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The interview with the Quejadore box

In February, our HYDRAMUSE Soothing Radiance Jelly is in the Quejadore Box! A young box full of beauty and lifestyle surprises. The opportunity for us to learn more about their concept:

What was the trigger in the creation of your Quejadore box?

First of all, we created a Quejadore Paris web magazine dedicated to women in Paris. This presented our good Parisian plans, lifestyle, well-being etc. After several requests for good deals from our readers, the idea came to us to create a box with products unearthed by us, always in the Parisian spirit. This box allows our female subscribers to discover brands or products that they would never have thought of buying or that they did not know existed. We really liked this concept of surprise offered by the boxes. We therefore decided to make our box concept unique: every two months, we personalize each of our boxes with a different illustration produced by our talented illustrators. Each illustration is unique and representative of a specific theme.

What is the particularity of your box?

The peculiarity of the Quejadore box is that we do not only offer a box dedicated only to beauty as many others do. We of course offer a cosmetic product such as creams or masks for the skin, but also cultural products that meet the needs of good deals very well received by our subscribers. A 100% organic product is always included in the box. We also present surprises, the nature of which may vary (cosmetics, decorative items, accessories, etc.). All our products are carefully selected by us and we take great care that the same brand is not offered in two consecutive boxes because we want our subscribers to discover new brands in each box!

Why Kadalys?

After researching many products, we discovered your brand and fell in love with your story accompanying your products. These are gourmet treatments bursting with banana extracts that really make you want and transport us to a world of vacation in the sun! We also really liked your very colorful packaging and that is why we wanted to introduce your treatments to our subscribers.

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