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Article: Meeting with Mathilde, co-founder of NüMorning

Rencontre avec Mathilde, co-fondatrice de NüMorning - KADALYS

Meeting with Mathilde, co-founder of NüMorning

We fell in love with NüMorning, a young French brand that develops tasty organic granola recipes. We are pleased to share with you the interview of its co-founder: Mathilde.

Can you tell us in a few words the genesis and the concept of Nü Morning? Where did you get your desire to create gourmet and balanced recipes for breakfast?

NüMorning is a young brand that I created in 2017 with my partner David and whose mission is to offer breakfast products that are as good for the body and for the planet!

After living for several years in English-speaking countries, I used to eat oatmeal cereals for my breakfast. I realized that in France there was a lack of a truly healthy and tasty breakfast offering. I first allowed this project to mature for a few years by pursuing my career in the food industry (I have trained as an agro-food engineer) and finally dared to launch myself in September 2017!

The recipes you offer are handcrafted in your Lyon workshop. Can you tell us about your creative process and what inspires you when you think about creating a new recipe?

The beauty of being a small and young company is that our innovation process is really very simple and intuitive. When I want to create a new recipe, I first rely on my intuition, combinations of flavors that seem interesting to me and ingredients with high nutritional value that I want to use. To make these ideas come true, I carry out an important phase of testing (more or less long depending on the recipes) to arrive at the perfect combination and dosage of each ingredient! We always taste the recipes as a team (which at the beginning was reduced to David and me!) To compare each other's opinions and if we like the recipe, we go out to offer it to our customers! For the moment, this approach has been quite successful for us! 🙂

NüMorning ingredients

What is the favorite Nü Morning product that enchants you every morning?

It's hard to choose because as evidenced by the amount of recipes we offer, I love variety! In this winter season I would say our Almond Bliss porridge which contains 20% almond (whole almond powder and toasted almond pieces) and which recalls the taste of almond butter that I love so much ... absolutely divine! Porridge is not yet very popular in France but I discovered it when I was 5 years old living in the United States and it has never left me since! It's the ultimate full, healthy and nutritious breakfast!

Can you tell us about your mission, the values ​​that make you vibrate and that you want to transmit through NüMorning? What makes the products you offer so special?

Our desire through NüMorning is to allow each person to start their day with a nutritious, healthy and gourmet breakfast. We are really convinced that the food choices (and not only) that we make for this first meal will greatly condition the rest of our day.

But beyond the taste and the nutritional aspect, we want NüMorning to carry real ethical commitments. We have been certified organic from the start, our recipes are 100% plant-based and our packaging plastic-free (recyclable and compostable) since the start of the 2019 school year! This year, we have also joined the "1% for the Planet" and therefore donate 1% of our turnover each year to environmental associations.

In short, NüMorning is really going against the grain of industry giants that currently dominate the breakfast cereal market. We advocate a qualitative and "slow" diet, from its manufacture to its consumption!

Mathilde NüMorning

What inspires you about Kadalys and makes you want to collaborate with the brand?

There are two peculiarities that I particularly like about Kadalys and which create many similarities with NüMorning.

First of all, scientific expertise in the service of cosmetic efficacy. The importance of research to tap into the benefits of pharmacopoeia and develop cosmetic products with real effectiveness. This expertise and the importance given to the formulation of Kadalys skincare products inevitably reminds me of the importance we attach at nüMorning to the choice of each ingredient that makes up our recipes.

Kadalys' ecological commitments are also very inspiring. The promotion of "forgotten bananas" as well as the use of green chemistry which uses environmentally friendly processes and the production of biodegradable ingredients are also very inspiring commitments of which the entire Kadalys team can be proud 🙂

A luminous complexion is obtained by taking care of your skin, but it also requires a balanced lifestyle, it is well known. Do you have any secrets for keeping beautiful skin on a daily basis, a particular diet or a beauty routine perhaps?
Indeed, for me, healthy skin goes through a key trio: diet, sleep and care. For food, although I am still a big foodie, I avoid products that consume refined sugar or too much sugar. I got so used to the taste of refined sugar that it no longer gives me any taste pleasure, on the contrary! Finally, I promote a plant-based diet and a good nights sleep, which I try to start as often as possible with a little meditation session to put aside the worries of the day.

For all those who read us and can't wait to be able to feast with your recipes, where can we find your products?
We are sold in some organic stores, delicatessens and also used by some cafes, hotels and restaurants! The list of our points of sale is updated regularly on our site in the "Where to find us" section!

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