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In this article, we explain how to deep cleanse your skin, the importance of a good skin cleanse, but also which skin care products to choose to take care of your skin.

We explain how and how often to purify your skin. Daily cleansing and make-up removal, steam bath, exfoliating products and nutrition, we help you to get a beautiful skin!

We wanted to take a look at the many received ideas about bananas: bananas are not digestible? The banana peel is useless and is not a beauty ingredient? We reveal you the true of the false and give you some ideas to use the flesh and the skin of banana!

We propose you to discover the regulations of an organic cosmetic product and we explain you how Kadalys beauty products are made! At the end of this article, we give you a very simple recipe so that you can also make an organic product.

We give you 5 reasons why you should not throw away banana peels but rather keep them. Kitchen, home, beauty, maintenance, ... Everything goes!

We explain today how to avoid them and how to get rid of them !Just as for the face, the small buttons of the back are not a fatality.

How to recognize hormonal acne? What are the different treatments? To help you see more clearly, we explain today what hormonal acne is and how to treat it!

We give you all the benefits of banana peel to have a beautiful skin and we even leave you a recipe of mask with banana peel for the face!

We tell you straight out: most of the time, you will be dealing with what we call "greenwashing"! Today we give you our tips and we explain you everything on how to spot the real brands and organic cosmetics.

Today, we look at the virtues and benefits of the pink banana, and we can tell you that it has a lot of them! We explain everything about the pink banana: where does it come from? What are its nutritional values? What are the benefits of the pink banana on the skin?

Today we give you our tips and tricks to give your complexion a glow and get a beautiful skin, summer or winter! We'll show you how to treat dull skin and give you our natural remedies to lighten your complexion.

What skin care products should I choose to take care of my skin and what products should I avoid when I am pregnant? How to moisturize your skin during your pregnancy? To be sure to use safe cosmetics during these nine months of pregnancy, turn to organic & natural brands.