and helps prolong it. It is ideal as a moisturizer for dry skin!

Among our tips for moisturizing your skin in the summer and limiting the effects of chlorine on your skin, we also recommend using a superfatted shower gel. Moisturizing, nourishing and soothing, it is the perfect product to clean the skin!

How to protect your skin from chlorine?

Protecting your skin from chlorine can be a complicated task when you don't manage your pool maintenance yourself. At home, you can control the amount of chlorine put in the water or even choose not to chemically treat your pool, that's ideal! On the other hand, when you are on vacation, it is not up to you.

If you're a pool fan and can't imagine your vacation without swimming, remember to apply a moisturizer before you dive into the pool. It's time for you to try our new product: SOS Nourishing Body Milk! Regular moisturizing keeps the skin's hydrolipidic film intact and therefore keeps it protected. A waterproof sun cream also helps to protect the skin! As soon as you get out of your pool session (sport or relaxation), take a shower and rinse with a pH neutral shower gel. Also remember to rinse your swimsuit well to get out all the chlorine!

If ever your skin starts to react to the sun and chlorine, you can apply the Kadalys Purifying Mask as a poultice to soothe the itching and make the pimples disappear!

How to take care of your hair after the pool?

What do you mean you don't wear a bathing cap every time you go to the pool? Although not very sexy, the bathing cap is actually perfect to protect your hair from the harmful effects of chlorine. Well... We agree that it is out of fashion and that we all have trouble putting it on and taking it off! On the other hand, a good beauty tip to protect your hair from chlorine is to simply not put it in the water!

Among our tips for taking care of your hair in the summer, you'll see that we also encourage you to moisturize it regularly! Just like the skin, hair has a protective barrier, called the cuticle. This cuticle can be damaged by the sun, hard water, heating appliances, chlorine or salt. It is very important to nourish and protect your hair, especially in summer, to keep this protective barrier in good condition. Again, our Radiance Oil is perfect for this! It conditions damaged and split hair and provides the moisture it needs.

So if you can't imagine not putting your head in the pool, here's our advice: once you get out of the water, rinse your hair and apply a few drops of oil! Then, once a week, apply hair masks to reinforce the hydration and protection of your hair. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

In summer, don't underestimate the effects of chlorine on your hair and skin. Remember to protect your skin and hair by moisturizing them before going into the water and rinsing them out as soon as you get out!

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