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Article: Our gift ideas to please your mom

Nos idées cadeaux pour faire plaisir à votre maman - KADALYS

Our gift ideas to please your mom

Mother's Day is fast approaching! This is the time of the year when we spoil our mothers with jewelry, chocolate, bouquets of flowers, oil diffusers or beauty products. The goal is to pamper her and offer her something that she wants or needs. It’s also a golden opportunity to look for original gifts and introduce her to a world she doesn’t necessarily know.

Today we present to you a selection of gift ideas for Mother's Day to please your beloved mom!

Organic gift ideas for smooth and glowing skin!

In terms of eco-friendly and organic gift ideas, we have what you need! As we know, after a certain age we naturally take more care of our skin. The passing years and the too intense tanning sessions catch up with us faster than you think. To overcome all this and keep skin smooth and radiant, we have developed two ranges of organic and natural care!

The Musalis range is perfect for preventing skin aging. Both creams and the serum have smoothing actions on fine lines and wrinkles. Creams refine the texture of all skin types and stimulate cell regeneration. The serum is also detoxifying and boosts the skin's natural defenses! In addition to having smoother, more relaxed and hydrated skin, you will have fewer blemishes.

musalis range

The Musalift range takes care of mature skin on which wrinkles are already installed. The range consists of two creams and a serum. The serum helps reduce pigment spots that occur at the same time as wrinkles. It also helps reduce wrinkles and tones the skin so that it is firmer and less sagging. The two creams will plump and stimulate the skin but also unify the complexion. They act on wrinkles by stimulating the skin to firm it and counter the loss of firmness and elasticity. The complexion is brighter and the skin looks and feels smoother!

Last gift idea: organic care for the eye area! Skin aging is also felt on our eye area… The most sensitive part of our face, we must take care of it!

musalift range

All of our products are made from 99.9% or 100% natural ingredients! They are without essential oils, they are suitable for all skin types.

In your list of organic gift ideas, you can also add our gift boxes for Mother's Day!

The Plump & Glow box

In this first gift box you will find our Smoothing Night Cream from the Musalis range, a Precious Nutritive Oil and our novelty, the Thirst-quenching Eye Mask. Something to delight your mom!

This set is ideal for young skin (20-35 years old) that needs to be a little stimulated and plumped up! Thanks to the oil, you can also take care of your body and your hair. The sentence ingredients are

hyaluronic acid, an active ingredient with very strong moisturizing power that is also plumping, it is an anti-aging ally

our bio-active green banana, rich in fatty acid, it protects the skin against free radicals and keeps the skin hydrated and supple

green tea, also rich in fatty acid, it regenerates dry and damaged skin while taking care of the hair

our red algae complex, a hydrating and stimulating complex that strengthens the skin's protective barrier.

As for efficiency, the results speak for themselves! 81% of people who have tested the smoothing night cream find their skin softer and smoother. 90% of people who have tried the nutrient oil find that it penetrates the skin quickly, without leaving a greasy film. They also find their skin more luminous, rebalanced and soothed!

The Lift & Firm box

For our second set, we turned our attention to mature skin (40 years and over) that needs to be smoothed and stimulated. We call "mature skin" skin where wrinkles are installed and visible. This set contains our Lifting Night Cream from the Musalift range, our Precious Radiance Oil and our novelty, the Thirst-quenching Eye Mask! The oil offers a double action because it takes care of the body but also the hair. The main ingredients of this range are:

brown algae, which have antioxidant and anti-pollution properties, they also boost the elasticity of the skin

hyaluronic acid, an active ingredient with very strong moisturizing power that is also plumping, it is an anti-aging ally

our bio-active yellow banana, rich in omega 3 and 6, it helps make the skin more supple, firmer, brighter and smoother

annatto oil, rich in beta-carotene, it stimulates the production of melanin and prepares the skin for the sun

In terms of efficiency, the figures speak for themselves once again. 82% of people who tested lifting cream for 21 days felt their skin deeply nourished and 77% found it more supple and luminous! For the oil, 100% of the panel found their skin perfectly hydrated and comfortable. As for the eye mask, we already have some great feedback just a few weeks after its launch!

The Kadalys x All Tigers Mother's Day kit
For our latest gift idea, we teamed up with a French brand of organic and natural punchy, sexy and super green makeup: ALL TIGERS!
We offer you a kit that contains our organic Melting Cleansing Oil and two vegan All Tigers eyeshadows! All to offer in our Banana Box which gives the banana!

mother's day box kadalys all tigers

The cleansing oil has a gel texture with floral scents. It takes care of all skin types and is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. This makeup remover, which emulsifies on contact with water, eliminates all makeup and eliminates impurities. It contains our bio-active of yellow banana and musk rose oil, which reduces scars or spots.

All Tigers Natural Brand Matte Lipstick contains 100% natural ingredients. This is a long-wearing dusty pink lipstick that has high coverage.

The eyeshadows, in golden and deep brown tones, All Tigers contain 100% natural ingredients. It offers an impeccable hold and gives a doe look!

Mother's Day: choosing an ethical cosmetic gift this year
This year is one more year in which we will witness shocking environmental events and new people will realize that the resources of our planet Earth are not endless. So how do we make people we love happy while thinking about the future of our planet? Well, by consuming ethical and natural products! So you support companies around the world which have noble values ​​and which are committed every day to small producers, associations, labels but also to us and our Earth. So why not support them this year on Mother's Day by purchasing an ethical gift? Whether it is fashion, cosmetics, accessories or even flowers, everything can be purchased in a more ethical and responsible version.

Giving a committed gift means supporting brands, sometimes small, who have been fighting for more than a year because of Covid-19 to continue to live and to support their employees! This year, even more than usual, we're choosing gifts that make sense. Your mother will be delighted to receive a beauty box with branded treatments that she does not necessarily know. Or better yet, give her a head start by giving her some care she already uses!

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