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Article: How many detox face masks to apply each week ?

Combien de masque détox du visage appliquer chaque semaine ?

How many detox face masks to apply each week ?

A detox mask, as its name indicates, is a mask that will allow the skin to be cleaned in depth, to detoxify it in a way!

Its role is to help the skin by supporting it when it is no longer able to function and defend itself against the aggressions it is subjected to. For that, it contains active ingredients with the power to cleanse, purify and detoxify.

The detox mask is a natural beauty product that is essential for all skin types because it eliminates dead cells, boosts cell renewal, refines the skin texture, unclogs pores, eliminates impurities and purifies the skin, all while restoring radiance to the face!

A true beauty ally, the detox mask should be added as soon as possible to your natural beauty routine.

Why apply a detox mask to the face ?

Every day, the skin on the face, but also on the body, absorbs and produces toxins. The toxins absorbed generally come from external aggressions (mainly pollution and UV rays), but can also come from stress, an unbalanced diet, smoking and alcohol consumption, or the use of cosmetics not adapted to the skin type. As for the toxins produced, they are produced when our skin cleans itself.

As a general rule, when the skin is in good health, properly cleansed and its natural defenses are at their best, it evacuates toxins normally and daily through sweat and sebum. But when the skin is badly treated by the various aggressions mentioned above, it can be disturbed and has more difficulty to clean itself.

Result: toxins accumulate and create a dysfunction of the skin. The complexion then becomes blurred, dull, tired and the skin can become dehydrated.

To help the face get a new look, natural facial scrubs and detoxifying masks are great allies !

How to apply a detox mask on the face ?

Before applying a detox mask to the face, it goes without saying that you need to clean your skin! Good beauty hygiene requires daily makeup removal and skin cleansing. In fact, depending on your skin type, you can clean your skin once or twice a day!

In general, combination to oily skin types like to cleanse their face in the morning and evening, while dry skin types prefer to do it only once a day, usually in the evening. In any case, to remove makeup and clean your skin, we recommend natural cosmetics!

Once your skin is free of the impurities accumulated during the day, you can perform a natural exfoliation to eliminate some toxins and oxygenate your skin cells. Then, it's time to apply your detox mask! To do this, follow the directions on the package.

Not sure which exfoliator or mask to use? Discover our organic, natural and vegan scrubs and masks !

How often should I apply a detox mask to my face ?

f you have dry or normal skin, the detox mask can be used once a week. However, if you have combination to oily skin, the detox mask can be used up to twice a week!

All you have to do is find the right Kadalys detox mask for you to get a healthy and radiant complexion!

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