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The Banana Tree at the Heart of Cell Regeneration

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The Banana Blog

They combine improbable yoga positions and sporting exploits, while collecting the likes of their thousands of fans. Let's take a closer look at these fitness girls who will make you love leggings, squats, yoga and small balanced dishes. Let's take a closer look at some of these girls.

This dessert will satisfy the most greedy: bananas, speculoos and vanilla. The easy recipe for a deliciously gourmet dessert!

Should you hydrate or nourish your skin? This is one of the most frequently asked questions about hydration. Indeed, moisturizing and nourishing care have two different functions and are intended to be used on different skin types!

Deliciously sweet and fragrant, bananas reveal exceptional health benefits but also have remarkable cosmetic properties. The second most consumed fruit after the apple, in France, the banana has been one of the most consumed exotic fruits by humans for thousands of years.

This crumble is perfect for a change from the traditional dessert. With the exotic notes of coconut, banana and rum, this dessert makes us travel instantly.

Winter is well and truly over (hurray!) But your complexion still looks gray? Nothing alarming! It is quite common that with the change of season, the skin reacts to variations in temperature with some temporary inconveniences: dull complexion, small pimples that gradually appear following an overproduction of sebum during the winter, dry patches and struggle. Follow our advice to regenerate your skin and keep a luminous complexion, without imperfections throughout the spring.

Banana muffins and chocolate chip recipe: here is an easy recipe idea to prepare. To be enjoyed warm for afternoon tea or for breakfast, a treat!

Jonathan Benoudiz and Jean-Yves Bernard are the founders of the famous Yoga Box. They share their findings through an original box that you can receive at home every month. You will find in each Yoga Box a yoga product, an organic cosmetic, a vegetarian product and a lifestyle product. In the February box, the cosmetic in the spotlight is the HYDRAMUSE Comforting Cream.

Clay comes from sedimentary rocks naturally rich in minerals and trace elements.Very appreciated for its detoxifying, balancing and purifying properties, it is found in cosmetics but also in natural therapy because it is extremely effective in treating many ailments.

Considered one of the most powerful medicinal plants in the world for nearly 5,000 years, green tea has been one of the most popular varieties for centuries. Discover the origins and cosmetic virtues of green tea and its oil with beneficial properties.

For the month of February, Kadalys is in the Box Evidence! A beauty box highlighting natural, organic products that respect the environment, humans and the skin. Find out more about the Evidence Box thanks to our interview with Stéphanie Arthaud, founder of the Evidence Box.

What are the beauty secrets of Korean women to keep that glowing flawless complexion, even after 40 years? Focus on layering and the "7-skin" trend, two beauty routines from Asia.