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The Box Evidence interview

For the month of February, the Purifying Creamy Mask is in the Evidence Box! A beauty box highlighting natural, organic products that respect the environment, humans and the skin. We are pleased to share with you the interview of the founder of Box Évidence, Stéphanie Arthaud, a committed woman.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating an organic beauty box?

I have always been drawn to the world of beauty boxes: touching, smelling, testing products… but I never took the plunge… None of them corresponded to my needs, so I created the beauty box that I would have loved to receive 😉… with exclusively organic and certified products, adapted to my skin… to enhance my “slow & organic” face and body routine.

I quickly made contact with young organic brands who have joined the Box Evidence project and with whom we share the same vision, the same desire to introduce products with powerful active ingredients, short formulations, and yet so effective.

Simplicity and naturalness is my vision of beauty in 2018 😉 We are fortunate to live in an age where it is possible to assert ourselves as we are, so why hide behind artifices?

How do you select the brands that make up your beauty boxes?

The essential criterion, for me, is organic certification. The list of ingredients is checked by specialized organizations and animal testing is banned. This is the basis.

Next, we target products that are easy and above all pleasant to use. I test each product before including them in our Evidence Box. They must obviously please me, yes the choice is often very personal 😉 Although in the end, these products are often acclaimed by our subscribers.

Each month, our subscribers send us their feelings about the products, which helps us to work on the next selections.

What attracted you to Kadalys?

I had the chance to try the Soothing Radiance Jelly without knowing Kadalys or its concept. I truly fell in love with the exotic scent of the product. Its calming and refreshing effects convinced me. It was then that I learned about Kadalys and of course I loved the concept around the cosmetic virtues of the banana tree.

I also adhere to Kadalys' responsible and reasoned development approach, which (among others) uses "damaged" bananas that cannot be sold in food. Anti Waste, Zero waste, and 100% natural! These are strong values ​​that we also appreciate at Box Evidence.

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