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Once a year, we celebrate our mothers! All countries have their own date for Mother's Day and most of the time, the day is in May. When we are children, we usually make noodle necklaces or paintings at school in order to have something to give to our moms. Then we grow up and the gift ideas and expectations are not the same! Jewelry, flowers, beauty box, clothes, dinner at the restaurant, ... The possibilities are very wide, the only thing is to please our mom and to pamper her!

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When was Mother's Day created and why does the date change every year?

The first Mother's Day was celebrated in Ancient Greece! The Greeks pay tribute to Rhea, the mother of the gods and in particular that of Zeus. Then, we hear again about Mother's Day from the Romans, who celebrate the "matrons". In France, the first real celebrations of mothers took place at the end of the First World War, in 1918. It is then officially registered in the law by President Vincent Auriol in 1950! No matter the country or the date, Mother's Day is always celebrated in spring, the month of fertility. In France, it is always celebrated on the last Sunday of May, except when it coincides with Pentecost, in which case it is moved to the first Sunday of June.

What kind of gift to offer for Mother's day ?

There are several possibilities, the main objective is to please your mother! If your mom is a fan of flowers, offer her a beautiful bouquet that she can dry. If she loves to travel and your budget allows it, offer her a nice weekend. If she's a clothing fan, a gift certificate to her favorite store is sure to be a hit! Another Mother's Day gift idea: a beauty box! Choose beauty products adapted to her skin and cosmetics that she likes: body butter or oil, make-up, shower gel... The possibilities are endless! The gift box can be in the form of a kit, bag, pouch or box that she can keep and reuse. It's like receiving several gifts in one! The best part? Find out beforehand what kind of gift she would like to receive to make sure you hit the nail on the head!

Give an organic and eco-friendly gift for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is also an opportunity to introduce your mom to a new world! Whether she is already very aware of cosmetics or the organic and ecological world, or whether she is a novice, you can always find products that she does not know yet. Find out what conventional cosmetic brands she uses and find the organic equivalents. If she already has only organic and natural beauty products, introduce her to brands you like that she doesn't know about! Another great idea: eco-friendly items! A nice set of stainless steel straws, items made of recycled materials, seeds to grow your own fruits or vegetables, noble and sustainable objects, ... What is magic today is that you can find everything in sustainable and eco-friendly version! Make your investigation a few months before the fateful date and surprise your mom with an original, organic, sustainable and committed gift!

The ideal Kadalys gift boxes to cherish your mother

To celebrate Mother's Day and spoil your moms, we suggest you put together your own irresistible beauty boxes this year! Here are some examples of ideas:

- In a pretty sunny yellow "banana box" that you can add to your cart at checkout, combine the Musalis Smoothing Night Cream, perfect for fighting the first signs of skin aging. The box also contains the Precious Smoothing Green Banana Nutritive Oil, ideal for nourishing, strengthening and repairing skin and hair in depth. To spoil her even more, add the Thirst Quenching Eye Mask, perfect for a decongested and de-fatigued eye contour.

            - A "banana box" containing our Musalift Night Cream. This highly nutritious cream fights against the signs of aging that have already set in. It deeply nourishes the skin and stimulates cell renewal. To this, we have added Radiance Precious Oil that strengthens, regenerates and repairs the skin and hair. Its sweet vacation fragrance will make your mother travel with each application! Add a gourmet Lip Balm with a sweet banana-vanilla scent, a real treat for the skin and the taste buds!

            This year, for Mother's Day, think of giving green and trendy gifts!

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