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The Banana Tree at the Heart of Cell Regeneration

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The Banana Blog

Today we give you our tips and tricks to say bye bye to your scars!

Does blue light accelerate skin aging? What are the harmful side effects of blue light on the skin? How to slow down the effects? We explain everything about blue light and help you protect yourself from it!

Organic oils for hair care are products with multiple virtues! We explain the benefits of oil baths according to your hair type and how to use them properly.

What characterizes an organic cosmetic? If you are still not 100% convinced, we list 5 good reasons to choose organic cosmetics!

Today we give you our tips and 3 recipes masks to know how to use banana on hair! What are the benefits of banana for hair and what type of hair is the banana-based care?

To help you remove the mystery of these white spots that appear on your skin, we have concocted a small article that explains what they are, why they appear and how to get rid of them. Come on, follow us!

What is a superfruit? What are their benefits? How to take them and how often? Today, we explain everything about superfruits!

How to take care of your face according to your skin type? Which cosmetic product is the most hydrating for the face? We explain today the steps to take care of your skin!

What are the effects of the blue light on the skin? Do screens damage the skin? What are the dangers of a blue light on the skin? To help you, we give you our tips.

Which oil to use to have beautiful hair ? What type of oil should not be used on hair? Our expert advice!

Discover our DIY mask recipes to make at home. 100% natural and 100% easy to make!

Anti-aging, healing, anti-spot and natural remedy against acne, psoriasis and eczema, the banana is a superfruit with virtues still unknown! What are the benefits of banana on the face? We tell you everything!