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Article: What is a superfruit and what are its benefits?

Qu’est-ce qu’un superfruit et quels sont ses bienfaits ? - KADALYS

What is a superfruit and what are its benefits?

Ah, superfruits... Real natural well-being ingredients! Good for the skin, for the immune and digestive systems, but also for the hair and the morale, they have been on the rise for several years. They can be found in food supplements, creams, body care products and even in our plates! But who are they? What are their benefits? How to take them and how often? Today, we explain you everything about superfruits!

What is a superfruit?

A superfruit is a fruit, an oilseed or a berry with extraordinary nutritional values! They are rich in antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. Widely consumed for hundreds of years by the populations of North and South America, they appeared a few years ago in France. Coupled with a balanced diet and a correct lifestyle, they support our immune system and have a positive effect on our skin, hair and morale. From simple urinary tract infections to the control of free radicals and improved sports performance, they are used for everything! Superfruits can be found in different forms:

  • natural format, like goji berries, blueberries or pecans
  • powdered format, like acerola or camu-camu powder
  • dried format, like dried berries (cranberries, strawberries, ...)
  • juice or oil format, such as noni juice (also called "apple-dog" and "nono") and mangosteen
  • capsule format, like food supplements.

Everyone is free to consume their superfruits as they wish! Their taste is more or less pleasant and more or less felt according to the chosen format. It also depends on your taste buds! Superfruits are part of a larger family called "superfoods". Superfoods can come from the earth and plantations, but they can also be found in the sea bed. For example, spirulina and chlorella, two well-known green algae!

The list of the most known superfruits

Superfruits are hidden everywhere and are sometimes consumed on a regular basis without being perceived as such! Among the best known are :

  • Orange, very rich in vitamins C and B9
  • strawberry, rich in vitamin C
  • Blueberry, contain vitamin C, fiber and polyphenols (antioxidants)
  • pomegranate, very rich in polyphenols, vitamins C, B6, B5, and copper
    acai, rich in fiber, antioxidants, protein, carbohydrates and fatty acids
  • cranberries, full of antioxidants, vitamin C and fiber
  • acerola (small berry), high in vitamins C and A, antioxidants and beta-carotene
  • cocoa, rich in magnesium, potassium and iron (and above all very good!)
  • pecan, rich in fatty acids
  • goji berry, rich in fiber and vitamin C.

Among the lesser known are:

  • camu-camu, a tree whose fruit is very rich in vitamin C and antioxidants
  • amla, a small fruit that has the same virtues as blueberries
  • sea buckthorn berry, source of omega 7, vitamins C and E
  • mangosteen, rich in fiber
  • warana (or guarana), small red berries that are as stimulating as a cup of coffee!
  • And finally the banana of course! There are more than 1000 varieties in the world (blue, silver, hairy ...) with incredible virtues for the skin and health and yet unknown! Rich in polyphenols, phytosterols, vitamins and minerals, the banana is an antioxidant, anti-aging, regenerating, energizing, revitalizing, soothing superfruit (super effective against acne, eczema and psoriasis), with lightening power. To learn more about the benefits of banana, discover our banana bio-actives at the heart of all Kadalys formulas.

What are the benefits of superfruits?

Superfruits have very broad benefits and act positively on the immune system by boosting it, but also on sports and mental performance, on the quality of hair and skin and on mood! Consumed every day, they are real health allies. It is estimated that they have anti-aging, anti-fatigue and medicinal properties. It's simple, in South America and Asia they are consumed on a daily basis! They have also been used for a long time to overcome infections or diseases. It is also important to know that superfruits are considered "adaptogenic", meaning that they act according to the needs of the body! Neither too much nor too little, these are foods to introduce today in your routine.

  • Their richness in antioxidants allows them to intervene at the level of skin aging by slowing down the oxidation process of cells by controlling free radicals. They also allow the body to get rid of toxins more easily.
  • The vitamins found in superfruits, especially in red fruits, are very energizing! They also help maintain the immune system and allow iron to be better assimilated by the body. No more tiredness!
  • Fatty acids are perfect for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. The omegas also promote good skin quality by keeping it hydrated and facilitating its healing. At the body level, they maintain a normal cholesterol level.
  • They have a high mineral content: calcium, magnesium, iron, ... All these elements are essential to the balance of the immune, nervous and muscular systems.

How to consume superfruits ?

Superfruits can be consumed in a very simple way! You can introduce them into your diet, like the Mediterranean diet. All you need to do is have a good intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals and herbs every day. Of course, you must eat fruits and vegetables in season! You can also consume superfruits through a cure. With this method, it is better to be accompanied by a professional, a naturopath for example, or to get information beforehand. All superfruits, in powder or capsules, are not to be consumed at the same frequency and each has a different dosage! Generally speaking, superfruits, or superfoods, are very concentrated in active ingredients (especially when they are in powder or capsule form). In too high a dose, they can therefore cause you minor problems if you have sensitivities. Always remember to respect the prescribed dosage and to consult a health professional if you have any doubts about the dosage or contraindications. If you choose to take them in powder form, you can incorporate them in yoghurts, soups, juices or smoothies!

Perfect for boosting your body, superfruits can be easily incorporated into your eating routine. Don't neglect the power of food on your well-being and on the beauty of your skin and hair, it's called beauty in & out!

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