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Article: Anti-aging and hydration: the fabulous secrets of pomegranate

Anti âge et Hydratation : les fabuleux secrets de la grenade - KADALYS

Anti-aging and hydration: the fabulous secrets of pomegranate

The origin and history of Grenada

The pomegranate, native to Iran, Afghanistan and the Himalayas, has been cultivated by humans for more than 5,000 years. Symbol of prosperity, it spread in Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean before conquering the West Indies during colonization.

Its fruit is garnished with red seeds which are surrounded by a juicy pulp. According to legend, successfully eating a pomegranate without losing a grain allows you to get your hands on a treasure! Its juice, like its skin, contains multiple benefits for the body.

Pomegranate, a fruit with fabulous virtues

Over the years, many health benefits of pomegranate have been discovered and proven. Used as an anti-inflammatory by the Egyptians, pomegranate would fight against hypertension and osteoarthritis. The grains of the fruit are said to slow the development of cancer cells. In the Lesser Antilles, the skin of the fruit is used to heal gastrointestinal ailments.

For a detox cure, the slightly sweet pomegranate juice helps to rehydrate the body and eliminate toxins. In particular, it accelerates weight loss. Finally, the tannins of pomegranate, rich in antioxidants, slow down the phenomenon of skin aging and its vitamins B5 and B6 help fight fatigue.

The benefits of pomegranate in cosmetics

The antioxidants present in the tannins regenerate the skin by activating the renewal of cells. The signs of aging are reduced, the skin of the face is firmer and radiant.

Recommended as a natural treatment for the scalp, pomegranate oil contains punicic acid which conditions and restores shine to hair. Applied as a hair mask, it tames the curls of frizzy hair and attenuates frizzy hair.

Natural, pomegranate oil regulates sebum for a moisturizing effect. Found in Kadalys Yellow Banana Precious Radiance Oil, it's a powerful anti-aging soothes irritated skin and repairs sunburn. Hydrated and protected, the epidermis is rejuvenated!

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